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The ghost of a tall man will sometimes appear at the foot of your bed at the Days Inn and Suites. No word on whether only specific rooms are involved.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

3601 E Lockett Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
United States

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35.2175643, -111.59505160000003
Coconino County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
Flagstaff, AZ (3.4 mi.)
Mountainaire, AZ (10.0 mi.)
Kachina Village, AZ (10.0 mi.)
Munds Park, AZ (19.0 mi.)
Parks, AZ (20.2 mi.)
Sedona, AZ (25.8 mi.)
West Sedona, AZ (27.0 mi.)
Village of Oak Creek (Big Park), AZ (31.6 mi.)
Big Park, AZ (31.7 mi.)
Leupp, AZ (33.7 mi.)


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  1. At around 2:40am I saw bright flashing lights in my blanket. Literally, in my blankets in my hand.3 bright flashes. I tripped the hell out and looked around insisting it was a cell phone or something in the room. At 2:49, the MOMENT I turned towards the wall to crack my shoulder, another two bright flashes went off behind me. I turned around and it was pitch black.
    I also had an extremely bad panic attack about an hour ago. I was trying to sleep and suddenly felt EXTREMELY terrified, hot, and nervous. For some reason I felt the need to pray to Christ, because I had awful thoughts in my head. Like, “there is something hovering over you right now, watching you. There is someone trying to scare you” and I wasn’t really telling myself that…I just thought it. Like intuition.
    I am in room 111….I think I had a paranormal experience tonight.
    Also, when the clocked striked 3am, our AC went on really loudly and stopped after 30 seconds.
    But my mom turned it off an hour ago.
    I am so puzzled…

  2. Just stayed the night and we experienced sounds in our room (203) all night. Even heard the sound of my keys being scraped along the dresser and then chiming as if they were picked up. Most of the sounds we heard resembled something shuffling or tapping the AC, TV, Dresser and doors. ALL NIGHT. It was difficult to get any sleep as the sounds were loud and sudden. Very uncomfortable vibe but can’t say we saw anything. Just a feeling and tons of noises from within the room.

  3. I stayed in room 104, at 4:30am I heard what sounded like a small rock being thrown at the door, I opened my eyes and looked at the door and saw a purple haze in front of the door, I then closed my eyes thinking I was seeing something and when I opened them it was still there then it slowly disappeared. At 5:45am someone knocked on the door 3 times so I jumped up and looked out the peep hole and no one was there, and while I was looking out the peep hole they knocked 3 times again! I yelled what do you want and looked out the window and no one was there!! I left soon after!!!

  4. I stayed here in room 104, I was traveling from California to Mississippi, this was my first night stopping. At 4:30 am I was woke up by what sounded like a small rock being thrown at my door, I sat up and looked at the door and saw a purple fog around the door, I then closed my eyes and shook my head and looked again it was still there but then slowly got smaller and disappeared. I finally got back to sleep and was then woke up again at 5:45 to 3 knocks on my door, I jumped up and looked out the peep hole and there was no one there, while I was looking out the peephole 3 more knocks, so I yelled “what do you want?” And opened the curtains and there was no one there!! Needless to say I got out of there as fast as I could!!

  5. We stayed there in July of 2017 and we left absolutely terrified. When we got there the front desk guys’d behavior was very odd. In a way his mannerisms reminded me of Norman Bates. Once we got to our room we noticed our door was cracked open so we immediately checked the entire room before settling in. Once we were getting ready for bed my friend started yelling from the bathroom to their horror there was quite a bit of hair inside the toilet bowl water even though we had just checked the bathroom moments before. The room just had a heavy presence that we all noticed but we’re too scared to keep talking about because something just felt off. Once we finally turned off the lights I felt something tickle my face and immediately turned on the lights and I looked at my pillow and there were a few very long strands of black hair, even though none of us had hair that went past our shoulders and we were all very careful to check out bedding before laying down. I started to feel very scared as if someone was laying on me and I couldn’t breath so I started to pray and reached for my phone and started to read the Bible. Instantly my mom woke up and started to ask my grandma if she was crying because she said she felt as if somebody was crying right besides her- my grandma was sound asleep the entire time. The presence just kept getting heavier the more I kept praying to the point it woke up my friend. We felt as if whatever was there had made it clear it didn’t want us there and we immediately left and went to find another hotel. There is definitely something off about that place.

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