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The hotel opened in 1907. Named for the Gadsden Purchase, the stately five-story, 160-room hotel became a home away from home for cattlemen, ranchers, miners, and businessmen. The hotel was leveled by fire and rebuilt in 1929. The Gadsden is recognized as a National Historic Site. The Gadsden’s spacious main lobby is majestically set with a solid white Italian marble staircase and four soaring marble columns. An authentic Tiffany & Co. stained glass mural extends forty-two feet across one wall of the massive mezzanine. An impressive oil painting by Audley Jean Nichols is just below the Tiffany window. Vaulted stained glass skylights run the full length of the lobby. The Hotel is said to be haunted and has been in “ghost” shows on TV, such as Sightings in 1995.

The Gadsden Hotel has also been in several movies such as The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean with Paul Newman, Terminal Velocity (movie) with Charlie Sheen and Nastassja Kinski, Ruby Jean and Joe with Tom Selleck and many others.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    1046 G Ave
    Douglas, AZ 85607
    United States

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    31.3449684, -109.55455419999998
    Cochise County, Arizona
    Nearest Towns:
    Douglas, AZ (0.5 mi.)
    Pirtleville, AZ (0.9 mi.)
    McNeal, AZ (19.0 mi.)
    Bisbee, AZ (23.2 mi.)
    Naco, AZ (23.2 mi.)
    Elfrida, AZ (24.8 mi.)
    Palominas, AZ (33.4 mi.)
    Miracle Valley, AZ (35.4 mi.)
    Sunizona, AZ (37.6 mi.)
    Tombstone, AZ (39.5 mi.)


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    1. I was a guest of the hotel while I was in Douglas for amurder suicide 3 person burial and this place is haunted and I’m not a believer of this stuff so much but we took pictures of the banister in the main lobby and there is a woman in the picture that was not there. She wears an old white dress and supposedly died in the fire along with many other people. The original carpet and furnishings are in the hotel and everything is original from when the building was rebuilt. This is truly the only real haunted place I know of in Arizona other than maybe the back side of Mount Lemon buy the ymca camp.
      This is the scariest place. You have to visit the hotel and see the scary old original feel. Sleep in the old beds and take plenty of pictures and the staff will give you the keys at any time of night to go to the room where its most haunted or even dare to stay the entire night in that room! I do not work for the hotel or any marketing or any other reason that I have seen this with my own eye’s and I have witnesses too. Go before they change the hotel. It’s truly a transformation back in time. Enjoy the great food and old style lobby. I also took pictures of the old display cases and a wall behind it and the stairs and the display cases were empty and in the picture there full. Plenty of orbs and crazy crazy sounds. Go see.

    2. Back side of Mount lemon story I was told is about an indian man that died arms he was reencarnated into some monster with red eyes and he had some stone or gem and it was imbeded into a stone to ward off other indians in the area from coming to the camp and I think the towns people or camp killed the Indian and they put his gem necklace on the stone. Well there is a huge stone that is on the edge of the camp that had a stone in it and there is claw marks of it being scratched out of the stone. He came back for his stone. There is a cave near by and it’s called peppersauce cave and he lived in the cave and hunted the camp and still does to this day! .

    3. The guy that worked there from North Dakota was Duane Miller (a very good friend). I grew up with him in a small town and he told me also about the apparition that he saw. It was above the bed that he slept in while working there. I was skeptic at first when he told me, but it was later confirmed by Robins father-in-law whom I also worked for from 1981-1984. I got a tour from Robin in 1997 and she told me about Duane’s experience.

    4. My entire family lives in Douglas so I go often. My cousin worked there for years. One night he decided he wanted to stay in the “most haunted” room. He tried calling my aunt cause he was literally crying but it said there was no service, even though the service was fine before he went in there. He came home pretty beat up. He was almost killed, no joke. I always talk about how I want to stay in there but he always tells me not to go into that room. I’ve heard some people were fine in there and they just saw and heard things, but others like my cousin, got really hurt. He quit the next day.

    5. My name is Melina. I’m a 12 year old paranormal investigator turning 13 this year. I have recently had my first official investigation just a couple days ago at the Gadsden hotel. I went in the basement wand up to the third floor into room 333. While I was there I met Anthony Wolfpaw and Gloria Villa who are also paranormal investigators. I was on their radio show “Ghost Trackers” and walked around the hotel with Gloria and a mel meter they let me use and ended up giving me! I was in the bathroom in the the lobby where I was told a woman hung her self from the arch. The mel meter started spiking up and it was freezing right under the arch. My dad was there and filmed everything when I reviewed the footage I caught three orbs of light flying around.

    6. I stayed there back in 96-97. We encountered a number of creepy things. During the night we kept getting woken up by the room above us. We kept hearing furniture being moved across the floor and muffled voices of a woman and a man. We mentioned it to the front desk and they showed us the room and it was completely empty. In the bathroom the lights would flicker and growling noise in the vents. The man across the way from our window had asked if someone came into our room during the night, for all his clothes in his dresser had been turned upside down and a towel was drying on his windowsill. We had also heard the sound of horse hooves thru the halls. Even after all the years I remember it like it was yesterday.

    7. We stayed there in 97 mom wanted me to revisit the town since I was born there. The room itself never felt normal quite uncomfortable not because of the furniture but the surroundings. At night are television would switch channels so we turned the television off. Once we did that we heard thumping coming From the bathroom and as f something or someone was always watching us very sleepless night

      • We stayed there last night staff was wonderful room were ok but very cold my grandson and I were in room 127 almost all night we heard a child hollering for help and crying also while we were taking the tour on one of the floors my son in law and I were the last in line I heard foot steps behind us I as my son in law if he heard anything he said footsteps no one was behind us

    8. Stayed there New Year’s Eve for Y2K. Waiting for the apocalypse but nothing happened. An interesting note though: The power did go out in the morning and everyone there had a lovely breakfast by candle light or oil lamp.

    9. these people, are very right about what they saw n heard,but be very careful,cuz,the whole town is cursed,i known this cuz I was born n raise there in my grandparents house,even there house Is said to be haunted,these stories are no joke,again again, be very careful cuz it will follow u home.leave it alone.

    10. We visited Douglas about 5+ years ago for an Elks Lodge event, and a lot of us Elks stayed here two nights. We stayed on the haunted floor and my room was DIRECTLY across from room 333. My friend was in a room a few doors down. Both nights we had a little too much to drink and were rudely awakened (in our separate rooms) by LOUD banging constant from around 5AM-10AM. The banging was definitely coming from inside of the building and on the same floor. It sounded as if it was coming from the very last room. So, as you can imagine, being hungover and stumbling into the hall in the morning to rush out the door to be on time for meetings, the banging was annoying to say the least. We kept saying “I don’t know why they would have construction work ping on this early especially since we are staying right next door”. But we didn’t want to complain and just let it go. When checking out, we were asked how our stay was and my friend said it was great but the construction was terrible with a hangover. The clerk was shocked and said “there’s no construction going on at all here” and we assured him that we both heard it constantly for five hours each morning. He was spooked and turned to the other clip and called her over and asked us to tell her what we had just told him… And they both were spooked and were explaining how crazy that was! It was definitely a say I won’t forget… Also, exploring the basements late at night with the permission of the hotel staff was amazing… It’s literally like a maze down there.

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