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Stories about the Cumberland Falls State Park tell of a 1950s bride and groom on their honeymoon. The bride lost her balance and fell from the cliff now called Lover’s Leap. Reports say drivers have hit a woman in a wedding dress in the area, although when they got out to look for her, she couldn’t be found.

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7351 Kentucky 90
Corbin, KY 40701
United States

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36.83888898736328, -84.34470731015608
Whitley County, Kentucky
Nearest Towns:
Whitley City, KY (10.6 mi.)
Stearns, KY (12.1 mi.)
Williamsburg, KY (12.2 mi.)
Rockholds, KY (12.6 mi.)
Pine Knot, KY (14.0 mi.)
Emlyn, KY (14.5 mi.)
Corbin, KY (15.7 mi.)
North Corbin, KY (16.2 mi.)
Pleasant View, KY (16.3 mi.)
Burnside, KY (17.5 mi.)

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  1. I’ve never been much of a believer in the paranormal — ghosts, spectres, things of that sort — but I like to think I have an open mind. My first (and, to date, my only) paranormal experience occurred in the fall of 2017 at the Dupont Lodge at Cumberland Falls. My employer does freelance photography on the side, so I had joined her for an evening of relaxation at The Falls while she took a series of nature photographs of the area. This is very hard to explain on the surface, but immediately upon entering the age-old Lodge, I had the overwhelming that we were not alone there (when, in fact, we were the only two people in the rear lookout area. I would catch a glimpse of what I perceived to be a person in my peripheral vision, only to find nobody upon turning around. This occurred several times in a 20-minute timeframe. It wasn’t until nearly dusk that I saw what appeared to be a woman in a white wedding gown standing no more than 100 feet away from me, directly in my path of vision and unwavering in tangibility. My first thought wasn’t even paranormal in nature — I first thought that there was a real woman in a white gown approaching the Lodge on the back side. Then, the hairs stood up on my arms and back of my neck and, just as quickly as she appeared, she was gone.

  2. I had never heard of the bride of the Falls until I witnessed her myself. One night when I was a teenager, my friends and I went out to see the moonbow late on a clear night. We were about 2 miles from the entrance of the falls when I said “the moon is so bright tonight that if I turned my headlights off you can still see the road.” The moment I turned them off on the right side of the road coming at my car was a lady in a white dress with long dark/black hair. There were no other definitive details to her other than that. She appeared to levitate towards the hood of my car as I drove. I immediately turned on the headlights. I was almost in disbelief of what I saw but I knew what my eyes had seen. When we arrived at the falls, I spotted a park ranger and told him what I had seen. He said, in the most casual voice with no hesitation, “you seen the bride of the Falls.”

  3. Herbert Warman Jr.  |  

    Photo of my sister Robin Warman in 1995 at the old beach at Cumberland Falls State Park. Took this photo just after she had taken one of me in the same spot thirty seconds before.

    Photo is copyrights own by me Herbert Warman Jr.

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