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This building was originally a church, and later a hotel – now it is a popular restaurant called Ceviche.

Check out the large, antique mirror behind the bar at Ceviche – some nights guests will see an out-of-place woman dressed in 19th century garb, standing behind them in the reflection. Of course they turn around and see… no one.

Objects are sometimes thrown from the bar, or moved to nonsensical places. Upstairs, some patrons claim to feel unseen hands tugging at their pants.

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125 W Church St
Orlando, FL
United States

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28.540414500292233, -81.3813432816147
Orange County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Orlando, FL (0.2 mi.)
Holden Heights, FL (3.1 mi.)
Fairview Shores, FL (3.6 mi.)
Edgewood, FL (3.8 mi.)
Conway, FL (4.0 mi.)
Pine Hills, FL (4.5 mi.)
Orlovista, FL (4.8 mi.)
Winter Park, FL (4.8 mi.)
Pine Castle, FL (4.8 mi.)
Azalea Park, FL (4.9 mi.)

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  1. I went on a Ghost tour and this is one of the places we stopped at. We were taken upstairs where, most of the activity happens. The story is it use to be a church that was located in New Orleans and dismantled and brought to Orlando. There was a man, that they call Georgie. He hung himself in the church. And his spirit came along with the pieces of the church. He resides upstairs. As we were taken upstairs, has soon as we started walking up the steps, I could feel something watching us. It was a very unsettling feeling. Finally we got back to a bar and then a Hearth room. The energy was intense. So the tour guide told us about a Man who had hung himself, I could feel it was a male spirit and he was not happy with us being there. Well come to find out they were doing construction in the spot he usually hangs out. So that made him upset. For some reason he seemed to cling to me. I guess maybe because i was trying to ask questions. As I walked out of the room i felt something come right up behind my head! I told them I meant no harm. I just liked to talk to them. It finally settled down. But i could still feel him hanging around. I also had something tug on my camera that was hanging on my shoulder and i was sitting down and felt something touch my leg. And i asked the tour guide if any babies or kids had died here. She said yes. That it use to be a old brothel and that “working girls” would get pregnant and keep the children and they would live there as well. There were stories of male costumers, that would find out about the babies and have them killed. I don’t know how true that is, but back in the day who knows. All i know is its one of the best experiences i have ever had! This place is very much active!

  2. I have done an investigation here and got intelligent responses in the bar area.. I asked if there were any spirits here and immediately I got YES, then as our tour guide was talking about the place my ghost vox said Hung, which then our tour guide said yes indeed someone was hung here, I also got Lady of the night said on the ghost box and the location use to be a brothel. So yes, I would consider it to be very haunted for sure ! I have the video posted on my tik-tok as well as caught some really good SLS figures in there which I also have in my tik-tok https://www.tiktok.com/@kalium1979/video/7023145313363856645

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