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According to local legend, Hannah was a 16-year-old girl in the 1800s who became pregnant. Her parents, displeased, delivered the baby at home and promptly drowned it in the Missouri River, telling Hannah the baby had been stillborn. Poor Hannah died of a broken heart shortly thereafter and was buried in a nearby field. Folks say you can hear Hannah crying for her baby here, and sometimes see a lantern floating around the fields. Some say fallen snow never stays on the place where Hannah was buried.

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Geographic Information

Queen Hill Road
Plattsmouth, NE
United States

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40.91464799231395, -95.84707796562725
Cass County, Nebraska
Nearest Towns:
Bartlett, IA (3.4 mi.)
Murray, NE (4.3 mi.)
Plattsmouth, NE (6.9 mi.)
Pacific Junction, IA (7.6 mi.)
Union, NE (8.0 mi.)
Thurman, IA (8.3 mi.)
Tabor, IA (9.2 mi.)
Nehawka, NE (9.6 mi.)
Glenwood, IA (10.6 mi.)
Percival, IA (11.6 mi.)


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  1. Some friends and myself went out exploring near the old field. This was close to 15 years ago. While walking around in the dark we all stopped. We ALL heard a woman crying and calling for Clara. She was sobbing and just kept saying “I am so sorry. Clara I am so sorry.” We left in a hurry and never went back.

  2. Since my aunt lives 1house away from the cemetery we walked up the rock rosd to her grave and there was a fake rose in the ground next to hannahs grave and it started moving when there was no wind and then at night when we went back we saw a light in the forest and then later on there was a lantern sitting on a pole…..

    • Good afternoon Jayla,

      Since your aunt lives in the area i wanted to reach out and see if we needed permission or if it was a public crematory. Look forward to hearing back!


      • I’ve went up there many times without permission, my cousin is burried there and I’ve been going up there every year. I’m assuming you don’t need permission.

  3. I am very familiar with this story and the cemetery.. As many of my relatives are berried there. The land was part of a relatives that he gave to Rock Bluff for the cemetery. My grandpa took care of the cemetery, my dad was the president of the Cemetery for some time. I spend many Halloweens or more the day after picking up grave stones and putting them back up because of people coming out to see Hannah’s Grave. Many people don’t know she is not even there. Many years ago the body was moved to another Cemetery.

  4. michael larsen  |  

    there were four of us out there partying and we went through the grave yard late at night. some of us were trying to spook the others by taking off and making sounds. we all eventually got back to my car rolled up the windows and proceeded to get high. then all of a sudden there came a loud noise like someone hitting the roof of my car with a sledge hammer. a couple of us got out to look at the roof of my car thinking that someone my have been pranking us and trowing dirt clods. we didnt see any evidence of any foul play . no dirt, no marks nothing and no one around. there were no houses nearby at that time and no people in the area. needless to say it scared the hell out of us and we took off in my car like a bat out of hell!!!!!

  5. michael larsen  |  

    this is too joe. did you know a great big man named tiny??? my dad used to take me out to the graveyard when i was a kid. i think tiny. had something to do with the grave yard. he had a little shack just on the other side of the driveway next too it. i remember his donkey walking through that shack. the man had the biggest hands i have ever seen.i thought for the longest time he was the man doing all the haunting.

  6. Donna Zeilinger  |  

    We used to go outthere al the time whie I was in hig school; Weird shit always happened out there We would hold seance’s out there. Once our car wouldn’t start when were about to leave, or we would drive off into a ditch after leaving ther ! We were always afraid Tiny would show up and kick us out ! Lots of fun times out therefor sure !

  7. Shame on you John and your associates. Why would you destroy anybody’s grave. You will get what’s coming to you, in dear time, in dear time!

      • Some people have no respect!

        Did the parents fail in raising children who would damage, destroy or deface tombstones, or did the individual get mixed up in the wrong crowd?

        Either way, it’s so wrong on so many levels!

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