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This historic church was built in 1898, and was the scene of an infamous shootout. Visitors to the graveyard and church after dark claim to have seen a misty apparition moving quickly among the headstones, as if looking for someone.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

2943 S Old Church Road
Camp Verde, AZ
United States

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34.526601969717724, -111.82761383039178
Yavapai County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
Camp Verde, AZ (3.0 mi.)
Lake Montezuma, AZ (7.8 mi.)
Cornville, AZ (14.2 mi.)
Verde Village, AZ (16.5 mi.)
Big Park, AZ (17.9 mi.)
Village Of Oak Creek (Big Park), AZ (18.0 mi.)
Cottonwood, AZ (18.0 mi.)
Strawberry, AZ (20.7 mi.)
Clarkdale, AZ (21.4 mi.)
Cordes Lakes, AZ (21.8 mi.)


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  1. i drove there late one night with my friend eric. we turned down the dirt road that lead to the property and imediatly felt a heavy weight on us, and the feeling of being unwanted there. we ignored it and kept driving, we were really uneasy the whole time driving down this road, we felt like something was watching us from the field on either side and no matter how far down the road we went the feeling stuck. we pull up to the church and at this point it felt like i had a bag of bricks sitting on me i was so heavy with this presence. i was in the driver seat, both me and eric looked out his passenger window and it started to fog up. we had the heater on because it was cold outside and the tempeture both in the car and outside started dropping, despite us having the AC on high. we hadnt looked directly at the church that had been sitting on the left side of the car we were both to afraid to look. we looked straigh at the gate that lead to the cemetery. i leaned forward and looked to the left to see the church and it felt like something didnt want me there. my stomach flipped and i felt the presence “yelling” at me to leave, i turned around and sped down the brick road and the feeling of this presence didnt really leave us until 20 minutes later.

    • We drove there in march 2021 we were invited to my friend’s aunt as she bought a house in the kohl’s ranch, we arrived at 4 am we open the door enter the living room and we hear a tchhhhhhhhhhhh I turn to my right I see 3 black shadows like 3 mens, 2 of them left and one stayed there facing us screamed so hard started crying and went outside, no way I’ll stay in the car, my friend knew about it but kept saying that it was my imagination,i felt like I was in a stadium felt watched from the bushes, it felt like 100’s of people were there, as the sun came out the heaving scary feeling stopped, but around 7 pm a dancing light like i call it, came out of the church in front of the house ps:( I was still in the yard ) as I was 100/100 sure of what I saw, and the scary feeling came back again, whistles, and the dancing light, i told my friend that I wanted to go to a hotel, so she said ok let me grab the my stuff, while waiting in the car I see / guys coming out of wall and disappeared in the bushes and a chubby white women wearing a white shit and blue jeans came Towards me and interred a wall, i drive to the kohl’s lodge parking to wait for my friend as it’s close to the house/ cabana , i look at the house in front of me and inseee a man waiving at me in the first floor balcony moving his arm like he was in the water, i started crying and yelling, I was freaking out almost lost it, i took a picture of that house and the wall and bushes to show my husband, but the next day when back to the ranch i see the house and the others but none of them had a balcony, i said ok I’m loosing it, i walked to that house with the husband on the phone a face time showing him that the same place look different I see you two guys sitting on the porch of the house with the balcony I stopped to ask them and said is this place haunted the two guys said no and turned her head like they didn’t wanna talk to me but then I said but what about the balcony I saw in your house yesterday I even have the picture where is the balcony the two guys came down running to me and said you are gifted they were too old white guys that lived there for almost 60 years they said for 40 years we only talked to like four people that experience that and that it’s not everybody and I said no I don’t want to be gifted this is so scary so the guy told me that the guy that I saw in the balcony was actually the owner of the house the past long ago he said that he sees him all the time and the house where we were staying where my friend was staying as I was in a hotel a lady committed suicide there and the church had a history also and he also said that I was in another dimension dirty mansion that’s why in the picture at nights look different than the reality in the morning we had to stay there for days I was doing back-and-forth hotel in the house I’ve never went inside never only wait outside and when it was time to leave we felt like tons and hundreds tons of people were watching us sounds whistles yelling a little girl laughing that little girl laughing I heard every day and the dancing lights that comes around 7 PM by the church so we packed our stuff I mean put our stuff in the car and drove off for two hours us and three other cars were following each other we didn’t know the other cars but I guess they experience the same thing as us it was a big huge truck that was following us and wanted to do something he was passing us and then comes in the front of us and then we try to pass him and then he comes back and passes Esin comes in the front it’s like it was unreal he was going so fast and try to made us make an accident as we were driving in my car I heard like someone was opening cam and clicking and water bottle I start crying and then I thought somebody touching my ankle I turn the radio on on a channel and that radio had a song a new song so I change it but then the radio changes and goes back to the same number but then the song is different now it’s singing about someone who wants to marry a girl I wanna marry you something like that with the voice of Elvis style while listening to the song I’ll looking up my friend who is pale couldn’t bear I could barely breathe I feel somebody pushing on my finger the finger we use for the ring plus my uncle as were driving we hear yelling screaming crying it was so dark and scary it’s an Indian reservation two hours from the Kohl’s Ranch to Arizona airport it was the scariest scariest days of my life and it was not over we went to the airport to return the rental car and when to our friends house to get his car that we borrowed to drive to San Francisco while driving from the airport to San Francisco someone was with us in the car when I went down to take it put the gas my friend took a picture of me putting gas and in the mirror you see a woman sitting next to me with long hair we took a lot of pictures I lost most of them you see a lot of weird faces man little girls monster heads skeletons as we’re driving to San Francisco my hair is coming up we started filming I put my hair behind my ears and then somebody’s I feel somebody pushing it pulling it and put it into the to the air we said OK maybe it’s the wind so we close all the windows and we tried again and then it keeps doing it and then the scar that I had kept falling but the spirit was not scary he was just playing with me I didn’t feel scared at all the spirits left the car but once we got to San Francisco I felt scared again so scared I thought that they went to my house I called my husband and said I don’t wanna come inside and bring them with me to my son because they followed me my husband said no come he didn’t believe me and I know I know so I go inside and then I start telling him in crime and he goes you shouldn’t have been there so started yelling at me and blaming me for that I start crying and then he see my hair going down I felt like somebody was petting me in it and they had to call me down my husband looked at my hair and felt something weird and then the guitar started playing in the house my husband said oh my god oh come sit next to me and hugged me and then his back started hurting so bad it’s like the spirit didn’t want my husband to yell at me and then we had a bad three months in the house as I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t be OK because I felt a bad spirits and a good guy were with me every time my husband came around me or try to hug me he had a horrible pain in the back but then after a few months everything was just quiet and the feeling disappeared and I didn’t feel it and now it’s 2022 August and I didn’t feel that again I guess they went back to where they were but whoever tries to say that I’m not OK in my head or that is not true please go there please go and you’ll see it yourself and you’ll experience that yourself it is the worst feeling ever so bad so scary.
      It was in Payson Arizona the Kohl’s Ranch it’s an Indian reservation try to go in your experience it I will never go back there never.

