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If every ghost story about this little church is true, then this place would take the #1 prize as most haunted place on earth. Stories abound from ghostly hell hounds, wailing banshees, confederate army soldiers and so many other reports of haunted happenings that they cannot all be listed here. Definitely a place to go and check out for yourself.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Oakey Streak Rd
    Red Level, AL 36474
    United States

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    31.569168136332785, -86.54927659030363
    Butler County, Alabama
    Nearest Towns:
    McKenzie, AL (9.9 mi.)
    Red Level, AL (11.8 mi.)
    Gantt, AL (11.9 mi.)
    Dozier, AL (12.1 mi.)
    Georgiana, AL (12.3 mi.)
    River Falls, AL (15.0 mi.)
    Heath, AL (15.1 mi.)
    Brantley, AL (17.2 mi.)
    Rutledge, AL (18.0 mi.)
    Andalusia, AL (18.4 mi.)


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    1. The only way it is haunted is by vandals that have near destroyed this historic early 1800s church. Idiot’s have broken out the windows and doors to the church and tamperd with the headstones. The sheriff’s office is now watching the place an I hear hidden cameras have been placed.

      • this place is haunted. if you dont believe it, go check it out. you dont have to go at night. i was 4wheeling with some friends a few years ago up there and made the mistake of riding around the main building. i did not see anything, but my 4wheeler died. i had to be pushed out and down to the paved road where we waited on the truck and trailer. we took my atv to the shop to be checked. it fired right up. it wouldnt crank back up before then. so we loaded it up and took it home. that night i couldnt sleep from the weird dreams i was having. the next day, i got on my 4wheeler and attempted to start it, with no such luck. called a tech to my house and it fired right up for him, but died when i got on it, and it holding a steady idle. i got off and he got on and again, it fired right up. holding steady idle, as if it were brand new. he held the throttle on my atv at an accellerated idle and again, i climbed on, while he held the throttle, and it died yet again. i then decided to tell him when it started happening, and where. we both exchanged stories of the old church deep in the woods near red level alabama. as i type, i can feel the strange things watching me from the windows and across my yard. ive seen things since then too. the most recent was a pair of small girls playing near a headstone and as i approached, they simply looked up, smiled, and disappeared. everywhere i have been since my trip to consolation church the spirits have followed me. its like im a magnet for the paranormal. and before you call me a quack, i have respected members of the community that will back me up. simply put, cameras or not, ill never return. and its not for fear of being arrested. and just so you know, they cant prosecute for being on the property if the cameras arent visible and a sign posted you are being recorded. kind of a law. all they can tell you to do, if they catch you there, is tell you to leave. its only AFTER that, can you be arrested, and its a misdemeanor trespassing charge.

        • So sad to hear the little place burnt down. Doing some ancestry digging and found that my great great grandparents settled in Red Level during the Civil War. I thought of visiting the little place, but guess not.

      • To whom ever burnt it down, congratulations, you done it, now it will not have to suffer from idiots again, maybe you will get your just award.

      • This place is now gone from drunk people set it on fire all is left is the cemetery if there was any spirits there all up set know I recommend not to go I’ve been several times times riding our atvs late at night and it still gives me the creeps but never seen anything but several of my buddies has proof of strange things happening

      • Some people like myself may say it`s no longer “God`s House” because the people aren`t meeting there anymore,but I love historical buildings. There`s got to be a “Historical Society” around there somewhere. Unless it`s private land,then It`s the Land owners.. Interesting.

    2. Consolation is haunted. I didn’t believe in any of the sort when a group of us camped out there some 15 years ago.
      It started with sound of heing circled in the woods surrounding the cemetary. Then there were murmers. When we went the doors and windows were still intact. We were inside, and I, being a stupid teenager at the time stood up on the pulpit and started demanding some action. Nothing happened. We went to leave and the doors, both back and front wouldn’t open. We had 5 large teenage boys with us and with them shoving and shoving the doors wouldn’t open. When they stopped pusjing on the front door and went to the back door, I walked up to thw door, put my hand on it and I as swung open very very easily.
      By this time I was ready to leave but the boys wanted a fire and they went into the woods to find some debis. My friend samantha was with me, as well as her sister. I was looking at headstones when I saw samantha hit the ground. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t catch her breath. I screamed for the boys for help. They come running talking about how they were following glowing eyes in the woods to see what it was. When they couldn’t calm sam eaither we gpt in the car to leave and it wouldn’t crank. We tried over and over…nothing. all this time the crunching in the woods was getting deafening and sams breathing was worsening. The guys got out and started truifng to n push start the car. Finally it crunk up. About a milebdown the road samanthas breathing returned to normal. Abour 5 miles down the road all 4 tires blew out almost simultaneously. We were so freaked out we drove it as far as we could on the rims. There were 7 0f us. All will tell you the same story.

