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This 1920’s style hotel was recently refurbished, which appears to have stirred up a whole lot of paranormal activity. Workers renovating the building reported that their tools would go missing, and that they would occasionally catch of a mysterious woman in a white dress on the seventh floor, who vanished when they approached her.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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309 Tenth Street West
Bradenton, FL
United States

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27.4969461, -82.57176299999998
Manatee County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Bradenton, FL (0.2 mi.)
Palmetto, FL (1.7 mi.)
West Samoset, FL (2.1 mi.)
South Bradenton, FL (2.4 mi.)
West Bradenton, FL (2.6 mi.)
Samoset, FL (2.7 mi.)
Memphis, FL (2.8 mi.)
Ellenton, FL (3.2 mi.)
Bayshore Gardens, FL (5.1 mi.)
Whitfield, FL (5.9 mi.)


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  1. I stayed in the hotel on the 7th floor with a girlfriend of mine. We were having a girls weekend away at the beach. We did not know the hotel was haunted until after the things we experienced. We were so excited we got upgraded to a balcony room on the 7th floor because our original room wasnt ready yet. The first night of our stay we noticed the air conditioner thermostat kept turning down low and then going back up very slowly. It was very odd and we thought oh its just old and must need fixing. Well that same night my friend went out on the balcony to get some fresh air and the balcony doors flung open and hit her foot badly causing her to start bleeding. It was very odd because there was no wind but was exactly like someone invisible flung them open. We then were scared out of our minds but then just deciding we were probably just scaring ourselves and there was nothibng to be worried about. We turned off the lights but kept the tv on for some background noise and light. Just as i was drifting off to sleep i shot up in bed terrified literally. It felt like someone had ran there hand on and up my shin on my right leg. I was so scared and my girlfriend was crying bc she was so upset about it. We did not sleep much that night because of how scared we were. The next day we went to the beach and my friend kept trying to convince me we should checkout a day early. I was really bummed bc i came all the way from florida so getting away to a nice beachy town doesnt happen much for me. I kept telling her we will be fine and theres nothing to worry about trying to make it a more positive atmosphere because i wanted to stay and even told her we could ask for a different room. Well turns out we got back pretty late since we decided to take a last minute drive to siesta key. My friend stayed down in the lobby asking the front desk girl if we could switch rooms. When i took the elevator up to our room i got a really bad feeling i felt very un easy. My friend came up and told me the woman said unfort. We could not switch rooms at this hour. So then we decided to pack our bags and get the heck out of there. As we were taking the elevator down its almost like i could feel something was with us all the way to the lobby where we checked out. The girl gave us a funny look when we told her we wanted to check out at nearly 1am and as we explained why she told us a story about a construction worker that was working in the room across from ours experienced some strange things with watwr bottles hitting him in the back of his head and tools missing.she then told us shes also had reports of 2 men who experienced what felt like someone was sitting at the end of their bes. At that point i was completely creeped out thinking about the hand on my leg. Whatever was with us gave me a feeling it was with us even when we were loading the car. I had chills and never experienced anything like it. Had i known the hotel was haunted i never woukd have stayed.. esp the 7th floor which we were originally ezcited about not knowing the history. I guess if you like ghost kind of stuff this would be a great place to stay. As for us we will never be returning( not because the hotel was vad..just too haunted for me) haha.

  2. I stayed in room 716 on the 7th floor and was taking a snap chat of the skyline bc storm clouds were rolling in. I picked up some audio which sounds like a female voice saying “someone help me”. I can send you the video clip if you like. My thermostat also would increase, which drove me nuts being August in Florida!

  3. I’m staying in this hotel now…… last night I heard stomping noises all night and also the thermostat would go up and down. I barley slept. We stayed on the second floor

  4. Shaun Jimenez  |  

    I recently stayed at this hotel 2 days ago. I was in room 716….when I got there I decided to go out on the balcony. As soon as I walked outside, I felt what I can only describe as “filth” come completely over my body. It felt heavy and foul and I felt like I had to puke. I went back inside and it was so cold that the windows fogged and 10 mins later I was sweating. I heard noises all night so no sleep. It was a Sunday, so I wanted to go get something to eat, but everything closed at 10. I was going down the elevator and heard the 2nd elevator next to me crash to the bottom. I freaked because the pulley systems let’s you hear the elevator screeching from floor to floor. When I got out I was expecting a disaster, but no one heard anything. I checked out the very next morning. I’m not a super scary person, but that place freaked me out. The noises came from 718 and I was in 716….the front desk said that 718 was empty. SJ

  5. I stayed with my sister and had no clue about the history. We checked in early and no one was at the hotel. My sister pushed the original elevator button that does not work, and as she pushed it she makes the comment I bet this place is haunted. I was like whatever but as we’re waiting for the elevator i hear children laughing. I didn’t think much of it. The elevator door opens and I was expecting children to get off but it was empty. We get on and she is like didn’t you hear kids laughing and I was like yeah, and she was like I told you this place is haunted. So we went to the beach for the day, and she researched the hotel and we come to find out it’s suposedly haunted. We didn’t get back until late that night, and I needed a parking pass so we go up to the front desk and the clerk historically fit the hotel he was a very neat old man. He wrote me a parking pass and my sister stayed and was asking him questions about the place being haunted. As I came back to the building the door locked on me, which kind of gave me the chills, the clerk had to come and let me in. So I slept fine my sister claimed a light was flickering during the night. I have no evidence to back her. Anyway the next morning as I was getting on the elevator I proceeded to ask one of the hotel workers, how haunted is this place. He said he wasn’t supposed to talk about it, but after chatting for a while he told he he hears children laughing, and I got chills up my spine, because I didn’t tell him I heard children laughing in the elevator. He also heard kids running up behind him, and as he went to turn around, there was no one there. That was my haunted experience it definitely felt like walking in the twilight zone

  6. i stayed on the 7th florr, and i set an alarm for 3 am…. i got up and found that my suitcases were moved, my sheets were pulled off of me.. explaining why i was so cold that night… i woke up my sister and we went to explore the hotel. we had been exploring for just 2 minutes, and we heard banging, and footstpes following us. we also heard a woman screaming help me, and lots of growls. we were headed for our room, when we saw a woman in a white dress. i accually got a recoring of her! i do not recommend this hotel.(not because of the hotel, just because of the ghosts)

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