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Columbia Court Apartments is said to be haunted by former residents. Witnesses say latched closet doors open, hangers move, lights turn on and off, doors are knocked on, footsteps and whispers are heard, pots and pans are thrown or broken, and yelling has come from empty apartments. In one unit, reports say, are cold spots, a hostile presence, and something that touches and gropes female residents.

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Geographic Information

504 Columbia Ave E
Battle Creek, MI 49014
United States

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42.298532, -85.17882739999999
Calhoun County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Battle Creek, MI (1.6 mi.)
Lakeview, MI (1.6 mi.)
Brownlee Park, MI (2.3 mi.)
Springfield, MI (3.6 mi.)
Level Park-Oak Park, MI (6.4 mi.)
Climax, MI (9.0 mi.)
Augusta, MI (9.2 mi.)
Marshall, MI (11.2 mi.)
Galesburg, MI (12.2 mi.)
South Gull Lake, MI (12.7 mi.)


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Comments (4)

  1. David Snelling  |  

    My wife and I were headed home to Romulus MI. when we spotted what we knew was a very old cemetery. Prospect Hill Cemetery. We were videoing old markers etc. and I was talking about one of the old headstones and commenting on how skinny it was yet intact completely. It was, for it’s age, in Very Good shape. As I was talking I reached down to touch the headstone. As soon as I touched it I heard a Loud Buzzing Noise in my ears and it felt as if someone had hit me and pushed me all at the same time. I stumbled sideways bent over for a few seconds looking at my wife for a couple seconds, as if to see if she had done it! Impossible from where she was. I did not tell her right away although she saw me stumble sideways and bend over. When I did tell her what had happened and to go check it out, she did. I did not want to go by it. I am 6’3 230 lbs and don’t believe I am a pushover physically by NO MEANS..I am very solid for my age.

    I don’t believe a Lot of stories I see or read. But if you ever want to validate this one just take yourself up to Prospect Hill Cemetery. I’m not scared of much, and I’m not per say scared of what happened as much as I am CONFUSED and baffled by the whole thing………Some of you skeptics take yourself a drive out to Prospect Hill Cemetery located in Paw Paw Michigan…and see for yourself….feel free to email me if you have questions.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me any. I personally know of at least two deaths that have happened there. I would love to investigate it sometime! Would be interesting to see if the spirits of those of my grandparents.

  3. Jacqueline Green  |  

    My brother and I used to live at Columbia court apartments, apartment 16. I felt something weird presents going around.

  4. I was actually a manager at these apartments, although at the time they were named, “Kulp Court Apartments”. I can verify that most of the statements are true, as I experienced most of them myself. Especially creepy was the rattling coat hangers and closet door opening while I was trying to sleep. This happened so often, I would have friends stay in the room (without telling them exactly what to expect) for a few minutes past 11 p.m., and usually they would hear the hangers, and even one said the closet door opened in front of them.

    An interesting note: A lot of the strange things people experienced were most frequent, if not exclusively, occurring in apartments 1, 2 and 4, in the East building. I have often wondered if the death of a certain individual I evicted might be tied to it some of it. It’s a long story, but the short of it is that he lived in apartment 4 with his girlfriend, and after she mysteriously disappeared, he was a person of interest to the police. After he set fire to the upper deck garages (revenge for being evicted), he died 4 months later in a trailer fire.
    Apartment 4 always had the most activity, with the downstairs neighbors hearing yelling and stomping above, yet when I looked into the apartment, nothing was ever there. Well, except for the cold spots…

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