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The Blue Angel is a statue with a legend. Reports say that back in the 1950s, she was thought of as the benevolent spirit of the cemetery, protecting it from vandals. Sometime since then, tales about her have become more sinister. She is said to have once held a rose; if you looked at her and she dropped the rose, you were doomed to die. Reports say her hand was cut off so she couldn’t hurt anyone, but at night they say her hand is still here, glowing and holding the rose. She is called the Blue Angel because the morning sun shining through the blue stained-glass windows of her mausoleum makes it look like her white gypsum has a blue tint.

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Geographic Information

Greenwood Cemetery
Muscatine, Iowa
United States

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41.419057, -91.06690300000002
Muscatine County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Muscatine, IA (1.3 mi.)
Fruitland, IA (5.4 mi.)
Letts, IA (10.8 mi.)
Atalissa, IA (11.7 mi.)
Grandview, IA (11.7 mi.)
Wilton, IA (12.0 mi.)
Nichols, IA (13.2 mi.)
West Liberty, IA (14.6 mi.)
Durant, IA (14.9 mi.)
Conesville, IA (14.9 mi.)


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  1. i live right across from the blue angle and at night her hand is still gone atleast when i went there it was i would love to see her hand tho

    • 25 years ago or so I was told my classmate broke her hand off. He would be 40 now. The cemetery isn’t haunted. The blue angel doesn’t come to life at midnight or drop her rose. The rose doesnt appear at night..we tested this theory many times..Myself and several friends grew up playing in the cemetery. All of us were respectful to graves. With the exception of the jerk who ruined the angel. Thanks alot Mike.

  2. i went there on night and nothing really happend but after an hour we decided to stay but then we heard a scream by the blue angel and when we got there we heard something say stay we ran as fast as we could then my friend said he was garbed and tripped i went the next day and it seemed she was smiling so i left and havent been back senesce

  3. There are other things that happen there besides the Blue Angel. I’ve been up there during the day, though have not had a chance to be there at night. I’ve had my fair share during the day though. Weird feelings of being watched, the feeling of being drawn to the angel, and much more. All of this just being there once during the day. It is abnormal for such things to occur during those times.

    • josh vandevoort  |  

      it is actually not abnormal for things to happen during the day .if something is haunted the activity can happen at any time not just at night . for being a paranormal investigator for 5 years now i have some experience under my belt

  4. The blue angel’s hand is missing due to an accident. Some workers were in there one day doing some repair work and one worker accidently bumped the angels hand and broke it off. It was never repaired. As far as the angel screaming, that is lot of baloney. I have been there many times and never once felt like I was being watched. I don’t know where or how people come up with these kind of stories.

  5. I believe it is haunted based on my own experience.
    My boyfriend and I went there in the evening and looked in at the Blue Angel as my friends and I often do just for fun.
    This time I was surprised to see her hand still intact and holding a plastic looking rose. We had an eerie feeling that time and it creeped us out, but we assumed the graveyard managers must have fixed the statue.
    A few weeks later my best friend and I went to visit her and when I looked in, her hand was gone. I was shocked as I thought they had fixed it, but my friend said it was never fixed.

  6. I grew up next to the cemetery. It was vandalized my a classmate of mine about 25 years ago. He would be 40 now. The cemetery nor the angel are haunted. The theory has been tested at midnight several times.. actually the cemetery is more of a sanctuary. And if there are ghosts.. they’re all good.

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