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The Cogdell Light appears near the Okefenokee swamp late at night. Drivers go into the woods and turn off the car, then flash their headlights to call the “ghost.” Then, a greenish-yellow glow seems to come out of the woods and head straight for the car. Some say this is the ghost of a man who was decapitated in a train accident, carrying a lantern and looking for his head. Others say it is the lantern carried by the ghosts of two lovers who sneaked away together after they were forbidden to meet, and were shot by one of their fathers who mistook them for robbers.

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Geographic Information

Cogdell, GA
United States

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31.1649301, -82.71791919999998
Clinch County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
Argyle, GA (7.5 mi.)
Homerville, GA (9.0 mi.)
Pearson, GA (12.1 mi.)
Talmo, GA (13.5 mi.)
Du Pont, GA (15.2 mi.)
Deenwood, GA (20.0 mi.)
Waycross, GA (21.8 mi.)
Sunnyside, GA (22.8 mi.)
Lakeland, GA (22.8 mi.)
Willacoochee, GA (22.9 mi.)


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  1. I an a friend were on the way back from Gainesville an their was a bright blue like spaceship thing following us down the road I swear I was trying to get to Lakeland I had my son Payton lazaro with us it was in the middle of no where then their was a ill trailer down the road on the left have not went back…,.,sasha……

  2. This is most likely swamp gases, when I was young my Uncle took me and some of my friends to see the “spook light” as it is called by the locals. He parked his truck, with all of us kids in the back, beside a railroad track near Cogdell and blinked his lights. To our amazement a blue-green light appeared on the horizon and came closer to us along the tracks. It disappeared before reaching us and made no noise. My father and some of his friends had a similar experience when they were younger and he said it’s just swamp gases.

  3. I assure you, it’s not swamp gas. When I was a teenager, several of my friends and went to Cogdell one night to ‘see the light’. We followed the old rail bed which had been turned into a dirt road a good distance into the swamp, found the two old bridges where the light was said to be, turned around and parked between the old bridges. And waited, and waited, and waited. After about 20 minutes, one of my friends said ‘screw this, I’m going to walk up the road a ways’ so we all piled out and up the road we go. Keep in mind that’s it’s pitch black in the swamp and we are stumbling up the road when a tiny pinpoint of light appears about a hundred feet in front of us. We stopped dead. The light slowly began to get larger and move toward us. We ran for the car, piled in and watched as the light got as big as a house and started rolling toward the car changing colors as it came. As my buddy was trying frantically to start the car, it reached the front bumper then suddenly flashed bright enough to blind everybody. It was like 500 flashbulbs had gone off at once. It then disappeared. We couldn’t get back to the hard road fast enough. Scared the absolute hell out of 6 teenage boys, I can tell you that.

    • we are from douglas and we have tried to find where the light is but no one seems to know and we have been to cogdell several times look but cant find it can you tell us how to go to it please


        • Barry G Chappell  |  

          Yes it is. I saw it the first time in Late 1979 or early 1980. Scared me too. Park on the dirt road and turn your lights on and off once or twice and just wait.

    • Martha Spivey Meece  |  

      Harry..About the same story for us..Me and 3 other teenage friend went to see the light..We flashed the lights and waited..Finally gave up and us girls had to tinkle,,we went to the front of the car,,and there it was..Started as a pin point light and grew bigger as it approached us..We too couldn’t get to the paved road fast enough..That for me was 46 years ago and I will NEVER forget how scared we were! IT IS REAL!!

    • well Lee I lived in Homerville GA for 18 years and in Waycross and Blackshear GA for another 20 years or so and this is a common known haunting in the area that has been happening for many years now. You can not believe that is your right but unless you have been there you should just keep an open mind. I’ve seen things around the Okefenokee Swamp that would scare the hell out of you. There is a lot of stuff out there that can’t be explained so it’s put aside as a ghost story or myth.

  4. When I was about 13 during the summer I was working on my Uncles Tobacco farm outside of Pierson Georgia place called Sandybottom Ga, anyway we would ride to Cogdell and park the truck on the side of this rode and we waited for the light to appear, our light seemed to be red if I remember right, one of my Uncles told me it was gas coming out of the swamp, went there a few times but it was something I always remembered, I’m 69 now living in Jacksonville Florida was I was also born & raised

  5. Anon from Homerville  |  

    I grew up in Homerville GA. When I graduated high school my parents moved to Cogdell. One night while traveling to our house from Homerville on Frank Sessoms Highway on a clear night, I saw what looked to be a car’s headlights suddenly appear further down the road. I thought nothing of it until the light suddenly disappeared without there being anywhere to turn off except the church, which had no one there. There was no one else on the road for miles. It was a very weird experience and I’m certain it was the spook light, which I had heard about from my grandparents who grew up in Milwood GA & went to church their whole lives at Indian Mt Baptist church. I have been up and down hwy 122, Sandybottom road, Frank Sessoms etc at all hours of the day and night and have never seen it before or after that one time.

  6. My husband, neighbors and I were camping. We all drove to find a nice spot to view the stars and across the street we saw an odd white light moving pretty fast through the woods. Looked almost like a very bright headlight on a bike but was traveling pretty fast. I’ve been looking up every explanation of what it could have been. Now I’d like to go back and take a better look in daylight where we saw it.

  7. The ghost light is at blue bird rd between Pearson and axson. Dirt road Parallel to rail road tracks. It can be seen day or night. Been there many times

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