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The historic fort is believed to be the home of a phantom black dog, seen here since the Revolutionary War era. When the British took over the fort in 1776, they were menaced by a terrifying black dog prowling the place, and a black dog symbolizes death in British folklore. The dog’s apparition continues to be seen, glaring, and often walking through walls. His barking and howling have been heard as well.

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Geographic Information

Fort Wetherill Road
Jamestown, RI
United States

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41.4801278, -71.36499479999998
Newport County, Rhode Island
Nearest Towns:
Jamestown, RI (1.2 mi.)
Newport, RI (2.8 mi.)
Newport East, RI (4.7 mi.)
Narragansett Pier, RI (5.8 mi.)
Middletown, RI (5.9 mi.)
North Kingstown, RI (7.1 mi.)
Wakefield-Peacedale, RI (7.4 mi.)
Kingston, RI (8.2 mi.)
Melville, RI (8.5 mi.)
Portsmouth, RI (10.3 mi.)

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  1. I smelled dog shit down one tunnel i went down and my friends scared me after i kept telling them what i smelt. They told me there was a phantom dog and I didn’t believe it till i just looked this place up online. We heard whispering in one part of fort wetherill and we heard hissing noises in another. Extremely loud hissing noises. I think the place isn’t to bad during the day but it is very creepy at night.

  2. We visited Fort Wetherill several days ago. We were staying the week in Gallilee and decided to check out Jamestown. We knew nothing about the Fort before going, except that it was on the map and might be interesting. We were one of three cars visiting the park around 11AM. The path way leading to the Fort was littered with dead and alive worms. Not just in one area but all over several paths including many areas of the concrete slabs. Some of the worms were burnt from being in the sun, others were still squirming. There has been no recent rain fall and some of the areas that were littered with worms were a significant distance from the ground.

    Upon approaching the first section of the fort we climbed a steep staircase, which at first appeared to lead to no where. Upon further observation I could see that although the area was heavily over grown and we could slide past it leading to a railed section of the fort. As we climbed up the first section of concrete, we heard a deep growl that seemed to come from the bushes. It freaked us both out, and I racked my brain trying to think of what type of animal would make that noise.

    Later out of curiosity I googled Fort Wetherill and discovered information on the net claiming the Fort may be haunted by a demonic dog! Freaky! Could that be the animal we heard?

  3. This was taken July 7,2016. This room was pitch black when I snapped the picture my daughter noticed the right side of the door frame???

  4. Ok so I went to Fort Wetherill today not knowing any history. It was scary walking through the tunnels. As I looked back today I zoomed in and saw an outline of a dog. I then google and found the story of the Phantom dog. Can anyone else see what I am seeing? I have the photo not touched and not zoomed in if interested. Kinda creepy…..

  5. Today we visited the Fort and explored all the tunnels. We did not do any reading on the history and did not think anything of the dog poop smell we smelled in some of the tunnels. I also didn’t think anything of the black dog I saw running parallel to us in a field towards the parking lot. I said aloud “There is a black dog over there with no people”, looking back I just assumed it belonged to someone I couldn’t see, rather than I was the only one who could see it.

  6. There are always dogs let to run around loose there so, yes, there is plenty of REAL dog poop all over the place. Chances are, some of that “dog poop” you’re all thinking is from some phantom dog is even from people because it’s been known in the area for decades that runaway kids and homeless people will camp out there.

  7. The biggest scare I’ve ever had at a haunted place. I heard noises. I also heard a dog larger one at first barking. Turn around it stopped. I also seen a dark animal silhouette possible the hind end of a bear or dog with its tail tucked. It turned to the right at the end of one of the tunnels. When we got to that area there was no opening to the right. Whatever we saw went into the wall I guess. Inside the tunnels is where we heard and felt things. One dark room had what we first thought sunlight coming through. Thrn it soared to have faces and we realized no sun was coming in. Something was flowing. . It has my hair standing up.

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