  2. My friends & I visited the Clear Creek church & cemetery for Halloween.

    As we walked into the cemetery a vase fell. We headed toward the middle & a white figurine was spinning. As we walked toward the right side we saw the same figurine spinning. As we walked down the middle we took a picture of the walkway in the middle & the picture showed two men with paper bags on there head with triangles cut in the bag where they’re eyes were.

    We left and went to the church which was the most scariest . As we walked around toward the back another porcelain plaque moved along with a blinking light.

    As we went to the front we looked in the window and saw what looked to be someone hanging as well as a lady sitting by the piano facing toward us.

    As we took pictures from each side of the window it was quiet. Then we saw a lady in white move from the back of the church to the front and brush her hand on the glass window, she looked not amused by our presence.

    We also saw a bright light in the church that looked to be a flashlight shining on the wall.

    We all freaked & ran out. As we shut the gate and got into the car to leave the gate reopened.

    In fear we drove off but came back 10 seconds later to re shut it because we didn’t want to any spirits to be let out or follow us.

    When we pulled up the gate moved a bit more. When we left & were reviewing the photos all you could see was two big orbs.

    Then when we went back to the picture one man appeared. Then we looked at the rest & when we came back to that same photo we saw 2 more men.

    We researched the history of the Clear Creek Church and what we read matched the description of what we saw.

    The lady in white was a 17 year old female who committed suicide due to torment.
    The two men by the church were those of the men in the robbery. The other man we saw which was standing straight on the top of the church looked to be the one hanged for his crimes and involvement in the robbery.

    We had no idea who the lady was that was at the piano but somehow was faced toward us staring. We felt it was the same one who brushed her hand on the window who wasn’t amused by any of our presence.

    My advice is if you go there, go with good intentions as we did.

    Don’t provoke ANY spirits nor try to get them to show they exist because in doing that YOU WILL most definitely hear strange sounds & see abnormal things because it was clear they didn’t want us there.

    What we saw was real without a doubt, it scared us enough that we’ll NEVER return not even during the day.

    If you don’t believe, go & see for yourself. I promise you that you will both hear & see things.

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