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The United States Army installation Fort Jackson, named for U.S. Army General and President Andrew Jackson, is said to be haunted. At its artillery range, the ghost of a female soldier rumored to have killed herself in a latrine appears with a hole in her helmet. And in the B Company 369th AG Barracks, a black shadowy form of a man walks from room to room as if checking on the soldiers.

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5450 Strom Thurmond Blvd
Columbia, SC 29207
United States

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34.0187427, -80.94034039999997
Richland County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Arcadia Lakes, SC (2.7 mi.)
Forest Acres, SC (2.8 mi.)
Woodfield, SC (2.9 mi.)
Dentsville, SC (3.3 mi.)
Columbia, SC (5.6 mi.)
West Columbia, SC (7.9 mi.)
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Hopkins, SC (8.7 mi.)
Saint Andrews, SC (9.5 mi.)
Springdale, SC (10.5 mi.)


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  1. Alicia Velasquez  |  

    I went here for basic training in 2010. I was in 4th platoon, Delta Company, 2/39. I remember one night during fire guard, myself and a fellow soldier were on duty. We were cleaning the latrines, and the way that the latrines were built is that there were two sides, left and right with multiple stalls. Well, we finished up the left side and headed to the right. As we began cleaning, a toilet on the left side suddenly flushed. We looked at each other and quickly looked at the left side. We thought maybe a soldier got up to use the restroom, but there was literally no one there. It was empty. We both finished up cleaning and then talked about how flipping weird that whole incident was. To this day, I am convinced there was a ghost in the latrines.

  2. Was there in 1993. Saw the female walking through the barracks at night when everyone was asleep. Other people all saw it at the same time. I was 18 freaked out and put the itchy blanket over my head.

  3. I attended the Chaplain Assistant school for AIT in 2004. One night in the barracks, I woke up being choked by an old hag lady sitting on top of me. I couldn’t breath and could barely get the words out but I was able to say “in the name of Jesus”. I was trying to finish the statement, but the best I could do was just think the words “Get out of here”. After completing my thought, the hag immediately left and I could breath again. I have experienced a similar presence twice since then after leaving Fort Jackson. It’s hard to say if the haunting is associated to Fort Jackson or if it is just linked to me. Either way, it originated at Ft. Jackson. I am wondering if the “lady” mentioned in a previous comment may have resembled an old hag.

  4. I was in Fort Jackson in 2004. I never saw or heard any ghost or anything else paranormal but I will say that Fort. Jackson has somewhat of this creepy, foreboding feel to it, especially at night when everything is quiet.

  5. I was in A-369 in 1988. I rode in the back of a deuce and a half with the Soldier that shot him self in October. We were on Range detail at the Omaha Beach (Buddy ready/Buddy moving) course. He wasn’t in a latrine, he was about 10-15 feet away from me when it happened.

  6. I went to AIT in Fort Jackson in 2013, while on fire guard during the middle of the night my battle and I were sitting near the door on the second floor of B CO 369, we were both sitting with our headphones in and all of a sudden we heard a mans voice as if he was searching the hallway, we both looked up at each but never said anything or seen anything

  7. My story is not about ghosts, more about a cryptic beast. I did my Basic Training in Fort Jackson in 1987, during the summer. I was in the old Tank Hill Barracks (these were WWII barracks). We had roving guard back then, which consisted of walking around the buildings with flashlights. It was two of us, our shift had just started at 0200. We rounded the corner and I see movement about 200 feet away. I shined my flashlight on it, my brain struggled to make sense of what I was looking at. It stood on all fours, and was massive. I am 5′ 4″ this was almost as tall as I am, judging by where it stood next the building. Its eyes were blue, it’s coat was black and shiny. It had a square jaw. It never barked, growled nor bared it’s teeth. It stopped for a moment, then began taking slow, steady steps toward us. I remember yelling, “run!” and headed straight for the building where our 1SG was on duty. I ran in there and told him that I was not ever again doing “roving guard”. Only years later did I really think about that event and I thought how odd that when I mentioned it to my 1SG, he did not seem surprised when my battle buddy and I told him about what we had seen, and from that night on there was no more “roving guard” more questionable still is the fact that the day after this occurred, I saw several vehicles (I assume government) the men were dressed in suits (not black) and one of the men was collecting dirt samples.

  8. in 1998 i went to BCT at Ft Jackson A co. 3/39 4 bgd 4 plt
    there were about 6 of us in one room it was dark and quiet after a long day of running around doing training, it was time to shut the light and we go to bed, i was asleep but laying down so i turn over to flip around to face up, i felt a presence, i looked up to my locker and saw this tall men dressed all in black uniform with his hand interlocked and looking down, i couldnt see his face (he look similar to dark vader from star wars) i took my blanket to cover my face but when i looked towards the window next to my bunk there was another one looking out the window also dressed the same way..i was so scared i covered my face, the next day i told some of the soldiers and another female had the same experience..

    • November 2019 I went to AIT at fort Jackson for 42A school I was in Bravo Company 369 I was on Fire guard one night and the lights in the hall had just shut off, I moved to turn them back on because they were motion censored then I saw a mans shadow walking down the hall I thought it was the Sergeant on Duty but that was a female as soon as I stood to attention, the mans shadow disappeared, later in my training a battle reported they saw the shadow too, this time in the rooms, walked in and then would walk out. Another shift I was dead sleep and it was just me because my battle failed to show for duty, I had fallen asleep and was woken by the lights coming on, which as I said was motion censored, no one was there and most the soldiers were on a training exercise

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