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Various urban legends have arisen around the claims that Cry Baby Hollow and the bridge going across it are haunted. A baby is said to have died there, either from murder, a car accident, a wagon accident from pioneer days, or variations on the theme. People claim to hear the baby crying and claim their car shakes if they go across the bridge (which of course has nothing to do with the engineering).

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Kayo Rd
    Hartselle, AL 35640
    United States

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    34.486535044837936, -86.9532482921204
    Morgan County, Alabama
    Nearest Towns:
    Flint City, AL (2.7 mi.)
    Hartselle, AL (3.1 mi.)
    Priceville, AL (4.3 mi.)
    Decatur, AL (8.4 mi.)
    Falkville, AL (8.5 mi.)
    Somerville, AL (8.9 mi.)
    Danville, AL (9.1 mi.)
    Mooresville, AL (10.6 mi.)
    Trinity, AL (11.3 mi.)
    Triana, AL (14.3 mi.)


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    1. I hate to do it but i learned the answer to the hollow 25 years ago its when her dad is in the car behind you! LOL its when the freight trains blow the horn at hartselle or flint if you are old enough crossings . learned this coonhunting one night before that i was scared crapless

      • Can you contact me and let me know what is your story BC we had a vehicle chase us away from there tonight and kept flashing the lights at us. It came out of nowhere and disappeared just the same. And it happened twice BC we turned around and went back.

        • What you just described about something chasing you, the exact same thing happened to us over 5 years ago!! Very scary and WE WILL NOT GO BACK!!

          • Every time I go at night there seems to be a vehicle that pops up out of nowhere and does the same. I even had a mysterious encounter with a ghost train. I swear this on my life and it scared the hell out of me.

            • There are hunting clubs all thru there I have hunted there for about 10 yrs been all over the woods around daylight and dark sometimes late at night when checking for poachers never seen or heard anything out of the ordinary along with the other guys I hunt with just stay on the road don’t get off in the woods unless you have permission there are a lot of sounds there and there all animals and they can make some strange sounds and man O Man do we have some cotton mouth in there

          • I am from here and have come through their millions of times I even had a paper route that I went through there every day never have I had anything like that happen but they said back before my time which I’m 43 it was a place where people sacrificed animals and perform Satanic rituals

            • That’s very true. The Devil worship was real. I was about 10 yrs old and my parents showed me this for the first time to scare me. Well, they failed to see what I saw. I saw a severed pig’s head in a log withs it’s eyes gouged out and tongue hanging out. It was really disturbing and has literally stayed with me for life.

      • We went this past weekend and nothing happened. We passed a car, turned around and passed the same one. My friends and I just figured they were doing the same thing we were. We did get an eerie feeling the whole time we were going down the road but that was all…

      • I am primarily an empath. I also possess claircognizant, clairaudient, and clairvoyant abilities. My husband and I went down this road and over the bridge one night a few weeks ago. Without me knowing, my husband had a digital recorded and a P-SB7 spirit box turned on while going down the hill to this bridge. After we crossed the bridge, I immediately became overwhelmed by emotions. I started crying and I kept repeating “it was a little boy, it was a little boy”. I also immediately felt a woman’s presence. It felt like a very motherly energy. I know the overwhelming emotions I was experiencing were not my own. They were her’s. I could feel her desperation. She was searching for her child. I also felt she was trapped in this location by a very negative male energy. I told my husband that I was getting the years between 1940-1960. Then as we continued down the road, out of nowhere I pointed to the right side of the woods and said there was a cabin in those woods and it holds nothing but evil. Keep in mind that at the time we went down this road neither of us knew anything about that location and it’s history. Then we arrived at a curve that went to the left and up at the top were rail road tracks. I stopped dead in the road and said that I could not go any further and that I felt I needed to turn around and go home. The eerie part was once we got back out to the main road we heard a train horn in the distance. I, without a doubt, know that this poor lost mother’s soul watched over me that night. I felt her presence all the way home. After I got home I kept feeling the overwhelming need to try to see if she would communicate with me audibly through the spirit box. As soon as I turned it on I heard a female voice say “hi!”. It was crystal clear. It sounded as if she was happy that someone could finally hear her. My husband in the meantime was reviewing the audio on the digital recorder from earlier and he heard the word “Jesus” several times. I did all I knew to do to try and help her lost soul find peace. I let her know that she was safe and that she did not have to be trapped in those woods any longer. I told her if she sees a white light to go to it. I then heard a woman’s voice say “heaven” and I never got anymore responses from her after that. It was an insane experience and I definitely do not recommend just anyone going to this location because there is evil energy there as well. I feel that most people go to this place just for a good “spook” and are disrespectful of the location as well as the energies that are there. I can say without a doubt that this place is full of intense residual energy and IS NOT for the faint of heart. If you do decide to check this place out then please be respectful. Do not leave trash lying around. I can tell you that leaving candy bars is just a waste. I didn’t feel any “trapped” young energy there. Just primarily the distraught and desperate mother energy. Still to this day I think about her at least once a day and I pray that by me interacting and talking to her was enough to help her find peace and finally cross over to be with her family.

