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Foster’s Tavern is housed in a historic brick gabled building from the early 1800s. Strange sounds have led folks to believe that the tavern may be haunted. Witnesses have heard horses’ hooves on the roof, footsteps on the stairs, and voices.

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191 Cedar Springs Rd
Spartanburg, SC 29302
United States

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34.922137, -81.886796
Spartanburg County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Spartanburg, SC (3.2 mi.)
Glendale, SC (3.2 mi.)
Saxon, SC (5.3 mi.)
Roebuck, SC (5.4 mi.)
Clifton, SC (5.6 mi.)
Converse, SC (5.7 mi.)
Arcadia, SC (6.4 mi.)
Pacolet, SC (7.3 mi.)
Fairforest, SC (7.4 mi.)
Southern Shops, SC (7.5 mi.)

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  1. I might have been about nine yrs. old and the school i attended, my sister and I; was E.P. Todd which use to sit right across the street from the old Foster’s Tavern house. The experence my sister and I had that day changed our views and out looks on spirits or ghosts as some might say. I will never forget this. One day as school let out, my sister a girl and I were outside waiting for our parents as they were late picking us up from school that day, were sitting on the bench outside the bus loading area. We were the only students left waiting on our parents. As we were waiting we were all talking together bout what we wanted to do over the weekend, As we looked to the left toward the house, the front door swung open and out came an stage coach , horses and all with what seem to appear an man dressed as Abraham Lincoln himself on the coach came out the front door and down the stairs of the house, knodded his head to us lifting his hat as if he was greeting us. he then proceeded to guide the horses onto the road as oncoming traffic appeared. We then begin to run to tell our principal about this..which no one believed us. We was very upset and frightend about what the three of us saw that evening… never to mentioned it again!!!! My sister and I still talk about this,and KNOW WHAT WE SAW WAS REAL!!!!! THIS HOUSE IS INDEED REALLY HAUNTED!!!! IVE SAW THIS WITH MY OWN EYES!!! IT TAKES YOU HAVING TO SEE THIS YOURSELF TO BELIEVE ME!! THANKS TO THIS HOUSE, I NOW OFFICALLY BELIEVE IN GHOSTS!!!!

  2. I live very close to Fosters Tavern. My neighbor and friend (who is 64) two houses up told me when he was in middle school Fosters was abandoned, and he and he and two friends broke into the house “to see if it was haunted” and to spend the night in there. He told me, the house had typical old house creeks and noises… but after a couple hours, at about 11 pm they all heard loud steps upstairs, and a door slam. They all thought a person might be in the house with them. As the three began to freak out thinking some ‘homeless person was going to stab them to death’ An unidentified door slammed in the room across from them… moments later- there was an old upright piano and bench about 10-15 feet from them and the BENCH FELL OVER on its side, and the piano MOVED.. he witnessed a REAL Poltergeist,, This is when FULL BLOWN freak out began for the boys, and they all ran out of the house and ran home to Duncan Park (about 2 miles away). He even told me he had crazy dreams of the place and the experience years after (attachment??)
    I’ve known this person almost 20 years. He has no reason to lie.. Fosters Tavern is Haunted!! What is interesting is a family bought the place in like 2006/7? They have really fixed it up and in a newspaper article about the house the owners state that the house is not haunted.. “but definitely has it’s own personality”.. Whatever that means. But my friend says “I”ll never step foot in that place ever again- I’ll never forget what I saw with my own eyes”

  3. At night, at around 2:30 or 3 ish, if you drive by real slowly and carefully you can hear someone saying “help us”. Also if you get there at the right time, you can see lights flickering. Don’t ask me how, or why, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes. We were cat fishing that night and my dad heard the “help us” and when I looked over all I saw was flickering lights, and a man staring in our direction.

  4. My name is Kristin Zetting Garland and I am a Paranormal Investigator with Midlands Ghost Chasers. I live in Boiling Springs. I have been an investigator for 15 years. And my team and I have a combined 30 plus years of experience and knowledge in the Paranormal field. We have been doing cases in Spartanburg, Gaffney and Columbia in the last few months. If you have paranormal issues please don’t hesitate to get ahold of us through our Facebook page. and you could find me on Facebook as well. does anybody know if there is a phone number for Foster’s Tavern ? I would like to try to get in to do an investigation if I could get ahold of somebody . Thank you

    • Try contacting the spartanburg historical museum at the Chapman Cultural Center- they should be able to at least point you in the right direction.

  5. Betty Anderson  |  

    Betty Anderson May 7, 2020

    My name is Betty Foster Anderson. Anthony Foster Jr. was my G-G grandfather. My sister and a cousin and I visited Foster’s Tavern in 1994 when Rachel Ruff lived there. Rachel was kind enough to allow us to go through the whole house which was a thrill for us since our G-grandfather was born in that house. During our visit with Rachel she told us a story: Her mother was a piano teacher and one day while giving a lesson she heard someone come down the steps, open the front door, when out and closed the door. She investigated and found no one. Rachel’s parents graves or on the outside wall at Foster’s cemetery. After Rachel died I found a email for Foster’s Tavern. I had heard that they where turning it into a B & B. However I never heard back.
    Thank You.
    I would love to have another visit.

  6. Betty Anderson  |  

    My name is Betty Foster Anderson, Anthony Foster Jr. was my G-G grandfather. In 1994 my sister, a cousin and I visited Foster’s Tavern. Rachel Ruff lived there and was nice to welcome us to view the complete house. During our visit she told us a story. Her mother was a piano teacher and one day during a lesson she heard someone come down the stairs, open the from door an went out. Her mother investigated and found nothing. After Rachel died I found a email for Foster’s Tavern. I had heard that they where going to make a B & B. However I never heard back. Rachel’s parents graves are right outside the wall of Foster’s cemetery at Foster’s Tavern.
    Thank You


  7. Tevin Saysirisanh  |  

    I attended E.P. Todd during the last years of the old building. My curiosity for this home has been around since. Glad to see some info finally. I knew I had a feeling of this place. I’ve known the area to be rich in history. Hope to visit one of these days!

    • my paranormal experience, nothing major like the poltergeist but I remember coming back home late with my family as a kid from visiting cousins in Pacolet. The aroma coming from the McD next door to Foster’s woke me up signifying we were just about home. Instead of looking to see if we could stop for fast food I’d try my best to get detailed glimpses of the property. My eyes always strayed towards the top floor window to the side of the house. Just that one time, there seemed to be a light through that window from the inside. No other part of the house shone light. Lights around the property from neighboring businesses could not get far past the greenery.

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