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This historic apartment block has a labyrinth of old studios and a disused restaurant on the upper floors of the building. It is rumoured that a piano in the bar area of the old restaurant plays of its own accord, and that the apparition of a little girl in a white dress has been seen wandering through the upper floors before vanishing.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

505 Jefferson Avenue
Toledo, OH
United States

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41.6504523, -83.53733799999998
Lucas County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Toledo, OH (1.3 mi.)
Oregon, OH (2.6 mi.)
Rossford, OH (3.1 mi.)
Northwood, OH (4.6 mi.)
Walbridge, OH (4.9 mi.)
Ottawa Hills, OH (5.6 mi.)
Harbor View, OH (5.6 mi.)
Perrysburg, OH (8.0 mi.)
Millbury, OH (8.2 mi.)
Maumee, OH (8.5 mi.)


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  1. When I was in sixth grade my brother performed a play here and I got to wandering around the upstairs, I was completely positive I was the only one up there. It was completely dark except for a few flickering lights. All of a sudden I heard an entire row of lockers slamming shut around the corner so I went to look but there was no one to be found. A door slammed shut and I looked into the old classroom and there was no one in there. I ran back downstairs. A few years later during my sophomore year of high school a couple of my friends were skating on the front stairs and my friend and I decided to walk down the street to get ice cream. As we were walking away we both felt as if we were being watched and we looked up into the up-most window. We saw a white figure. We were both covered in goosebumps.

  2. Absolutely haunted. Live here on 14th floor and have been busted multiple times by multiple apparitions. Mostly the little girl, who I believe told me here name is Savannah or something that starts with an S, Two others a man in a neat suit with hat and woman with a dress and hat. Both seem to have money by their clothing and dress style. I have also seen others. The anniversary of my mother’s death, a large group appeared, I think to comfort me. The girl crawled into bed with me and rubbed my arm. Almost like a child would do either to comfort a sibling or if they were scared. This all happened at the exact moment I received the phone call from the police in St. Joe MI telling my mom had an apparent heart attack and was be it transported to the local hospital. She actually had passed already but they did not want confirm that until I arrived. It was a 4 hour drive. I even can see on my Fitbit app where I wake up and converse with them. I thanked them all so very much for their concern and told them I would be ok and they could go. They slowly disappeared.i usually always tell them every night not to wake me or my dog upmand to visit in the day and they listen. The little girl has called me by name even to get my attention. I have never gotten the feeling that any spirit here is malicious. They seem to be very friyaand peaceful. I have some sensitivity and have been in places where I absolutely cannot stay in due to vibe I feel. I do not get that here at all.we do have one prankster. They like to toss towels from linen closets and rearrange furniture but that’s it.
    Awesome place to get your ghost on for newbies, but it is a fully occupied building now. You would have to get permission from leasing manager, but worth it – especially if you are sensitive!

  3. In 2013, I visited the older unfinished area area which had old murals painted on the walls which were fantastic, but in disrepair. I took some pictures with my phone and was told about the haunting and and to not be surprised if my pictures turned out weird. There was only one light in the corner which never moved, but about half the pictures I took had a streak of light – across the picture – from the exact same angle – even though I took pictures on different walls, etc. I showed them to the person talking me about the haunting and asked if they wanted a copy. They said they didn’t need it and had more than enough of their own. My camera phone never had a problem before or after.

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