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Ask any local and they’ll tell you that something just ain’t right about Delaware Road. Many people claim to have seen the apparition of an old man carrying a lantern, walking down this road late at night. Sometimes he’s alone, other times he’s with a spectral little girl. Strange animals sometimes appear as well, looking like a mix between a horse and a dog.

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Geographic Information

Delaware Road
Clarence, NY
United States

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43.0581142, -78.62280799999996
Erie County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Rapids, NY (2.9 mi.)
Clarence Center, NY (3.4 mi.)
Clarence, NY (5.8 mi.)
Akron, NY (6.9 mi.)
Harris Hill, NY (7.0 mi.)
South Lockport, NY (7.4 mi.)
Lockport, NY (8.5 mi.)
Williamsville, NY (8.7 mi.)
Gasport, NY (10.0 mi.)
Amherst, NY (10.5 mi.)


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  1. I’ve visited this road quite a few times and can tell you that something strange is going on there for sure. There’s just an uneasy feeling in there. I’ve seen orbs floating around before but that isn’t even the scariest thing that’s happened. I walked down the street one year with three friends and it was terrifying. First off, the lanterns and flashlights we brought with just kept breaking or just wouldn’t work. One actually shattered on the ground. As we were walking down the street, we kept hearing the sound of what appeared to be a dog howling. Obviously, this was terrifying to us because there aren’t really that many homes around, especially when you’re in the middle of the street. After walking down the road for a while and getting toward the end, we were actually encountered by the animal that was described above. I had no idea that anyone else had ever encountered that and reading that was crazy. It was definitely some type of dog hybrid type thing. It was huge from what I remembered and had to be more than just a dog so dog/horse creature makes a lot of sense to me. It actually kind of just appeared behind us and growled and we all freaked out and took off running. One of my friends actually pushed me back towards it in an attempt for him to get away faster. I honestly can’t believe that other people have encountered this creature, that’s so crazy to me so I had to share my story.

    Other than that, it’s rumored that the KKK used to hold their rituals in the woods on that street. There was also a deputy at sometime that reportedly hung himself in the woods and his spirit also is said to roam the area. One thing that I’ve never built up enough courage to do but have always wanted to is stop in the bar that almost serves as the entrance to the street. I always felt like something weird was going on that place.

  2. Last year a group of 5 went on a journey down Delaware Rd. Experienced numerous things. Cold and hot spots. Physical activity… being pushed Seeing shadow figures on the side of the road. We reached a point towards the end of the road and two people, including myself, stopped and looked at each other and knew something was wrong. It was a off feeling of bad intention. We also saw a figure on the way back that was pacing In the road. Amongst other things experienced there… it was a weird night.

  3. last night me and my friends took a ride down there after recording the trip we went back and happened to see a kkk apparition in the woods along with a man walking down the road with a lantern.

  4. Me and my friends went last night on Halloween at around 2 am, we drove down the road and parked our car at the end and began to walk back down it, shortly after we began walking a car came down the road, we thought nothing of it until it passed up and turned around and passed us again, we thought it was a little weird but we kept walking. A car was coming back again so this time we hid in the bushes, it was the same car. We started to get a little scared but we kept walking. The car was parked down at the other end, a bunch of kids got out and started to throw Molotovs! They were starting fires in the road!! We got really scared and then another car came down the road and got out and started to yell at them so we ran into the woods down a path, we started to go down the path for quite some bit, then we heard a howl, and my friend who read up and the story of the road said if you hear the howl there should be a cry after it, and as soon as he said that we heard a cry from what seemed to sound like a little girl we kept walking but the cries got louder so we turned back because we weren’t trying to find out what it was, we made it back to the car and the kids were still there setting the road on fire, we screamed to them and asked them what they were doing but they didn’t answer us and we’re just laughing by the time we left it was around 4:30 am. This was the craziest experience I have ever had

  5. I live on Wolcott in Clarence and I’ve drive down there..I think people were murdered down that road bc I was driving early in the morning with my mom and some girl walked in front of us she slammed on here breaks and she got out and saw no girl around. People say they’ve seen the KKK clan on that road I don’t believe that one as much bc I’ve never seen anyone that looks like the KKK…

