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Fort Bliss is rumored to be a ghost-hunter’s delight with apparitions that appear in photographs, footsteps, unexplained noises, lights that go on and off, toilets that flush by themselves, and voices that come from nowhere. Ghostly soldiers have been seen by many, notably in or around Building 4, once used as an isolation ward for sick and dying soldiers, and Building 13, where a soldier is said to have hanged himself. Building 117 also is said to sport ghostly activity, as is Pershing House, where a salt shaker once levitated and phantom cooking smells have been detected. The Tumbleweed Tavern’s old stage is also rumored to be haunted.

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Geographic Information

Fort Bliss, TX
United States

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31.8072113, -106.43366930000002
El Paso County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Fort Bliss, TX (1.3 mi.)
El Paso, TX (4.6 mi.)
Sunland Park, NM (8.6 mi.)
Prado Verde, TX (12.0 mi.)
Canutillo, TX (12.1 mi.)
Santa Teresa, NM (12.5 mi.)
Socorro, TX (13.0 mi.)
Westway, TX (13.5 mi.)
Vinton, TX (14.0 mi.)
Socorro Mission Number 1 Colonia, TX (14.5 mi.)


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  1. I was stationed at Ft. Bliss from 1995 to 2000. I worked in the building next to the famous building 4. A friend of mine had a husband who was an MP and although the building had been abandoned (allegedly because of the ghostly activity) he had keys to the building so me, my girlfriend at the time the MP and his wife decided to spend the night there and document what happened. We set up video cameras in a number of areas including what had been the old morgue for influenza victims. It was very creepy both in reality and in our imaginations, however nothing overt happened and so at around 12:30 my girlfriend and I decided to leave. While I was next to my car, just for fun I yelled, “Captain, front and center!” and took a photo of the building with 1000 ASA (now ISO) film. The Capt. supposedly ran the quarantine station during the flu epidemic and ended up dying from the flu. When I processed the film there was an image of a man in a dress uniform in the upper, west window just staring out at me. He was indeed looking at the camera. It was exceptionally creepy. I have the photo someplace. Anyway, we left and apparently all hell broke lose with voices, stomping, the wife of the MP was shoved quite hard down the upper hallway. Some people just don’t like getting their photo taken I guess…

  2. Growing up we lived in Fort Bliss while my father was in the military . I was in 2 homes while there between ages 4-9. Our toys would move in middle of night and my mom would wake us up yelling thinking we were playing . My mom would stay up late playing computer games and she heard boots scuffing in the kitchen by the door and thought it was my father but it was no one. Our springy couch would make loud noises like someone was sitting . We heard our names throughout the years numerous times. At the age of 7 I refused to sleep in my room because an “old woman” would wake me up staring at me at the edge of the bed and I’d tell her go away. I didn’t get much sunlight in my room so I would see her sometimes mid day (so stopped sleeping in there). My brother at age 3 started crying pointing saying monster and asked my mom to tell the monster to go away.
    A LOT of activity . I think houses might be tore down now as I am 22 years old. I’ll never forget. Because of those experiences I still have similar interferences rarely and am a little afraid of the dark lol.

    • Amanda I think we probably were in the same house we had 100% the same experience. My sister would see the lady. I never did, but i did see toys move and closets open. It was on the corner near the running track. A one story house.

  3. My husband and I have lived on post for almost 2 years now. we recently moved into the Rio Bravo housing community. Shortly after moving in, we would hear foot steps upstairs but never thought much of it. My husband then said to me he thought the house was haunted, so i felt less crazy. A few days ago, the activity picked up a good bit. my almost 2 years old daughter has a gate at her bedroom door to keep her from wandering downstairs at night. My husband woke up Wednesday morning (July 27,2020) and had checked in her while my newborn and i were sleeping. he heard her gate being shook ferociously so he thought she woke up and went to check on her. She was sound asleep and covered up. He came downstairs and before he left the kitchen sink faucet came on by itself. around 6am i heard our downstairs bathroom door close. the night after, my daughter kept looking up above her window and saying “play” clear as day, even though she’s never said it before. i ignored it because i don’t like to freak myself out. i always feel like i’m being watched as well when i’m here alone. i went on facebook and saw other people had stories and were asking if anyone else experiences things. One man said he heard someone walking upstairs and watched this figure walk to his wife’s side of the bed, stop. walk to his side of the bed, stop – and then go back down the stairs. so i decided to ask the girl who lived in our house before us if she ever experienced anything. she said she would hear whistling down the hall, and that she would think her daughter was calling for her at the top of the stairs but when she would walk to the bottom, no one was there. then said her daughter had a horn when she was very little that they kept on the top shelf of her closet (the room my 2 year old is in currently) that way she couldn’t climb to her it, and one day she brought them the horn. when they asked how she got it she said “my friend got it for me”
    i don’t feel any negative energy, moreso protective. but it’s definitely very uneasy feeling just because i’m worried it could turn into negative. last night i heard our upstairs closets being closed on their own but never opened. not going to lie, kinda scared to be alone.

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