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Charlesgate, built in 1901, was bought by Boston University to use as a dorm in 1947, and then was also used as a dorm by Emerson College through the late 1990s. It’s now a condo building. Some of the hauntings are attributed to séances held by college kids or a suicide by an architect in one of the closets.

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Geographic Information

Beacon Street and Charlesgate East
Boston, MA
United States

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42.35018683276454, -71.09134666616228
Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Nearest Towns:
Boston, MA (1.7 mi.)
Cambridge, MA (1.9 mi.)
Brookline, MA (2.0 mi.)
South Boston, MA (2.4 mi.)
Somerville, MA (2.6 mi.)
Jamaica Plain, MA (3.2 mi.)
Chelsea, MA (4.1 mi.)
Everett, MA (4.5 mi.)
Medford, MA (4.8 mi.)
Watertown, MA (4.9 mi.)


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  1. Diane Carliner  |  

    Please see documentary book The Witch of Lime Street if you have not yet done so. It mentions connections with the Charlesgate Hotel.

  2. Back in the 1990’s Emerson College Campus Police station was on the first floor, Beacon Street side of the Charlesgate East building (the old Charlesgate hotel). I was one of their campus police officers. The students, I believe we’re either on the holiday or spring break and the building was vacant. We had heard the ghost stories. But, out of ignorance or denial didn’t believe them and nothing of the paranormal was experienced. We would even work out in the gym at night. However, on night it was snowing heavy, not blizzard type. But, continual, soft, accumulative snow. Our Chief was concerned about having the shifts covered overnight into the next day. So, he ordered the evening shift to stay overnight, after getting off duty, in the building. About 5 officers including myself we’re either on the 5th, 6th floors, in what was used as a common room area. The area of the building above Beacon st and Charlesgate East, the are is the rounded exterior, on the corner of the building. We officers were trying to get some sleep and, one by one, would leave to go back to the station to resume our duties. Me being the last one left upstairs. I tried to resume sleeping on the couch I was on. Now… My head was about 8-10 feet from the doorway entrance to this room. outside of the room was a hall way that ran down toward the room then took a left and ran, almost the length of the building. It had been 10 or 15 minutes since everyone left. But, in that hallway. Something ran northward down the hallway toward my direction, then ran left in the direction of the length of the building. The steps couldn’t have been more than 10-15. I was not asleep and immediately was startled and jumped up, ran out in the hallway and looked. There was nothing there. I gathered my belongings and ran downstairs. I have been I court many times. If had had to testify tomorrow concerning this experience. I would not be able to explain the cause except to say… This was not caused by a human.

    • I drove by the charlesgate yesterday after the red sox game. It is luxury housing now. That must have been a creepy building to work in? I was a Campus police officer myself , just up the road in Chelsea at the Soldiers Home. In my brief 2 years working the graveyard shift, I saw and heard a few creepy things. The soldiers home has been there since 1882 . Lots of ghost stories amongst the staff there, although nothing ever published that I am aware of. Head up Crest Avenue in Chelsea and see the place for yourself. It is creepy

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