  6. Animal lover 74  |  

    I 100 % believe that this road has some strange feelings! If you have been down the road, you know there’s a eerie forest area about half way down Delaware. I have been down the road about three times…. I blame my obsession with the paranormal for having the need to go down it multiple times, but as I get to the middle of the road this weird, almost evil feeling goes all down my body, I get nauseous and feel very uneasy! This road gives me the creeps! On time I drove down the road and saw this abandoned drive way….. I got out of the car and on the middle of this driveway there was a pile of bones from a large animal! I also have taken pictures on this road , let’s just say I wasn’t alone…. And the pictures proved that!

  7. That road is the most unsettling place in all of Erie County! It is so unnerving that a local band called Midnight Symphony wrote a song about it. The song is called “Wraith Road” and the lyrics are pretty accurate. Everyone knows about the lantern man and the KKK legends but they may not know that an actual Black Mass was performed there about 20 years ago. I cannot mention how I know this but it is in fact true; it was one of the most surreal things I ever stumbled across

  8. Hello , I have a group of 8 of us that would like to visit this road . How do we get permission to walk down this road ? We would to do it Saturday , September 16th, 2017 . Please email information .
    Thank you , Jamie Marie Velazquez

    • Iv gone down this road many times you don’t need permission I go down it regardless, I like a haunted spot I think this spot is perfect for investigating

  9. Few friends and I did an investigation on this road. We walked a short ways down to a gate on the left & started an SB7 Spirit Box session. I asked “Is there anyone here with us?” and got a response with a name, Juanita, or something similar. We heard something running through the woods to our left, and running loud & fast. Later on, we did another SB7 session. I simply asked “Is anyone here?”. Nothing came through, but my recorder picked up something. Its reported that the KKK did their rituals or lynchings on this road in the woods. Few seconds after I asked that question, a voice came through on my digital recorder. It said “Help, they’re coming.” When I asked about the KKK lynchings, something grabbed my hand, my back was to the woods. On the way back to our cars, something grabbed my hand again, as if it didn’t want me to leave.

    There’s definitely odd about this road.

  10. We went there at night. And we both felt the same thing. We felt like everyone around us was crying in pain. And something was in charge of it. I saw a ghost for a split second holding onto a tree and we both heard screaming for a moment. we heard scraping on top of the car and then tapping from the back of it we saw “hells angels” written in chalk Not that that has to do with the haunting but it doesn’t hurt to mention it Also there was this car that kinda just dissaperd. It drove past us. But at the end is a sign of road work so u have to turn around. But we never saw it again. Not that that might have much 2 do with the haunting but it doesn’t hurt 2 mention it. I actually got tear eyes it felt so eviI I remember feeling dread and something very dark. that ghost looking at me for that second When she did it felt like a knife through my soul like. I felt like there were many turtoured spirits in the woods. Maybe they all wanted help. But we couldn’t help them…….

  11. Turned down Wolcott passed the bar & headed down Delaware towards Salt to visit a friend who loved right there. I experienced a black cat pacing low to the ground back & forth. A completely unnatural walk for a cat. Almost like a wide belly crawl in down the street preventing me from driving past. This was in broad daylight. Middle of the day. Turns out I should have taken it as a sign & turned around. But continued to my destination. That cat was a sign of what was to come that evening! Some serious foreshadowing with a side of literal omen. Im convinced it haunted. No one will ever convince me otherwise.

  12. Three friends and I heard about this road being haunted. One of the people I was with was completely skeptical of afterlife and spirits in general. While we drove on this road everyone felt really uneasy but the driver felt extremely cold. We also all saw hazard lights from a distance that didn’t seem to get closer until we were about 10 feet away. We saw a truck in the middle of the road with an old man and a flashlight sticking out staring at us. He had no emotion and watched us pass. I didn’t think much other than this just being really weird until I saw other people talking about seeing an old man and see trucks. He didn’t disappear or appear out of nowhere all I know is we all felt as if he was putting us in danger. Very unfriendly feeling before even entering the road, some people stood at the opening and watched us drive in.

