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The town of Happy Valley simply disappeared long ago. No one knows for sure whether it was a disease epidemic, hardships from the Great Depression causing folks to move away, or the work of a more sinister force. The land the village once stood on is now the Happy Valley Wildlife Management Area; hauntings of many different types and UFO activity are said to be reported here regularly.

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Geographic Information

Happy Valley Road
Oswego, NY
United States

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43.4439589, -75.9743628
Oswego County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Altmar, NY (4.8 mi.)
Parish, NY (8.0 mi.)
Pulaski, NY (11.5 mi.)
Mexico, NY (12.8 mi.)
Constantia, NY (13.6 mi.)
Camden, NY (13.7 mi.)
Central Square, NY (13.9 mi.)
Lacona, NY (14.6 mi.)
Cleveland, NY (14.8 mi.)
Sandy Creek, NY (14.9 mi.)


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  1. As a teenager we always went to “the valley” where there were parties. When I was twelve I went there with my brother and his freinds as well. Every time we had some form of experience. There is an old schoolhouse there and a cemetary. When I was twelve the car battery died on the bridge for hours and suddenly started after a while. I have had several freinds that reported their cars stalled on the bridge as well. As a teenager we would always see people camping there with these weird beers in their hands. There was always two people camping-men and they always had the same cans of beer that were unknown name brand. Always differnt poeple. One time when we went to a party there, when we got there no one was there and the fire had died out. We were all in the car just talking and we saw what looked the head of a cigarette go up and down as if someone was smoking and it continued for several minutes and there was no one there, we bolted out of there. Another time there were lights on at the old schoolhouse and my freind went up and knocked on the door and there was a man that answered in all black. There were people sitting around a table in a circle with something in the center and they all had dark circles under their eyes and didnt speak. we left immediately. About a week later we went back by and as well slowed by there were a a bunch of people dressed in black with the same dark circles under there eyes all expressionless walking toward our car. We didnt go back in the valley for several months.

    • Richiedrakon@yahoo.com  |  

      I was there n there is a old man who walks the road at night n had a guy looking at my tent one night n you hear voices at night so yes it is haunted but there are not out to hurt you its just you are on there land good ghost in my book

  2. About ten years ago my friend and I as well as his girl and her sister went into the park to have a fire.
    After we got it lit we all sat around it, about five minutes later I heard what sounded like a man scream in the woods a ways away. For the next hour it got closer and closer till I looked at my friend and he looked back at me and said did you hear that and I replied I’ve been hearing it for an hour. We all got in the car and left on the way out we went through an Apple orchard and there were about ten ppl in white hoods walking in the orchard. I’ve never gone back

  3. Have hunted there for several years with a friend who owns property surrounded by Happy Valley WMA. Been out early mornings in the dark for hunting, walked around during the day, been to the old schoolhouse, over the dam and have never, not once experienced anything paranormal. My father used to cut firewood there on the 70’s and I accompanied him on these trips and used to play at the dam with a fire pit right next to it…nada, zip.

  4. ive been there many times during the day and at night.

    ive seen glowing orange eyes in the woods, ive witnessed a black mass in the corner of the cemetery. 3 of our cars died out there that worked once we got towed out of there. been out there during the day decided to go to a dead end road and walk around t was 75 out in the sun when we got to the woods it dropped to around 55 started raining and myself and 2 others could see a small black figure walking through the woods. one other time i was out there during the day marking trails so people knew which way was the exit and so on. and we were there for an hour next thing we found 3 hours went by and we were on the other end of the place and none of the 5 people i was with had any clue how ( and no were werent high or drunk ) . ive seen enough creepy shit out there to know its haunted.

    ive brought batteries for my camera out there and they were brand new got there parked by the cemetery and went to use them and they were dead.

    if you do go there i was informed by a DEC officer to bring a firearm of some sort there are some nut cases that live out there or are out there that ive come across and arent friendly at all. so be careful on some trails make sure you have a AWD or 4WD because some of the side roads are fine one minute and then shitty the next.

    i have photos somewhere of orbs throughout the place….

  5. Why has there been a cover up as to the skeletal remains found in the ashes of the school house? it has been determined they were the remains of the 3 school age children that disappeared in 18 78 and presumed drowned ans washed out to lake Ontario. bodies were never recovered and the information was based on a witness who claimed to see the failing children in the current east of Pulaski. The same witness with ties to the happy valley area and school house. The prominent name of a town official that after over 100 years is still being covered up. Anybody need not wonder why Happy Valley is haunted especially the School house and cemetery area.