    2. Kelly Riddle  |  

      I grew up around this are and I know the legend goes that Indians would put babies there I can’t remember why…. and that you can still hear them crying. Mom told me that when I was little that if you would put a candy bar on the bridge the “babies” would get it and eat it.

    3. I went there with my brothers and a boyfriend when I was younger about 15 yrs ago. We was told the stories and that we should put a candy bar on the bridge and wait and it would be gone before you know it. Well sure enough when we did that it was gone and then we saw a ghostly figure in the water and got in the truck to leave and there was baby hand prints on the wind shield. I strongly believe in ghost 100% I have seen my own family after they pass away. This was one of the scariest thing I have ever witnessed in my life! So its true!!

    4. Ok there are several story’s one is that an indian woman threw he baby in the creek cause some soldiers were chasing he and one is that a family was driving down the road and there baby was screaming the guy stoped the car on the bridge and threw the baby in there and after he did he died in his car about a mile from there hitting a tree. reason to belive why some people say they have had a car chase them out of there cause he dont ant them to find the child

    5. its not real because its on 13 bridges road and none of yall got the story right a girl was mentally ill and her baby wouldnt stop crying so she drowned it and now when you blink your lights 3 times and say hey lady hey lady i got your baby i got your baby its a crybaby and you have a few seconds to go to your car and leave before the watEr gets high and wind blows hard that means shes coming up because she misses her baby and she felt bad about it

    6. its weird because when you come back you only count 12 bridges me and my cousin are afraid to go though cause we r indian and when you go down the second dirt road there is all kinds of signs that say KKK

    7. About 10 years ago my friends and I drove there. We ended up wrecking, going head first into a tree where the 90 degree angle turn is. Thankfully we were all fine with exemption of a broken nose and a couple of concussions. The strange part is, the very next night someone else hit that tree. I heard they cut it down after that? I’m not sure. I have not been back.

      • Holy shit. My cousin was the one that hit the tree. He went there and was trying to scare his friends in the car, but he lost control of the car and was going 90+ mph and hit the tree. He nearly lost his legs in the car crash, and almost died. It was a miracle he survived the accident.

    8. Ok. Im not really a believer in ghost and stuff but this bridge has baffled me. Me and some friends went 3 separate times this week and each time we would bring a new friend and put a half eaten baby Ruth on the bridge and come back in a few minutes and make them pick it up! It scares the hell out of em! BUT, each time I have been and iv been 5 times in 3 nights and each time there would be hand prints all over the door and bed of my truck. There was never a thumb print it was ALWAYS 4 fingers rubing down or side ways down my truck. This fact is indisputable and I can’t explain it.

    9. I live in hartselle, one night around halloween my friends and i decided to walk down cry baby hollow. While we were walking on the bridge it seem shakey but the weird thing was the bridge was sparkling even though it was cloudy and we couldnt see even a glow from the moon in the clouds.

    10. I am from this area and have been there several times, day and night, walked all around and have never seen or heard anything out of the ordinary. Lots of people drive through and see candy bars on the bridge and get them or leave only half…I’ve done the same just to go along with the legend. 🙂

    11. There’s also a legend that says if you go to the gas station at cry baby hollow and place a candy bar under your car , go in the store, and come back it’ll be gone. This is in fact true. The legend says that’s it’s the babies/children who take it. The second legend is if you go there at exactly 12:00 am,you roll down the windows of your car and sit on the bridge you can hear the babies crying, this is true as well, I have had both of these happen to me!

    12. I once saw an old lady in the water there and she seemed to be looking for something or someone in the water it was a very eerie feeling since I have heard the legend

    13. Went there last Friday night. Friday the 13th! It was creepy yes, no baby crying. Put the truck in neutral it rolled back (no rocking back and forth). Now for the black sedan that chases people and races beside them. There is no way because the road is so narrow! It had to be a 4×4 with a brush guard to knock down the trees. Still creepy and scary though

    14. I have been there once last year and it was creepy i didnt hear anything or see anything but i got this weird errie feeling i also belive in ghosts so that makes it even worse

    15. My mom went there with her friend. She said that when she was driving there her car had turned off. Not only that but just about 4 miles away from the cabin, that was said to be where the baby lived, she heard a baby crying. Her and her friends phone both completely shut off. It is said that if you park your car in the middle of the bridge and put baby powder on the back of you car then put it in Nuetural you should notice that you car is slowly moving by itself (obviously get in the car after putting it in Nuetural). Then when it stops (if not quickly get out of the car!) Check the back where you put the baby power, you should see finger prints (if not then you might be in trouble…)

    16. I believe only certain people (like authentic mediums, psychics, etc.) are able to experience most paranormal events. I’ve seen things happen in some places (like my house). Just because you haven’t experienced anything doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to other people. Main Street in my hometown of Albertville is supposed to be haunted by survivors of the 1908 tornado, I’ve never experienced anything, but other people have.

