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The desert area outside Anthem, AZ is a hotbed of paranormal activity. Many claim to have seen the spirits of Indians, still fighting some forgotten war. A ghostly hitchhiker carrying an old-time lantern is often seen by the side of many roads.

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Geographic Information

Anthem, AZ
United States

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33.856544209800155, -112.15577875578612
Maricopa County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
Anthem, AZ (0.9 mi.)
New River, AZ (4.3 mi.)
Cave Creek, AZ (11.9 mi.)
Cave Creek, AZ (11.9 mi.)
Carefree, AZ (13.8 mi.)
Black Canyon City, AZ (14.8 mi.)
Sun City West, AZ (17.2 mi.)
Surprise, AZ (18.6 mi.)
Sun City, AZ (19.1 mi.)
El Mirage, AZ (19.4 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. We found, what seemed to be, two Native American apparitions. They were different from each other; one was less translucent than the other.

  2. Nothing…out there for two hours between 2300-0100 hrs. Lots of noise from the highway, and some from Desert critters. A nice man in a red jeep stopped to ask if we needed help, that was the only other soul we saw. Stopped around the location given then walked out about a half mile and completed the circumference using the vehicle as the center. Tons of empty shotgun shells, nice area though…

  3. My family and I had a bonfire out by new river .. not sure if it’s Anthem since they’re so close .. we were the only ones out there , we took a picture by the fire and we all saw something strange on the fire .. it looks like a face .. maybe I’m imagining things .. maybe it is a ghost ?

  4. Back in 2014, my son and I heard a young child crying for help inside the riverbed right after a major rain storm near Anthem Elementary School while riding our bikes before school. Asked the crossing guard to investigate, another mother heard the same cry. We called the Sheriff’s department and no child found. Has this happened to anyone else?

  5. My husband had something with a human outline and solid black jump infront of his car. He swerved but it was gone. This was on carefree hwy going west past the entrance to the dump. Anyone else ever have an experience around that area?

  6. My husband and I moved to a home in Anthem in 2010 with our 3 kids ,it was a brand new track home but I believe the land was what was haunted.We would hear singing,whistling,we were called by name, everyone in my family was talked to by voices of male and female as well as children,my husband saw a full body apparition ,on camera we saw glowing eyes in the closet,my mother took a picture of us when she visited and there are ghosts in the photos.When my children would play hide and seek with each other the ghost children would play too.One little boy ghost asked my son who was 10 “whatcha playing?”. My son ran out of the cabinet lol.When my husband would play “in the dark” hide and seek with the children all the adult ghosts would try to play too. When my husband threw a shoe across the room, in the dark as a distraction to the kids,he accidentally hit a ghost who yelled”stop throwing things at me!”. Objects would move frequently in our home.One time a hair tie on the floor shot across the room and hit the blinds.I put it back in the center of the room, it happened again the next night.Doors would shut,our cat talked one time and said “hello” very casually in a woman’s voice.We would hear walking right next to us and see footprints on the carpet.The rocks outside would scatter like someone was walking or kicking them.My husband went on a walk and heard a shrill scream of a woman, he came home lol.People have a hard time believing us because we didn’t move right away.We didn’t have a choice financially until the center island sprung an internal leak.We think it could of been them who did it.We left the home since we are terribly allergic to the type of mold It caused.All for the better, we felt as though we had lost our minds and were living in a circus.Its worth mentioning the people who lived there before us broke their lease after 3 months and I ran into the little girl who once lived there and she told me it was haunted.We went by the house years later and there’s a blessing cross on the door,to some it’s just a cross but I know why it’s there.

  7. I live in this area New River. In my house I have heard loud footsteps, shadow hands on the ceiling, loud yells when home alone I swear are coming from in the house. There is the spirit of a women who I saw as a kid and without telling my neighbors their kids described a women of the same description. 3 years later when a new family with kids moved in same thing. She is a native american women in a long dress. She just stands there without saying a word. I have also seen other native american spirits and cowboys too. Objects go missing, cold spots, and the lights flicker despite the house being built in 2000 just a few years before I was born. The previous owner is alive so no deaths in the home. When I was 10 I was drinking milk in the living room when I heard growls and saw a demon momentarily appear scratching the floor before disappearing. I also see figures in the mirror and the alarm goes off on it’s own regularly. I really hate this house and can’t wait to go off to college in Colorado next year my sister and my dad also complain of activity which my mom mocked them for until spotting a ghost in 2017 which turned her into a believer. Since then we have been trying to sell the home but no takers.

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