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In the town of Washington Louisiana, I was driving to my uncle’s home and it was at night. I forget the time of night. I was driving and I remember the hard turn in the road… my windows were rolled down and the next thing I know, I noticed a ghostly lady in my passenger seat just sitting there as if she belonged. I was so scared and shocked I jumped out of my moving car and went into the open field and just sat in shock. This all happened in a location on hwy 103 .. about 2 or 3 miles east of highway 49, you cant miss it. Its a cross planted in the ground on the side of the road its a hard curve in the road location. I know of another person who had this experience and one person who heard about it from others … never have I been so scared.

(Submitted by Kreg J.)

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Geographic Information

Highway 103
Washington, LA
United States

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30.62745934675385, -92.01573622296564
St. Landry Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
Washington, LA (2.6 mi.)
Port Barre, LA (5.9 mi.)
Opelousas, LA (7.6 mi.)
Palmetto, LA (8.9 mi.)
Leonville, LA (11.1 mi.)
Lawtell, LA (12.6 mi.)
Grand Coteau, LA (14.5 mi.)
Sunset, LA (15.3 mi.)
Ville Platte, LA (15.8 mi.)
Arnaudville, LA (16.6 mi.)


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  1. Almost twenty years ago, I lived about three miles past this location and worked second shift in Ville Platte.Every night on my way home I would pass this location, and even on the hottest nights of summer the air temp. would drop to the point my windows would fog-up.I used to joke that a Civil War Battle must have taken place along the Bayou just east of there.I never saw anything unusual,just felt the drop in temp.

  2. I was visiting Louisiana a couple of years ago and I heard some stories regarding ghosts. I even heard of a story regarding a ghost dog. Legend has it that a dog was run over as it tried to save a homeless man who was walking across the road. A delivery truck apparently didn’t see the man and it swerved to avoid hitting him and ran over the dog instead. The homeless man was brokenhearted and died several days later. People have claimed to see the ghost of the man and his dog walking down the road. They also claim to hear a dog barking when no one is around.My wife and I drove down this road,parked the car and didn’t hear or see anything.That doesn’t mean that it isn’t true,just that it didn’t happen when we were there.

  3. First of all….that is my cousin Brents cross. He was 18 when He died there… He got in a wreck there from acting crazy on the road and he hit the trees. I DO NOT believe this because there was no history that I found saying that a woman died here but there’s no telling if a woman died here or not… I’m not trying to say that y’all experiences were fake or not true but I’m just saying that the white cross is my cousins. I went there yesterday to visit it and when I got out the car my stomach started hurting so I’m sure there is some other creepy stories behind this because I went there and I felt like I had to throw up and once i got to some chest….idk who’s that is for but I went there and felt like someone was pushing me but I didn’t think anything of it and so I proceeded to look around and I heard someone say bye and it sounded like a girl so idk what happen or what but I felt watched…. i dont think my cousin is haunting everyone lol but I think it has something to do with someone else’s story there.

    • Yes that is the cross in Remembrance of “Brant” and Jacob. Brant is also my first cousin. No one knows if he was acting crazy because there were no witnesses to the accident. I do believe in paranormal and what if something freaked him out causing him to loose control. No one will everknkw

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