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White mists have been seen at the graveyard.

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10359-10445 S Zarzamora
San Antonio, TX 78224
United States

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29.311293450075794, -98.53293710944854
Bexar County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Von Ormy, TX (6.9 mi.)
Lackland Air Force Base, TX (7.3 mi.)
San Antonio, TX (8.1 mi.)
Somerset, TX (9.5 mi.)
Macdona, TX (9.6 mi.)
Olmos Park, TX (11.9 mi.)
Balcones Heights, TX (12.3 mi.)
China Grove, TX (12.3 mi.)
Terrell Hills, TX (12.3 mi.)
Elmendorf, TX (12.7 mi.)


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  1. A few friends and I use to come here, park and walk around. The last time we can here a group of people dressed in black chased us away. Could have been people messing with us or an occult like group, either way it scared the hell out of us. Ive never gone back since.

  2. Names Rye,

    Ive had several experiences at this cemetary, been in numerous times when they didnt use to have a gate there. On two of many occasions ive have seen and felt strange things on. The first one was my first time going to the cemetary with an ex gf and we went to the donkey ladys bridge before the toyota plant was built there because we didnt see anything there at the chinese cemetary upon first arriving there I was driving back up to it for the second time and saw a black shadow fly and hover across the cemetary and ghost fog in front of cemetary and shortly there after left. On the second occasion was with another girlfriend at the time and she said I think we better leave Ryan and I asked why? At that moment felt like something was trying to take over my body I couldnt breath move speak or yell and that was actually inside the cemetary.

  3. Went there a few years ago with 3 other people. Upon getting there I was excited to check it out. Once we walked inside, I remember getting this great feeling of remorse fall over me-as if I had done something bad. Of course there were weird noises but that didn’t bother me, it was the feeling I had. When we were leaving I remember hearing footsteps right behind us as if whatever it was, was following us out. Haven’t been back there since but I don’t mind revisiting.

  4. i went awhile back when they had a statue in the middle , and we would flash our lights to it , and soon it will turn around and stare at you . I went this year during the summer with friends a couple of times but we never got off , but we did visit the haunted train tracks , while we were making a turn a little boys shadow ran accross infront of the truck ,

  5. Hmm, I like that other people as seen this black shadow. Was the shadow seen during the day or night or both? I will try to visit this cemetery tomorrow

  6. I first went to this cemetery way back in the early 70s with friends. It was daytime when we went but that night at my house I saw a black figure on a wall that appeared to have on Chinese head gear and long robe or similar type clothing. I went back another time but never saw the black figure again. I’m glad now they have a fence and gate fencing off the area, because those buried there need to be left alone and to rest in peace. The place is not an amusement park, so if you are looking to be amused then you need to go to a park that provides amusement.

  7. lauren and spencer  |  

    Me and my friend came to visit on the night of June 18, 2015 at 1:25 am we sat at the gate flashed our lights five time never heard it seen anything he gates were locked and looked like the cemetery was cleared out we sat there for about 40 minutes

  8. We went yesterday and we walked along the side and heard a woman scream. We kept going inside and when we got to the end of just the grave yard a male yelled loud, he was super close to us. We got scared and booked it

  9. I remember a few friends and I went there a few years back on a hot and humid night and I remember feeling cold spots and just feeling really uneasy. I haven’t been back since but i’m curious on checking it out again if anyone is interested?

  10. We just got home from visiting the haunted Chinese cemetery. We saw movement and felt like someone was watching us and decided it was best to not get out of our car- it’s not exactly a quick and easy getaway place. Anyway READ WHAT I SAY!!!! we left the cemetery and turned around a little ways down zarzamora and when we drove back by to go back to 410 we saw 3+ grown men walking out of the cemetery all in black clothing (leather jackets with patches and trinkets) and a few in masks. When they recognized our car they froze in the middle of the road. they had parked a silver Dodge Journey across zarzamora from the cemetery entrance. Just wanted to send out a warning for everyone to BE SAFE! I’ve read quite a few reviews and posts from people talking about similar instances and they were probably people into witchcraft.. (did not look like pranksters whatsoever)..

  11. Just came back from there, had a really sad feeling when I passed one grave to the left with the woman/angel headstone. I actually started tearing up when I looked at the grave, though I can’t even recall whose grave it was.


      I know who’s grave your talking about…it belongs to a very small girl who died in a playground accident when she was about three. I know this because alot of my way older family members are actually buried there. The little girl was the only child of my great-aunt and uncle. They adored her but sadly one day she feel either from a swing or a slide and hit her head…she never regained conscience. They did later have two more children.

  12. The Chinese Graveyard is a place I try to visit a few times a year. Although I started going because “ghost hunting,” is fun, I continued because I just feel drawn to the place. There have been times where absolutely nothing has happened and times where the inexplicable has, but what is consistent is the heavy sense of sorrow I feel every time I go. The graveyard itself is somewhat in ruins. The second you walk on to the property you feel sadness- an oppressive air that seems to hold the whispers of those who have passed and been forgotten. One of the first times that I actually made it past the gates, I came equipped with my DSLR camera, flashlights, an audio recorder and a few friends. I have a good friend who is sensitive to energy and I often rely on him for his intuition. As I started to squeeze through the gate he told me to stop– It wasn’t a good idea to go in that night. I ignored him and stepped in, but didn’t go very far. I stood there with my audio recorder, casually asking questions. “Is there anyone here with us?” — the typical “ghost hunting,” chitchat that is expected on such an occasion. Within moments, rocks were being tossed at us from both sides of the entrance, the origins unclear. No shadows, no humans, nothing. When we got back to the car I instantly plugged my phone in with the aux chord to hear what I had recorded before driving off. My phone shut down the second I pressed play and went into a system restore mode– something that had never happened before and never happened again. When my phone finally restored, the only file that was corrupted was the recording from the Chinese Graveyard. (We had hit up a few other local places before and every other recording was still playable). Every time I visit I make sure to say a prayer and acknowledge those who lay to rest there. I tell them they are not forgotten and send out as much positive energy as possible. This place holds a lot of history and deserves the respect that so many refuse to give. Happy hunting!!


    I’m very familiar with this graveyard…many of my ancestors are buried here. Including at least 3 of my Great-Grandfathers. One of which was actually struck by lighting. The lighting killed my Great-Grandfather Julain, the horse he rode on and his dog.
    As a little girl, I remember going to the graveyard at least several times a year to “clean” the graves with my Grandmother and my Great-Grandmother.

    • Cheyenne Gonzales  |  

      Do you know the owners contact information; with major respects to this whole situation, I’m a crafter my self , bloodline & I have a lot of unsolved family history something keeps drawing me up back to here . Even if I’m wrong I’d still love to visit to see it for a paying respect to everyone there . If I get the okay with the owner all for knowledge and learning and helping me open doors to my inner power , I have a item for each loved one there , NO I don’t want to practice there or any thing ; I just want to pay my respects to whom it is desevered to ; leaving either ( a crystal , a spell jar , a message , flowers anything with love and respectful to each one ) lighting there broken souls to give them a little joy again on the other side it starts with us to make them feel loved and not feared ;

      You can reach me at that’s my coworkers email who said I had her permission to use her email to be contact at . Thank you


  14. I’ve been to this grave yard twice not realizing its a families plot of my grandmas side. People need to respect our love ones and just stay out of the grave yard,

  15. I think it’s sad so many have found out about this graveyard, and in spite of reading of the dangers of going there they will not stay away and leave it alone. People buried there should receive respect by letting them rest in peace. It is not a place to try to be entertained.

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