  13. So I went with one other friend and we walked up and down the road. It started pretty normal, nothing really happened but we started to hear things on the way back. First, there was a mutilated bird on the road that wasnt there before, and not too far after thatx there was a mutilated deer leg as well. Also we heard truck engines in the middle area of the road (there isnt a road near enough to hear them this loud) but there was no truck. We also heard major cracks in the woods after hearing a goat sounding animal. The cracks started in the direction of the woods we were looking but started cracking all around us. Finally, the flashlight i was using started to flicker randomly and wouldnt turn back on for a minute. This happened twice, my flashlight has only done it at this road and never done it before.

  14. So I went with one other friend and we walked up and down the road. It started pretty normal, nothing really happened but we started to hear things on the way . First, there was a mutilated bird on the road that wasnt there before, and not too far after thatx there was a mutilated deer leg as well. Also we heard truck engines in the middle area of the road (there isnt a road near enough to hear them this loud) but there was no truck. We also heard major cracks in the woods after hearing a goat sounding animal. The cracks started in the direction of the woods we were looking but started cracking all around us. Finally, the flashlight i was using started to flicker randomly and wouldnt turn back on for a minute. This happened twice, my flashlight has only done it at this road and never done it before.

  15. I rode my bike down Delaware Road. I got a third of the way down, and felt crushed, depressed against all logic. A pickup truck came roaring at me, on my bike, in my lane, I barely missed it.
    Same thing when in my car, I get a terrible feeling, of crushing sadness, fear…for no reason.
    I stopped and walked on the road into the woods, halfway down. The woods was completely SILENT- no bird sounds or wind stirring. Nothing….but a deadening heavy stillness. Never experienced anything like that.

  16. okay so I’ve been going to this road for about a month-and-a-half now. Me and my friends have been taking Spirit boxes EVPs there and we talked quite a few things. One of the most clear Spirit Box sessions I’ve ever had came from this road, and this is how it went. So we got about 200 feet away from the bar which was closed at the time and we started the Spirit Box session this is the third time we’ve done a Spirit Box session, we’ve gotten good things in the past three times doing this but we never really understood anything that was me and said. So jokingly I asked does anyone here know about black-eyed children, what was answered still messes with me to this day. In a deep growl email voice we gotta “yep”, so being the brave dumb person than I am I asked are there any near us, in the same voice louder and more understandable we got you “Yup, two.” For sake of consistency I asked again are there any near us, same voice but in a little bit more agitated tone we got the same answer “Yup, Two!” Won’t like any sane person we all left. And as we were driving down the road we saw a little girl and next to her was another figure that we couldn’t quite tell what it was staring at us in the little girl had black eyes. We’ve gotten some more crazy stuff on the road including being chased by the dog, and being surrounded by about five Native American women wearing white gowns, plus I have been scratched, choked, and pushed several times on this road. I would not suggest anyone but the most Hardy that goes Hunter 2 track this road at night.

  17. I lived on Krause rd around 2003 about less then a quarter mile from Delaware rd….on two occasions I seen the strange animal u speak of…my roommates and I were startled by hearing what we thought was a woman screaming so we ran to a window and seen this thing we thought was a wallaby stared at us like it wanted to eat us tho as it paced back and forth…I swear to god it would throw its head back and shriek like a banshee…then pace and stare…another time I had gotten lost and wound up on Delaware rd…I wasn’t from the area so I wasn’t aware of the stories at that time but I thought I seen this same animal running behind my Jeep as I was driving…I didn’t want to find out so I kicked rocks outta there fast…for the year and a half I lived on Krause rd, I never seen this weird creature again but we always heard the banshee shrieks far away in the distance…years later, I remember reading about cupacabarras being found in Texas and they were considered a real thing, when I seen the news article, and saw a pic of one, I told my old roommate about it and we both said “the wallaby wasn’t a wallaby it was a cupacabarra!!” That’s what it looked like lol…

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