      • So friggin scary. Big dude, like 10 feet tall runs at me and disappears inches from me, and I hear him screaming. Also, two little girls were playing at a headstone and disappeared when I walked up to them.

    3. only way this place is haunted is by me messing with my friends we use to go down there all the time with girls and scare the living hell out of them ive slept in the cemetary on the ground next to a tombstone nothing happened i am very comfortable here and will gladly take anyone that wants to go and see it any of my friends that is

    4. Me and my girlfriend and my friend ethan went down there tonight we backed up in the road fixing to get out of my truck we didn’t get out we heard hell hounds to start winning and barking we got quite so we started to away then stopped let down the passenger side window shinned my flash light down the road that goes back there and there was a confederate soldier standing there i left really fast got back to the house we all three looked at each others back and we had scratches up and down our backs

    5. 1st the picture the website has is okey street church it too has many tales of ghosts 1st. If standing at the opening of the grave past 11pm if you talk or sing you will hear somthing running through the graveyard toward you and it will stop right in the opening at the gates and scream in your face demanding you leave 2nd around the same time frame you point your car towards the old building located to the edge of the church with your lights off and vehicle off you will see a shadow figure walk from the building to the graveyard old people says it’s spirts walking to there grave!!!! The constellation has many rumors as we’ll I personally have not seen anything but have heard rumors a girl in my class died 2 days after holloween we had a big get together there and she was the last to leave she said a black truck chased her out she stated it came from the pines !!!

    6. Gods house I’d always gods house, whether people are present or not.
      I have contacted the BCSO, your claim of watching is not true.
      I am a paranormal investigator and I have been here, I even plan to go back. A lot of the things here can easily be explained. I have encountered entities, aka ghosts, and other diabolical beings. From what I have learned, this particular church was placed here by very powerful church officials who did not want to be named or known, it was sanctioned by the “church”, for reasons unknown. I have done several investigations here using names and dates of people buried here with eerie results. The is a dark secret surrounding this place, my research shows over 13 different diabolical beings attached to this place. Whether they are here because of what is truly being hidden, remains unknown. They may be here after being attached to a person who was buried here. Tread softly here, do not play with the unknown unless you truly understand what you are up against. If you play around here and anger these beings they can and will go home with you. They are looking for new horizons so to speak. Use caution and God be with you as you visit.

    7. My great grandparents are buried in Consolation and my family and I have visited the cemetery many times. All I have ever felt was serenity and love for people I will only know from stories and their names on a tombstone. Because Consolation is so isolated, it is easy to see why it would become the stuff of ghost stories but I do hope someone can stop the vandalism.

    8. It’s all true it is haunted I have been. I took pictures one night just ramdom ones and went home and looked at them on the computer and( mind u there was no fog smoke or anything when the pictures where taking) in the pictures the fog was so thick u couldn’t see anything I took pictures of well I got to looking closer and u could see things shapes in the fog one was of a little boy sitting on the ground with a ball and a hell hound over him with red eyes with its mouth open like it was going to eat him. Then there is the grand masters grave the one with the finche around it. If the gate is open its said he walking around in the grave if it’s closed he’s in his grave. I have been with it open and closed and when it’s open u can hear someone walking around. I have heard the he’ll hounds and have seen there red eyes in the woods. Had a friend of mine take some money that was on the alter and he had nightmares until he put the money back. Know some people that went Down there and one of the guys must up the church well that night when they left that same guy had a girl riding with him and they had a reck and it killed the girl. It’s also said that if u drive really fast down the road to the church a ghost truck with chase u and u will crash in to something that is not there and die. The story goes that a man had Been out drinking on a Saturday night and over sleep that Sunday morning and was running late so he was racing to get there and while coming down the road a little girl walked across the road on her way and he tried to miss her but ended up killing them both. So yes it is really haunted.

      • Not afraid of ghosts but the fact that people are so closed off to what is truly surrounding them. Everyone has the gift of seeing and experiencing paranormal events it’s just the fact so many have programmed themselves to looks past and ignore it. It is mostly out of fear and not truly understanding. I assure you it is very real and anyone who refuses to ignore it and open themselves to their surroundings are capable of experience.

    9. The church has burned down, but I suppose that the graveyard may still hold a few rustling leaves, and worn down headstones. I shall happily check it out in a few days

    10. I have been there. At night. Didnt see any ghost children or hell hounds… but i did see a strange white light behind the church. And my cousin and sister saw a dark figure looking into the car windows where i was. I never saw that because i was staring at the light. We actually went to ghost hunt. No disrespect to the dead or the church… we Stayed near the graveyard and did not bother the church….. and we left as soon as they saw the figure that just disappeared before the eyes.

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