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Following the ‘Great Fire’ of 1895, this historic hotel was constructed to provide accommodation for visitors to the town. Dating back to 1898, it is rumoured to be haunted by a lady in green, whose appearance is often accompanied by the scent of floral perfume. Phantom music has also been heard emanating from the empty ballroom during the hours between dusk and dawn.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

16 W Square
Washington, GA
United States

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33.7373795, -82.7396971
Wilkes County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
Washington, GA (0.0 mi.)
Tignall, GA (9.0 mi.)
Rayle, GA (9.9 mi.)
Sharon, GA (12.7 mi.)
Lincolnton, GA (15.4 mi.)
Crawfordville, GA (15.5 mi.)
Norwood, GA (19.1 mi.)
Camak, GA (20.3 mi.)
Union Point, GA (21.0 mi.)
Woodville, GA (21.5 mi.)


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      • I fully understand what Austin meant. I didn’t see anything (did hear some things but was explainable), but from the moment you walk upstairs a very heavy feeling comes over you and a feeling of uncomfortability and irritability comes over you. Walking up to the 3rd floor doesn’t help either. I had maybe one good nights sleep out of the 6 I had there (in two different rooms). The one good night sleep was from taking an ibuprofin pm so I basically just passed out, if I could get to sleep before 12, I would wake up at 2 or 3am and barely be able to go back to sleep until 5 or 6.

  1. This Shit Is Haunted. Its Built Over A Cemetary, A Women Named Polly Barclay Was Hanged Here For Murdering Her Husband, The Original Owners -The Fitzpatricks- Still walk The Halls And Still Are In Room 200, The Co-Owner Said The Spirit Of A Little Girl Walks The Halls And Sometime Waves Or Smiles At Him, And A Jealous Wife Pushed Her Husbands Mistress Out Of A Window in Room 307, The Mistress Still Inherates The Room. You’re Welcome ☺

    Sb: Don’t Believe Me ? Google It Or Ask The Employees Next Time You Visit

    • Nope…Polly was hung across the street from the Mercer house. A gallows was erected in that land just for the purpose. Don’t know about a cemetery but since nearly all pioneers buried on their own lands it’s possible a couple of graves might have been there.

  2. Leslie Dickerson  |  

    Stayed in room 205. Woke up after 3am to what sounded like a small organ music playing what I assume was a waltz. Looked outside and around for the source. It sounded the clearest in the bathroom. Could not find the source and went back to bed with it still playing.

  3. I have investigated here a few times in the past year alone. The first time I stayed in room 200. Right next to the main stairs. I was told this was the room the two Fitzpatrick girls shared. They both died in this room. One became sick and died. The other fell down the back stairs and was brought back to the room and died. While I didn’t experience anything in the room, I did feel like I was being watched. I heard the sound of someone running up and down the stairs all night but no one we there. The second time I stayed in the top tower room. It is supposed to have a good bit of activity. Absolutely nothing happened the whole night. I went to the ballroom as well and no activity, This last time I stayed there was just two weeks ago. I stayed in the second floor tower room this time. Nothing happened in the room but I focused and spent more time in the ballroom this time. I had a flash light set up for communication, I used my dowsing rods and we had an emf detector. The flashlight would turn off and on answering our questions and my dowsing rods would also move in response at the same time. I would feel cold spots and something touching my back. I had my husband bring the emf behind me and everytime I felt cold or touched it would spike! From the communication that night there were two spirits present.

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