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Erected in 1788 and originally a stagecoach stop, the historic inn was believed to have been a stop on the Underground Railroad. A male and a female ghost are said to reside here, and the female is said to be constantly brushing her hair.

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Geographic Information

399 Depot St
Proctorsville, VT 05153
United States

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43.37777699999999, -72.634727
Windsor County, Vermont
Nearest Towns:
Proctorsville, VT (0.4 mi.)
Cavendish, VT (1.4 mi.)
Ludlow, VT (3.5 mi.)
Perkinsville, VT (6.1 mi.)
North Springfield, VT (6.3 mi.)
Chester, VT (8.2 mi.)
Springfield, VT (9.4 mi.)
Ascutney, VT (11.6 mi.)
Charlestown, NH (14.3 mi.)
Windsor, VT (14.4 mi.)

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Comments (14)

  1. I have seen that lady brushing her hair. I wanted to ask her out on a date, but was too scared to do it and that is no bunch of lies.

    • I finally mustered the courage to ask “Emily,” the female ghost out on a date. At first she was a bit reticent; however, I was persistent in asking and she finally agreed to accompany me on a dinner date. It quickly became apparent that I was the only one that could see her, because the waitstaff at the restaurant looked at me like I was nuts when I ordered dinner for both of us. By the end of the meal, it looked like Emily had not touched her plate, so I had to eat her entree as well. All in all, we had a nice time together, thought she’s not much of a talker.

      Pat Gray
      The Earl of Cavendish, VT

      • Did she look transparent? Also, I have seen her brushing her hair, but when I was going up to her she turned around, smiled, and vanished into thin air. Kind of scary. Then this hotel worker came up to me asking if I was ok and saying that he knows what I saw, and smiles, and walks away…… like wtf!!!!! I also caught a pic of Emily brushing her hair before she vanished.

        • Pat Gray, Duke of Ludlow  |  

          Emily is not transparent and I must say that uninformed characterization of my bride seems a little insensitive. We enjoy a great relationship. She might inexplicably walk through a wall or door now and then, but I gotta tell ya she’s real. How else can you explain the birth of Little Elmo; he’s my pride and joy.

  2. That dang Pat Gray dates all them hot ghosts. Just ’cause he’s the Earl of Cavendish, that don’t make him nuthin’ special! Guess he never learned how to share.

    Scotty Gabert
    Parts Unknown

  3. Emily and I have decided to “tie the knot.” She’s on heck of a gal and never complains a bit when I watch sport on TV. I really couldn’t ask for a more quiet life partner. She’s the one for my alright.

    Pat Gray
    The Duke of Ludlow, VT

  4. Emily and I have decided to “tie the knot.” She’s one heck of a gal and never complains a bit when I watch sports on TV. I really couldn’t ask for a more quiet and calm life partner. She’s the one for my alright, you can bet your boots on that!

    Pat Gray
    The Duke of Ludlow, VT

  5. Big news, Emily and I are expecting! She’s a fertile lass, so we’re really hoping for twins!

    Pat Gray
    The Duke of Ludlow (formerly the Earl of Cavendish)

  6. It’s a boy! Little Elmo was born last weekend! It was a home birth, because the doctors seem to have issues with obtaining vitals on Emily at the hospital. The kid is already exceptional at hide-and-seek; when company comes over, no one can seem to find him. He definitely takes after his mother.

    Pat Gray
    The Duke of Ludlow, VT

  7. I used to sell real estate in Ludlow for many years..back in the 80-90’s..we also thought “Glimmerstone” in Proctorsville was haunted as well…and the “The Castle” on 103..and several others which I can’t think of right at this moment…I lived in Chester, only knew of one of the stone houses in the “Stone Village” along Rte. 103 which was supposed to be haunted..I’d freak out if I ever saw “a visitor from another dimension.”

  8. I may have gotten it stuck between the board, but I do know that Glimmerstone is in Cavendish, not Proctorsville.

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