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A local legend surrounds Cottageville Cemetery. It says that those who drive around the cemetery three times, then drive into its center and flash their lights three times, will see the deceased leave their graves, walk around, and throw things.

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Geographic Information

Cottageville Cemetery Rd
Cottageville, SC
United States

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32.92889298696938, -80.50166487693787
Colleton County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Cottageville, SC (1.3 mi.)
Walterboro, SC (9.7 mi.)
Jacksonboro, SC (11.3 mi.)
Ridgeville, SC (15.8 mi.)
Saint George, SC (18.3 mi.)
Ravenel, SC (18.6 mi.)
Centerville, SC (19.8 mi.)
Summerville, SC (19.9 mi.)
Harleyville, SC (20.0 mi.)
Hollywood, SC (20.2 mi.)


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  1. Me and a few of my friends started a paranormal investigation group last year, and we visited this cemetery. We did not try what the local legend suggested, but we did catch some EMF readings for a short while. Our photographer said she heard whispers in a corner of the property.

    • Go to the road that is right next to the cottageville cemetery. It is the Old fox afro-american slave cemetery. Completely forgotten by everyone. I have been there several times. If you walk through the woods there are a few really worn down old gravestones. The rest are completely unmarked graves. Crazy readings there for sure. Just be careful and make sure you have a buddy with you. People like to sacrifice kittens and other poor little animals there.. 🙁

  2. We have been to this cemetery a few times now, we did what local legend said to do, we caught an apparition standing behind the Ackerman headstone. We also got evp’s and some weird photos of mist, we took several pictures and some where clear and other had the mist in the same location. Every time we go , we get the mist in the same area. We also asked it to say my name, and it did twice and my name isn’t a common name .

    • My dad lives 1 mile from there. He likes to go there during the day and pray for everyone that has passed. He said his pretty spooky at night and it does come alive at night. I want you to say I know you caught a lot of mist in the air. I was looking at Google Maps and I saw that there is a creek back behind the woods surrounding the cemetery that might be a Cause of the Mist in the air. I can’t say for sure I wasn’t there. I’m not a skeptic. I do believe in spirits and the other side. I also do EVPs and recordings on my own property I live in Atlanta Georgia close to Athens Auburn area. There is a lot of history here backdating to the Indians, Union Soldiers, railroad tracks. Auburn Georgia prospered in the 1800’s. Not to get off track I used to live on Folly Beach. That was one crazy beach after Hugo hit move there in the 90s. There were only a few locals there including me that Island was one wild place. I was not a ghost hunter back then, but I did see some crazy things… wanted to share a picture that I caught in my garage in Auburn Georgia my house is not haunted I think it’s the people that lived on the land. If you look closely you can see a Shadow boy standing behind me over my shoulder zoom into the picture to look better. Tell me what you think? I think it’s the best proof that there is something on the other side. I also have some crazy EVPs

  3. I have a Brother buried there in 1989 , I missed him so much we were very close Brother’s So I went there one night about 10:00 and parked next to my brothers Grave site I just wanted so much to be like when we were young and would talk until we went to sleep …… I HAVE NO REASON TO LIE…I shut off all lights and cut off my car after about 15 minutes , I WAS SHOCKED IN FEAR AS I HEARD THE SOUND OF HUGE CEMENT BOULDER BEING SLID ACCROSS A CEMENT SLAB SOUND, I instantly sit up switched on my head lights something I never do before. I started my car and drove around the cemetery there was nothing I noticed out of ordinary BUT I KNOW I WILL PASS A LIE DETECTING TEST,I AM NOW 61 YRS OLD AND AGAIN I HAVE NO REASON TO LIE. ALL I CAN DO IS WARN YOU DISBELIEVERS I NEVER BELIEVED IN THIS KIND OF STUFF ETHER UNTIL THAT ONE NIGHT , I have never done that nor will I go back at night alone EVER again !!!! Sincerely Tony Shelton

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