    quake and bake

    New Member
    1 posts
    Posted 27 October 2009 – 07:27 PM
    Did you know 2 days after the fire when the ashes cooled and the Altmar fire dept was investigating the cause of the fire, the bones of 6 human child size skeletons were discovered in the ashes below the foundation of the chimney. Not to be alarmed! it was also soon discovered the bones to be over 100 years old . Although markings and fractures on the skulls indicated foul play, it was determined well over the statute of limitations for an investigation into the cause of death or the persons responsible. It was also determined most likely to be the 6 area civil war orphans that disappeared from the area in 1867, the first year of the schoolhouse No. 11 to be used to educate the children from the settlement of Happy Valley in the town of Albion NY.
    I have frequented the area for many years and vaguely remember conversation of my grandparents referring to the disappearance of the 6 children ,It was believed they had been swept down the Salmon river and washed into lake Ontario. According to the report of a local farmer who is said to have witnessed the incident in the summer of 1867. Who as it turns out was the caretaker of the Happy Valley cemetery, and local carpenter . I have spent nights in the one room schoolhouse and have heard the bell ringing through the walls. I have been awakened to children drawing on the chalkboard that seemed to vanish when I appeared. Although their writings and pictures remained on the board usually with initials and dates. I for one believe these were happy ghosts as there was always laughter to be heard . Plenty have claimed the place to be haunted and erie but I always felt the presence of friendly spirits,until my last visit to the remains of the schoolhouse .The air is still , quiet and not a bird to be seen or heard. the trees have all died and the ringing of the bell has turned into moans. For some reason the schoolhouse six are no longer at rest, and yes I to feel sorry for those responsible for burning of the schoolhouse. Their day will come.

    someone sent me this on the subject.
    I have held my tongue until now, but feel a higher power within me urging that I come forward. At the request of the owners of the schoolhouse, I was asked to stay at this schoolhouse in April, 2002. The reporting of paranormal activity within the walls of the structure had long concerned them. They found themselves withdrawing from their trips there and were increasingly disheartened by the acts of what they deemed to be vandals. Yet in the back at their minds there was unsettlement as they were not oblivious to the tales of the haunting’s. I was asked to perform qualitative research at the property. By recording EMF (Electromagnetic Field) readings at the haunting location, coupled with participant-observation, I found my first evening to be relatively mundane in nature. On the second evening, the levels elevated but what was more astonishing for me, the observer, was the children’s singing to be heard above anything else. I was awakened at 6:50 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, April 20, 2002, by the fierce ringing of a bell. I then heard what sounded to be the galloping of horses, appearing to be circling the schoolhouse, which I was inside of. The room lit up as if there was full electrical current running through it at a very high voltage. The building shook with great force and I felt that the roof was going to cave. I took the best shelter that I could and prayed that I would survive. Within seconds, that felt like minutes, the event subsided but not without damaging my equipment. Every camera had fallen off a mounted wall location, smashing lenses and busting open. I am not a professional but the study of paranormal activity has been a long-hobby and interest to me. I do feel there is a entity of some sort within the confines of this school house. The fire that occurred on the property the summer of 2008 may have been someone’s attempt to rid the spirits, but it is known that it is the soil of the earth from which they come, not a dwelling. Therefore it is my conclusion that it is reasonable to assume the spirits remain present. If indeed there were human skeletal remains discovered concluding the fire, this property was a burial place. The spirits will never leave, be they friend or foe.

  6. I’m just a 12 year old kid who is interested in paranormal activity and I live right next to happy valley. In Syracuse. In February of 2016, I was snowmobiling with my dad and I got this creepy feeling at the happy valley inn. I asked the bar tender,”is this place haunted”. She said yes. So at about 11pm, we got back on the sleds and on are way back to parish, I saw at least 5 orbs and a church and again I saw a black figure on the right. I started to worry if are sleds were going to break down. About a mile ahead I saw a schoolhouse . 10 minutes later we got back to parish, I hope I don’t go threw happy valley again!

  7. Been there about ten times at various times of the night, and spent several hours. Brought infrared cameras, FLIR, recorders and EMF detectors. Haven’t seen, heard or recorded anything. Town was deserted when the economy went bust, not by disease.

  8. Shawne Denison-Klun  |  

    I am new to the area and went exploring to find a spot to kayak. My friend and I happened upon it by error. I found a pond in a Wild life Management area so we GPS’d it. We went the back way in from Garcia Rd. I am thankful we were in an awd vehicle. It was a nice ride in. We met up with people who were hauling a camper in so it seemed like the area was put to good use. This was my first visit there, to Long Pond. It was magical. It was an overcast day. While standing there and taking it all in, I honestly felt like I was somewhere else. I really couldn’t put a place to it, maybe Alaska? I kept expecting to see grizzly bear or a moose in the pond. I am a photographer so this place is ideal. We decided that we would just observe as a spot to drop kayaks wasn’t presenting itself. On our second trip in, the sky was blue and summer was coming on. There was lots of flora to capture with the camera. All seemed well. The third trip was the same. The fourth trip was different. We went to areas we hadn’t been before and did some brief exploring. I have never felt threatened or had any bad feeling while we were there. It was another amazing day for photos. On our way out, on Happy Valley Road, there is an area where myrtle grows. This indicated someone planted it long ago and it has spread as this is not a native plant. We paused and took photos as the light was filtering through the trees. My friend, who is also a photographer, intended to take a photo but the camera recorded instead. She was unaware of that until going through her photos later. There is voice with a message. ‘Free from this place” or ‘flee from this place”. Yes, changed my mind about the place and i am not one to get excited about this stuff. It certainly brought the hair on the back of my neck and on my arms straight up. I think we just need to be mindful and respectful as there is a lot of history, old history here.

  9. We went last night and I have to say it was creepy! We came across an old house, this is a picture I took last night.When you are looking at it pay attention to the weeds the white figure is going through them.

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