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A ghostly swinging light appears to be walking up and down the tracks here. Locals say it is the spirit of a man who was hit by the train and was decapitated. His ghost is searching for his head. It is said that folks who are standing on the tracks will see the light coming toward them. It will disappear when it gets close, then reappear on the other side of them, continuing on his way.

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Geographic Information

Crossett, AR
United States

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33.15932697232984, -91.96869528306706
Ashley County, Arkansas
Nearest Towns:
North Crossett, AR (1.6 mi.)
West Crossett, AR (1.9 mi.)
Crossett, AR (2.2 mi.)
Hamburg, AR (11.0 mi.)
Felsenthal, AR (12.9 mi.)
Huttig, AR (14.9 mi.)
Fountain Hill, AR (15.3 mi.)
Strong, AR (21.5 mi.)
Hermitage, AR (23.1 mi.)
Bonita, LA (23.7 mi.)


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  1. d'VON MACFRAY  |  

    I live in wilton street plymouth and I have cctv here. Occationly when I look at the downstairs hallway on the camaras I often see lots of orbs. They are not dust particals as it is very clean here.

  2. i have seen this light. we were sitting on the road and it was so bright we thought it was another vehicles headlights but then it just disappeared. It is a very neat experience.

  3. Seen it, too. About as bright as a bright pen-light shined right in our faces. Came up behind us first (my friend saw it in the rear-view mirror). After convincing him to stay, it appeared in front of us, then dropped and disappeared… only to re-appear further down the road. It wasn’t on any paved road though (like the picture). Cool experience. the red-necks there were scarier than the ghost, tho. Maybe they didn’t take too kindly to my friend’s purple car! LOL.

  4. Me and some family members went last night. It was the 2nd time I’ve been, but it was very active this time. I also noticed this time that while the temperature was about 67°, it would get very cold and the wind would start blowing before the light would appear. And when it did appear, it seemed to mesmerize me and my cousin. Like everything would disappear from our view except the light.

  5. i used to live five miles form the said location and i was able to see it when me and some frinds were walking on night. one of my frinds said the we should set up a tent so we did. that nigh it was raing but we had the windosw flaps open to see if we can see it. after about 2 houres i called it a night,m, then suddly, the rain stop and there was no noises then BOOM it was there

  6. My uncle went down that road one night and he saw it. He said if you make it mad, it turns red, runs at you and right before it gets to you, it dissappears. He was really shaken about it.

  7. i live about four miles from here and go almost every weekend. have seen my fair share of shadow figures and weird orbs. one was green.
    also saw a ghost car out here. tried following it and it disappeared.
    theres another entity similar to the light now, and they seem to be fighting against each other, as well.
    specifically, one night, we saw angel figures following a group of people that were walking, along with a large, bright white anomaly moving in the woods next to us. that same night, we saw a still light in the woods that looked like someone, specifically a woman, was blocking it.

  8. This real back story is from the Missouri Pacific Railroad (my dad worked for them for 4 decades); two employees were alone at the tracks in Ashley County; one was in favor of unionizing, the other opposed. The union man, after a fight, cut the head off the non-union man and hid it out in the swamp. Now, the railroad tracks are long gone and it is a rural gravel road; I have seen the ghost light twice and it is a very convincing sight. Looks just like an old-fashioned railroad lantern swinging along the road about waist high. It will occasionally stop, shine over toward the ditch and then move on.

  9. this kind of sounds like the story of Teke Teke not gonna lie-
    if you don’t know who Teke Teke is the vengeful ghost or spirit (also known as an onryō) of a young woman or schoolgirl who fell on a railway line, which resulted in her being sliced in half by a train.

  10. I have been several times . I had to take a carload of Jr high girls for a birthday . Several other parents also drove . While there a storm blew in and we loaded up to leave (oh yeah my car was in the shop so I had a brand new rental) I was parked on the road a light was heading my way . I thought it was a car it was raining at this time . I cranked it up to move out of the road more . All of the gauges in the car went crazy . The heat gage actually broke . The car behind us said it was the light and it was sitting under the car . I was trying to get the girls out of the storm so we headed out . There was a tree down halfway in the road when we were leaving . No doubt something broke the heat gage . I did nothing wrong to have broken it .

  11. Me and the gang have been to this site multiple times and we can’t quite put our finger on who this mysterious man is. Scooby first saw the man with the light and he had the heeby jeebies for a little while. He stayed in the mystery machine for a whole hour eating scooby snacks. We had to leave the site bc we felt like we were being watched. We probably won’t be back.

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