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Allegedly haunted by the ghost of Benjamin Franklin who is said to be seen flying his kite in a thunderstorm. Some people also claim to hear battle sounds from the Revolutionary War.

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Geographic Information

5408 Neshaminy Valley Road
Bensalem PA
United States

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40.147369232778004, -74.93521991378657
Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Penndel, PA (1.0 mi.)
Hulmeville, PA (1.3 mi.)
Langhorne Manor, PA (1.6 mi.)
Langhorne, PA (2.0 mi.)
Trevose, PA (2.5 mi.)
Feasterville, PA (3.7 mi.)
Woodbourne, PA (4.0 mi.)
Village Shires, PA (4.3 mi.)
Eddington, PA (4.4 mi.)
Croydon, PA (4.5 mi.)


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  1. I have been trying to find out things about my area for years. I live on Griscomb Drive around the corner from the Mansion there is a ghost from 1810 in my basement.

  2. Lois Harrison Chamberlain  |  

    My father was born in this house. My grandmother was Julia Taylor. I was told as a child that the house was haunted.

  3. My Uncle and Aunt were caretaker’s of this place for many, many years. They have recently moved on, as the township has taken back its property, to allocate it for something else. In so saying that, as a child I would spend my summers visiting with them and my cousins. It is a wonderful place that is very near and dear to me. I have had a few supernatural phenomenon occur myself while there. Mostly to do with lightning. I’ve seen lightning walk down a wall on a wire and ball lightning travel the upstairs hall. Nothing too troubling and Ben was a fun topic of discussion. All the best. Becky

  4. This place has a very strong creepy energy to it. My friends and I love to hang out at the baseball field in front. It’s not common to feel watched and or creepy. My friend went in the woods behind the mansion and found a pair of glasses rotting and rusty. Though it seems like not a big deal, from the minute she picked it up I felt creepy about it.

    • Them glasses had a strange vibe coming from them. They were weird. Also whenever we go there, as you said, it feels like we’re being watched. Sometimes we’ll also hear strange noises that we can’t figure what made the noise. Creepy stuff yo.

  5. As my friend Michael said we found glasses inside of the woods of the mansion. They gave off a strange vibe and they were just overall weird. Also when me and my friends hang out there, we’ll hear noises and we can’t find where they came from. As a bit of a skeptic of ghosts it could just be our imagination, but there could be something strange occurring in the mansion.

  6. Where do I even start. The mansion has a creepy vibe to it. It’s all alone and silent. Almost seeming like it’s misplaced. My friends and I LOVE to hangout at the baseball field.

    Just recently, I read an article about how the mansion was believed to be haunted. I told my friends to come to the baseball field and we would walk to the mansion and do a little ghost hunting. I grabbed my electromagnetic detector and my temperature gun and went off.

    From the moment I got there, I decided to take a walk up there myself. As I was walking, something in my mind told me not to go. This is very unlike me considering I have been to MULTIPLE haunted places including Gettysburg and Saint Augustine Florida.

    We saw lights going on and off inside the house. Strange noises were heard and my electromagnetic detector went off multiple times. My friend also used a phone app (which I was extremely skeptical about) began to ACTUALLY begin to say some freaky things.

    My friend went home that night and tested out my paranormal equipment because she believed that she had paranormal activity in her room (she has heard tapping and footsteps). The detector was blinking HYSTERICALLY when she placed it next to her snow globe (which she believed was making me tapping noises). As the night went on, she used the ghost app and some VERY familiar words that are unexplainable.

    Words such as; colony, British, attached and America popped up.

    Then the name: Joe popped up. A loyalist, Joseph Galloway had spent a few visits to the manor. She later heard taps and other unexplainable noises when she was upstairs alone.

    Today, I visited again. The app brought up the word: bicycles. My friends and I ALWAYS ride our bikes around the manor. When we went to check on our bikes, he electromagnetic detector started blinking.

    Unfortunately, I tried to put the video my friend look of the detector with her snow globe but it won’t load through.

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