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This historic mansion is haunted by a former slave at the plantation house. Residents claim to have seen her standing in the courtyard of the mansion, staring up at them. A male resident was apparently attacked by a flying ghostly light that materialised in the private cemetery adjacent to the building. He can’t have been too happy.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

1590 Coat's Bend Circle
Gadsden, AL
United States

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34.04658735532677, -85.86044436689917
Etowah County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Ballplay, AL (3.1 mi.)
Hokes Bluff, AL (3.4 mi.)
Edwardsville, AL (3.8 mi.)
Anderson, AL (3.9 mi.)
Glencoe, AL (7.4 mi.)
Gadsden, AL (8.7 mi.)
Reece City, AL (10.1 mi.)
Leesburg, AL (10.8 mi.)
Rainbow City, AL (12.2 mi.)
Southside, AL (12.5 mi.)


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Comments (16)

  1. me and my friend went here and we where scared to go inside so we stayed outside for awhile and we saw someone looking out from the window it was wearing white then it vanished but as we got inside of the house to see what that ghostly figure was my friend got pushed and she said she got scratched and i looked at her back and it was scratched and blood dripping down her back and i started to feel sick in this house so we left and i took my friend to the hospital

    • Did you BREAK INTO the house Alexis??

      This house is a Private Home that is lived in.

      Sounds like a breaking & enter charge should be headed your way

      Unless of course you are a damn liar & making your BS story up.

      Which is it???

      • damn chuck u mad about it! yes we broke in and ran all around and what are you going to do about it! nothing, as i thought!! stay pressed mr panini 🙂

  2. My family has went by this house when it was empty for years that no one had lived there but at night all the inside lights would come on as you were aproaching it coming across the bridge from the Ballplay/Hokes Bluff side.going to 411.

  3. Lee Posey Kidd  |  

    Here are my comments…what a load of bunk! For the young person who claims to have been in the house with her friend who was attacked?? Bold face lie and seekers of attention! My husband and I are the owners of the Coates Mansion and I have lived here over 25 years! Also, I grew up playing in the house when my Uncle J.D. Thornton used it for a barn. I know the history of this great Lady and the stories surrounding her…I have loved and admired her my whole life!
    As to the ghost stories, like most good “stories” there is some truth and a whole lot of great imagination! We do have a lady in residence and she is very protective and benevolent to our family, friends and those who are invited to visit. Our family knows her as Amelia. She has a long history of being sighted in one of the upstairs windows, holding a candle and wearing a white dress..We have had many encounters with ,her over the years…all of them being comforted, protected and even playful. However, we have documented other encounters that were not so pleasant that have occurred when people are not supposed to be on the property. She is very protective of us.
    Now, let me add this note. We realize she is an Historic Landmark in the area BUT she is our HOME NOT A MUSEUM or PUBLIC ATTRACTION! Here are some examples for you to think about if it happened at your home:
    Come home and there are people walking around in the barn and on the property “We didn’t think you would mind.” What if you came home and we were in your garage!
    People are in your yard picking up pecans when you look out the back door. “You have so many and we always did this when the house was empty!”
    You go to take the trash out and there is a man in a car sitting in your driveway, “Oh! I’m the pizza guy…Mr. X ordered a pizza and said meet him IN YOUR driveway because this is as far as we go!”
    Someone flips out a photo album to proudly show you all the Prom, Wedding, Engagement ,Family photos they took on the porch, the barn, the property without permission! How would you feel if I showed you my family standing in your yard and you didn’t know us?
    My all time favorite: A few years back, we had a load of gravel dropped at our mailbox to fill in a rut from driving by the mailbox. My Dad became very ill and spreading the gravel was not a priority. My husband was stunned to see a woman shoveling the gravel into a trailer! “What are you doing?” “Oh! I’m —–I live down the road. This has been here for awhile so I thought you didn’t need it and I do!” REALLY! how about those chairs on your porch I haven’t seen you sitting in for awhile? How about I just take them!
    Seriously, we love this house and we realize she is HISTORIC and a part of so many lives…especially if you grew up in or around Coates Bend. We enjoy entertaining and having visitors whom we invite. Perhaps one day we will host an “Open House” BUT until then, if you are on the property uninvited…appropriate actions will be taken…either by us the owners or by Amelia!
    We are really glad so many of you appreciate her! Lee Posey Kidd

    • Judy Darrow Walker  |  

      Would appreciate any photos of your house. I’m pretty sure you know the history of the house lol, but Gideon Coates’s sister Mary, married my 4th great grandfather Christopher Darrow, was wondering if they lived in the house. Trying to finish what my aunt started years ago. Ay history would be greatly appreciated, thank you
      Judy Darrow Walker

    • My husband and I was invited in the house I say maybe 30 years ago by a man who said he bought it for his wife but she stayed one nite and said she would not come back I knew no history of the house but definitely felt a presents there of someone watching over our every move.I can prove we were there because he was working on it and had a bed in middle of the room upstairs facing the front road and that little door underneath the stair made my hair on arm stand up I told my husband when we got back to truck it’s haunted

    • I would so very much appreciate it if you and I could talk and maybe you allowing me to communicate with her. Please let me know as soon as possible thanks Cindy Beck

    • Well said Lee Posey Kidd!!!

      You have much more patience & grace than I would have.

      After reading your post I realize there IS NOT a shortage of TOTAL IDIOTS in our society.

      Bless you for not just shooting some of them.

  4. I was intrigued about this house. My parents lived on Coats Bend Road for 25 years, and I now live there. I pass the majestic mansion every day on my way to & from work. Nice to know that if I don’t intrude Amelia will remain the perfect lady.

  5. The comments by “Lee Posey Kidd”, the OWNER; should be taken seriously… VERY SERIOUSLY!!

    This is a PRIVATE HOME & should be treated as such.

    Simple as that…..

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