    17. I’m 38 from Decatur, when I was 16 about midnight we were chased by head lights right on our bumper till we got to the end of the road then the head lights disappeared and nothing was there.

    18. I’m in my 40’s, and I have a couple of stories about crybaby hollow from the early 1990’s, and one story that was told to me by my teacher (his ordeal happened in the the 1970’s or 1980’s).

      Story #1 – In the Fall of 1993, a friend and myself went to crybaby hollow at about 2am on a freezing Fall night. At the sharp turn just before the bridge, we saw a creepy looking man who appeared to only have one hand standing there off to the side of the road at the turn. He looked to be in his 50’s or 60’s. He was looking down at the ground as if he was looking for something. We never saw another car, just him standing there in the dark looking at the ground. He never looked up at us or acknowledged our car. Again, this was at 2 in the morning, and it was freezing cold outside.

      Story #2 – Around the same time as story #1, a group of my friends were chased by a barefoot man who came out of the woods just past the bridge (they were going up the hill just past the bridge). They said the man was running full speed barefooted on gravel without it even phasing him. The man tried to jump in the back of their truck, but they were able to get away.

      Story #3 – One of my high school teachers swore on his life that he and some of his friends were exploring the woods out there late one night in the 1970’s or 1980’s when they snuck up on a group of satan worshippers. He said the satan worshippers were all in black and red robes standing around a fire as if they were about to sacrifice something. He said one of his friends accidentally stepped on a stick and the sound alerted the satan worshippers of their presence. He said the satan worshippers each turned around one at a time then started coming toward them. He said they high tailed it to their car and got out of there. He said it was the creepiest thing he had ever seen.

    19. Emily Grigsby  |  

      According to story that I was told by my grandmother, who grew up in that area. They didn’t start hearing the cries, until her (would have been older brother) died as a infant. Although I don’t know how he passed away. Her nor her siblings would ever say how, and would tell us to drop it, and that something are best left alone…

      • I grew up in this area my whole life I’m 60, my mom told us about cry baby hollow. I’ve been down that road loads of time, never had anything happen during the daylight hours. The only thing weird is the train horn, every time my hubs & go through at night after we cross over the bridge going towards hwy 31 the Tain horns start blowing. Once we reach 31 the sound stops. I’ve not been out there in 3-4 yrs.

    20. Ok guys! I have a scary story!! In Hartselle, AL, my mom was about 20 (NO THIS AINT A LIE) and her and her brother and ex brother in law were going to crybaby hollow. They thought it was a fake. They were driving through at night, and something started CLAWING AND SLOWING THEIR CAR DOWN!! They all started screaming and when they pulled over at A gas station THERE WERE CLAW MARKS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE CAR!! They WERE DEEP TOO! She also heard a baby crying and saw the railroad. They put a Snickers Bar there and they turned 360′ around and IT WAS GONE! She also said that the two boys mentioned earlier went fishing by the bridge and when they went to leave they saw a hanged MAN! NO IT IS NOT FAKE! IT WAS NOT A DUMMY! HE was In the highest of branches!!! If you ever go there and want a thrill, go at night or dusk. Thanks For Reading!!

    21. There are hunting clubs all thru there I have hunted there for about 10 yrs been all over the woods around daylight and dark sometimes late at night when checking for poachers never seen or heard anything out of the ordinary along with the other guys I hunt with just stay on the road don’t get off in the woods unless you have permission there are a lot of sounds there and there all animals and they can make some strange sounds and man O Man do we have some cotton mouth in there

    22. I had a weird encounter at cry baby hollow, When I was about 7 or 8 me and my family went on a friday night It’s was about 10 or 11 pm and there was no one there no car nothing and my brother and me got out and put candy at the end of the bridge and we left and was just looking around around and we found a little boys shoe and little boy clothing which was very unsettling to me and my brother but we just kept on looking around and we went a little further and we found what took to be a rope hanging from the tree but we wasn’t sure because it was dark and we had a cheap flashlight but my brother said lets go Now!! and my brother does not get scared easily so the way his voice sounded and him rushing to get to the car I knew somthing was wrong so we were walking back and we start hearing things behind us so we were not running but walking pretty fast and i heard a voice of someone screaming like not a play scream it sounded like someone was screaming for help and we finally got to the car and we were crossing the bridge and I saw what look like at girl in a dress but i could see through her and it scared me because i’ve never seen anything like that and i didnt know later that night till i heard my brother talking to my dad about the girl in the dress and then i knew i wasn’t just seeing thing but ever since that night we have never been back>

    23. i went there not too long ago, being a medium i kept hearing a female voice repeating “it was a boy” over and over and my friend did the Estes method and words popped out like “run” :baby” “help me” and a loud growl with a loud “GET OUT!!” it was the creepyest day ever..

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