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Fort William Henry Museum is rumored to be haunted by victims of the massacre of 1757. Reports say anywhere from 200 to 1500 people were killed. One ghost, with uneven footsteps, is nicknamed the Limper. His amputated skeleton was unearthed by archeologists in the 1950s. Another ghost, the Slammer, likes to–you guessed it–slam doors in the museum guides’ faces. There are also officers’ ghosts who reprimand guides for entering their spaces and a disembodied voice that urges tourists to leave the powder magazine. Also seen here are orbs, flashing lights and colored streaks. The site was investigated by TV’s Ghost Hunters.

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48 Canada St
Lake George, NY 12845
United States

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43.42010910291862, -73.71102476128732
Warren County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Lake George, NY (0.4 mi.)
Queensbury, NY (5.7 mi.)
Glens Falls North, NY (6.0 mi.)
Warrensburg, NY (6.2 mi.)
Glens Falls, NY (8.3 mi.)
West Glens Falls, NY (8.4 mi.)
South Glens Falls, NY (9.2 mi.)
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Hudson Falls, NY (10.4 mi.)

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  1. Considering the violence there, there’s no reason to not think it was haunted, but to correct the numbers. They are far less than posted above. Things like Last of the Mohicans have exploded the violence for dramatic effect. The siege was successful but Montcalm allowed the British to retreat with full honors: muskets, side arms, colors, and one cannon.
    The Indians were not so thrilled and wanted…trophies. Under the terms they could strike the first blow but tried to incite the retreating men. The British regulars were well disciplined and didn’t respond to provocation-which got the braves even more worked up. The colonials at the end of the column were not as controlled and facing Indians even more worked up and angry. They responded to the taunts which made them fair game for attack. While the red coats were unmolested many on the 1,000+ colonials suffered. Military records say the actual dead in the ‘massacre’ were no more than 200.

    after this the French burned the fort and the site was reclaimed by the forests of New York for nearly 200 years when the current site was built in a wave of nostalgia. A terrifying siege followed by murder and fear then left to sit and ‘brood’ over the fear and death of 2 centuries before with no other human activity to ‘pave’ over it certainly could lead to a haunting, but let’s keep the numbers straight.

  2. I was a waitress at the lookout cafe about 10 years ago. I used to work double shifts because the money was so good. One late night I was leaving work walking alone between the fort and hotel to my car to the far end of the parking lot. During my walk I reach down to grab my tips out of my appron to count them when I felt something was looking at me. I looked up to see a man in a red uniform sitting on a horse about 30 feet away from me. I took off running filled with fear. When I looked back t was gone. I made it to my car crying and told the chef one duty also leaving . I quit the next day and never have been back.

  3. I was there one night for there ghost tour a few days before Halloween and we were in the old bakery and all of a sudden I smelt cinnamon buns and the tour guide said sometimes people come down here and smell cinnamon buns so I thought that was super creepy and another experience was the same ghost tour and the tour guides turned off the light so we can take some photos and I caught a picture of a orb/light line in the middle of the picture and the wired part was that there was no one around me taking photos so I showed the tour guide and he said some one took a picture and they had the same light line in the middle of the
    Like me

  4. When on ghost tour at Ft William Henry in August 2015 my girlfriend took pictures in the dungeon where the hospital use to be. Legend has it that Mary, Jacob and Hym (unkonown if human or other) occupy that area of the fort. After all visitors finished taking pictures, I took my pictures.

    Note up above the chimny stack up in the rafters my girlfriend picture reveals no image but my pictures show a facial inage and a cougar or other type cat face

  5. I went on the 8:30 ghost tour at the fort on Saturday August 8th, 2015. It was really fun learning about the history and learning about the spirits that still lingure. As my group toured with a guide I took some random pictures with my cell phone. On returning with with my family from our vacation there, I could not believe what I captured. In one picture I caught what appears to be a head piece of a native american indian chief. along with some orbs and in another corner of the same picture what appears to be a hooded or shrouded figure. I apologize for not submitted the picture. I still have the pics on my phone. Thank you.

  6. We will be coming back to Lake George tomorrow and I am planning to go back to the fort for another tour on Saturday night. As for the pictures on my phone I would love to make some time to get to the fort and meet with one of the tour guides and show the pictures to them. and I am willing to bring my phone cord with me if the fort would like to transfer the pictures from my phone to the computer. Hope to see all of you then.

  7. We were there, on a ghost tour, Aug, 2015, and my wife, caught these images, one of a soldier, that was not there, when we were looking around, and another, of a little boy, playing ball. The guides, were shocked, and asked, for a copy. My wife still has the pics, on her phone.

    • Chris,

      I know the ghost tour guides at FWH, and one in particular is extremely talented in bringing out spirits during the tours — I’ve seen photos like yours, and I had to be skeptical because the faces appeared solid, as if someone was walking up the other side of the stairway and their head emerged. However, your photo is interesting because it is an orb or spirit — very interesting.

      • In Walter Klamp’s photo of the soldier in red uniform, to the right of the soldier, I can see what looks like a figure sitting down. I can see the figures legs, and it looks like the figure is looking down at something. Also, to the left of the fire place in the same photo, I can see another figure. Possibly a cat? I see three figures in the photo. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Although I didnt get freaked out or scared(I was with a tour group) I did have a green orb follow me. When I get a feeling I snap a pic. No doubt is haunted. I enjoy getting a scare but I dont scare easily. I do get excited when I get a great photo to share

  9. I’m use to do photography when I was 17 years old…. I took a photo of my friend in a cemetery and I whispered…to I nvited the spirits to join in the photo. That picture has forever CHANGED my life. They didn’t appear as orbs …20 spirits all posed for my picture… they all stood next to each other…. I used a 3.5 mil camera … I developed it myself. Some spirits were wearing a bath suit from 20’s…as if we were at the beach. I don’t mess around anymore… I am soooo happy they didn’t follow me home. I still have the picture I don’t like looking at it. Anyways, I did go to this fort in lake George …. there was only one place that made me really really uncomfortable and it wasn’t the hospital….the place next to the hospital and you have to walk in the tunnel under ground. Dead end

  10. I worked at the Fort William Henry for 8 years. I worked on beach rd at one of the stores. I remember my first encounter with a ghost. I was in the store by myself and I could feel someone staring at me. So I looked at the end of the counter to see a man in a top hat standing there. I looked away and when I looked back he was gone. Another time myself and an employee was the only 2 in the store and the soda machine door came opened and slammed shut. There were other times I’d be doing my cash out in the back and here knocking on the front door and I was all alone. It was like 1130 pm. I went out there was no one even on the streets. It never bothered me much after the years I worked there you got use to it. Definitely haunted

  11. In October of 2018 I was on a night time tour with my mother and one of my little sisters. As I was talking to one of the other guests I was grabbed by a ghost on the back side of my thigh. The feeling didn’t leave me till a few hours later. My mom of course gave the spirit scolding and we kindly asked no one follows us home.

  12. Didn’t know about the haunted history of this place. Visited in 2005, toured the Fort, then went to the gift shop. While walking to the back, i was pushed hard from behind. Almost fell. I turned around expecting to see my joker friend but no one was there! Just couldn’t figure it out. Later learned about the massacres and atrocities. I’m not a ghost-seeking person but i know i was pushed hard by something. Still a creepy memory to this day.

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