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According to legend, a pioneer woman was killed here by robbers while her husband was not at home. Her body was tossed down the well on the site. Her apparition has been seen walking near the lake’s shore with a lantern, and the sound of her playing her fiddle has been heard as well.

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Geographic Information

North side of Clear Lake
Modoc County, CA
United States

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41.9065482, -121.1985957
Modoc County, California
Nearest Towns:
Newell, CA (9.0 mi.)
Malin, OR (13.0 mi.)
Tulelake, CA (14.7 mi.)
Merrill, OR (22.2 mi.)
Bonanza, OR (22.8 mi.)
Altamont, OR (34.6 mi.)
Canby, CA (36.2 mi.)
Klamath Falls, OR (37.1 mi.)
Dorris, CA (37.2 mi.)
Macdoel, CA (41.9 mi.)


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  1. I went up to fiddlers green on a full moon two nights ago and caught a picture of the lady. We also had our door fly open as we tried to get out of there. When the door came open my friend felt something trying to pull him out of the rig.

  2. Cars just stop running until morning. Shes aggressive. Never heard about the fiddles. Rumor has it she had a child and shes looking for her child. Im from Tulelake. There are a lot of haunted places down there.

  3. I have heard the stories as told by my parents when I was very young and living in Bly, OR.
    Apparently, young settlers were living there and from the stories I’ve been told, when the man of the house was away, Indians came to raid the place. the woman threw her own child down the well so the Indians wouldn’t get her. The Indians drug the woman down to the lake shore and killed her.
    Years later, a cowhand was driving his herd through and stopped at that location for the night. He witnessed the woman’s ghost walking up out of the water and circled the well her daughter’s body was in and called out her name. This spooked the cattle herd and the man’s horse and he was so scared he ran to the nearest settlement to tell of what he had witnessed. His hair had turned completely white from the experience.
    years after that sighting, a group of Boy Scouts and their leaders decided to camp out at the same place to satisfy their curiosity. Needless to say, their curiosity was definitely satisfied.

  4. I
    was there 25 years ago same thing happen family and myself 4 wheel drive back in there didn’t make it all the way trying to get out my pickup lost all power and we sat it turned out to be the battery came out and shorted out on the fender well upside down had to get a new battery ffrom Tule Lake we’re able to get truck started and left late that evening have never been back since

  5. MarkSepticMash the YouTuber  |  

    I have heard of this place before. It was earlier this year. I wasn’t interested all that much then. Now since I studied a little more about it, I really want to visit this place now… ALONE at NIGHT. From yours truly, MarkSepticMash the youtuber.

  6. I have heard stories about when from my grandmother about when she and her friends went to fiddles green. She said from her experience, it was rather terrifying. She saw the ghost by the lake. I think she is one of the few people to hear the fiddle. This really makes me want to investigate next time I am up there.

  7. My cousin lives on our family farm not far from there. My late father heard music when there should be none out there, my lateAunt had a story of going with friends and it being dead silent, no birds, bugs wing or anything. I have been to the other side of Clear Lske reservoir and there should have been something.

    My cousin has been there after dark and he had an experience or two. Maybe something even following him home.

  8. My friend got disoriented, we argued and we got lost. The car died and we had to call search and rescue. We we’re out there all night long. It is deathly silent. I heard geese honking in the far distance. I can see how they could possibly sound like a fiddle if you don’t know it’s geese. It gorgeous out there. I say it’s the “curse of the fiddlers green.” It was the worst night I’ve ever had.

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