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There’s blackened areas as if they have burned; some say that they have been scorched in Satanic rituals. Visitors feel as if they are being followed or like someone is standing behind them.

(Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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Geographic Information

2116 Chestnut St
Erie, PA 16502
United States

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42.110795, -80.08638300000001
Erie County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Erie, PA (1.3 mi.)
Wesleyville, PA (4.2 mi.)
Lawrence Park, PA (4.3 mi.)
Northwest Harborcreek, PA (5.4 mi.)
Middleboro, PA (8.4 mi.)
Fairview, PA (10.3 mi.)
Avonia, PA (10.4 mi.)
Waterford, PA (12.7 mi.)
Girard, PA (14.1 mi.)
North East, PA (14.8 mi.)


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  1. I visited the area just recently as I am starting a Haunted travels TikTok and also in support of my writings.

    There are several areas within the Cemetery that exude the Haunted and the creepy.
    The first is the Witches circle not far off the main gate.

    This area is a circular ringed area lined with tombstones. It’s centre is a large tree which just off to its right is a desolate, blacked patch of irregular earth where nothing is growing. it is void, despite lush grass surrounding it on every side.
    The tombstone to its left, is marked with nickles and pennies.

    There is a single tombstone that is blackened as if it was set on fire. The lore is that during a Satanic mass, the tombstone was struck by lightning, scouring the image of a demon or satan himself and the witches were dragged to hell who were caught inside the circle. And on the inside of the stone facing the interiour of the circle, is a char mark that resembles the visage of a demon/Satan and trapped within it are several skull like images in an off white and the words scratched into it ‘Hell Awaits’

    Farther up on the hill lies the vampires crypt. It is the only Masoleum built into the hill side. On our way up to it, we came across oddities laying along the side of the paths in the cemetery including a bundle of three ears of feed corn and a used vial of cinnamon oil.

    From a distance the Crypt is eerie in and of itself, blackened and worn.

    As you approach it there is no sense of dread or forbodding. Nothing you would attribute with a Haunting or Vampire. On closer inspection there is an old worn door with deep scratches in it, including deep scratches leading from where the door knob used to be. There is a wrought Iron gate over the door and a top that a lattice work iron gate that is bolted and welded shut.

    No one knows whom this tomb belongs too, or the family. The crypt may predate the cemetery, which was incorporated in January of 1850, and we did discover graves that pre-date that.

    A top the Crypt it is adorned in a solitary, winged ‘V’.

    Taking video, the Cemetery was silent. But when we got back and went over the video, there was an audible and odd noise which wasn’t present when we were recording. Not and EVP, but a wave like, unknown noise that ebbed and flowed.My service dog was edgy and nervous, which he isnt normally prone to be.

    The lore of the crypt is that it was built into the side of the hill by a reclusive Romanian business man who made a deal with the darkest of spirits for eternal life. That deal, was a Faustian bargain, in which. For eternal life, he would be cursed to consume the blood and flesh of the living in order to survive and live.
    That man, became the Vampire of Erie Cemetery. Where strange disappearances and happenings and lights were reported widely by the population. As well, it was said that there were multiple blood stains found outside the crypt on several occasions, marks on the door that appeared to be from fingernails of victims being dragged inside the crypt. And on more than one occasion, the door was left ajar and a body was discovered tangled up in limbs in the corner of the crypt as if it was discarded, drained of its blood.
    These occurance left the town to place wrought iron bars on the door and seal them with a dead bolt and welded shut, over top of that a lattice work Iron fence that was also fixed with a welded bolt.

    Moving on, toward the South west side of the Cemetery, by the Erie Cemetery Sign, is the Devils Tree. A knarled, twisted tree that appears black and is said to have been imbued with the tainted souls that have defiled the Cemetery over the years and the souls of the damned, giving the tree its twisted look. As if it writhed in pain and torment.

  2. Witches Circle/Demon Stone.

    You can make out the scorched outline of a demonic form and inside of it, three to four skulls/faces.

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