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Behind the MHI on the north side there Is a locked gate about 4 feet tall, if you follow that path down about a foot ball field distance you should cross a small bridge,and there is a small cemetery that is home to nameless graves.

It is said that if you take the trip down pass sunset and take a shot of the cemetery with a flash camera you will see faces of the deceased.

The deceased were once said to be mental patients that were experimented on and no one claimed them after their death. Now they lay in their own place with nothing but a number and life to death dates.

Or so they say…

(Submitted by Gabe)

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Geographic Information

1251 W Cedar Loop
Cherokee, IA 51012
United States

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42.7579892661652, -95.5829324125807
Cherokee County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Cherokee, IA (1.7 mi.)
Meriden, IA (3.6 mi.)
Larrabee, IA (7.4 mi.)
Cleghorn, IA (7.6 mi.)
Aurelia, IA (8.1 mi.)
Quimby, IA (9.3 mi.)
Marcus, IA (12.3 mi.)
Calumet, IA (13.1 mi.)
Washta, IA (14.3 mi.)
Sutherland, IA (15.5 mi.)


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  1. I’m a former patient of this place, and during my stay, I’d always felt like I was watched, I’d constantly study the outside when we were taken to have a break out there, and everything seemed off. I’d never truly had a nightmare before that I’d remembered, and a very vivid and detailed one at that, before staying here. I never felt alone in my bedroom, never, not once. Though, I was there only for my PTSD and anxiety problems, it could’ve been my head doing this, seeing how I was a patient, but I swear it’s true.

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