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The site was once a hospital for patients with tuberculosis, but became a bed-and-breakfast called the Get Inn. The b&b closed in 2012, but reports were made of it being haunted. Witnesses saw apparitions of an old man in a white coat and of a woman with a young girl. They also heard whispers and footsteps in empty hallways.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    301 University Dr.
    Gooding, ID
    United States

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    42.9239314, -114.708686
    Gooding County, Idaho
    Nearest Towns:
    Gooding, ID (1.1 mi.)
    Wendell, ID (10.2 mi.)
    Bliss, ID (12.2 mi.)
    Hagerman, ID (12.3 mi.)
    Shoshone, ID (15.3 mi.)
    Jerome, ID (16.8 mi.)
    Dietrich, ID (22.5 mi.)
    Buhl, ID (22.6 mi.)
    Filer, ID (25.0 mi.)
    Twin Falls, ID (27.9 mi.)


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    1. I went here on a ghost hunt with local ghost hunters while the Get Inn was under construction. We explored all night and slept in two rooms the Get Inn had successfully renovated. We got to walk around with flashlights and explore every floor. There were also cameras set up on each floor and in every major area. The basement and the top floor seemed to be the most haunted. There was an area where children were said to have been hospitalized and in this area were old toys and small beds. In the basement we caught footage of what seemed like the shadow of a child running past and through a hall. The experience was fun and after awhile we felt comfortable exploring in the dark but I still had trouble sleeping in this building. A friend said they heard something while they were trying to sleep in the bedroom next to mine.

      • What sick f$&@ made this horrid place a home for special needs children. If you own this place you should be cursed for life. How could you put vulnerable handicapped children in this horrid place. You are in human and evil. I curse you and your family.

        • This building was never a special needs facility, it was college, TB hospital, then abandoned, then was bought to be turned into a hotel in 2002 and was named the Get Inn, and in 2012 closed and got new owners who has kept it a hotel and renamed it the Gooding University Inn and Resort. The new owners have about 12 kids and some of them do have special needs, but, you are not the boss of anyone, you are only the boss of yourself and what you just said is not nice at all, why curse a family that’s just trying to live? Also, I don’t think you can curse anyone, just cause you’re angry doesn’t mean you can physically do that cause it’s not physically possible. Please think before you speak or type cause its incredibly hateful for you to say that.

    2. Shortly before they tore two of the buildings down, the center building housed The Gooding Senior Center, the Walker Center, and the Idaho Department of of Public Lands. I worked for the Dept of Lands in that building from 1975 to 1979. Our office was in the main hall where there were two small labs and the Xray room. Many times when I was alone in my office I would here noises in the XRay room. Going in to investigate I would find the red light on the XRay machine either on or blinking. The machine was NOT plugged into electricity and did not run on batteries. Many times I would find one or two beakers from the labs on the floor of the X-ray room.

      Sometimes I would be bored and go for a walk up on the second floor and find medicine cabinet doors open or shut when they weren’t that way the day before or maybe a bed was moved. Once there was a chair on top of a bed in a room that did not even have a chair in it the day before.. I tried to debunk some of this to janitors or kids or maybe some of the other patrons of the building. I never spent the night in the building but I did walk thru it a couple nights and then found odd things the next morning..

    3. Jeff Mortrnsen  |  

      Check out the apparition in the video you guys posted if you havent noticed it. Walking on the left side of the hallway.

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