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If it’s called Cemetery Mountain, well it just has to be haunted. You can’t have a place called Cemetery Mountain and it not be haunted, that would be un-American. It’s called Cemetery Mountain, and it’s spooky and there are a lot of cemeteries there. So it’s haunted. Case closed.

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Geographic Information

Cemetery Mountain
Munford, AL
United States

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33.3911108926218, -85.9719525925293
Talladega County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Waldo, AL (3.3 mi.)
Talladega, AL (8.3 mi.)
Munford, AL (9.7 mi.)
Ashland, AL (11.3 mi.)
Lineville, AL (13.7 mi.)
Millerville, AL (14.0 mi.)
Bynum, AL (15.4 mi.)
Delta, AL (16.6 mi.)
Oxford, AL (17.3 mi.)
Lincoln, AL (17.5 mi.)


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  1. when we were young we would drink and party on this mountain in the cemetery there are tombstones all threw out the woods a few have seen a man in a trench coat ,something slivering off the side of the road and of course there also cry baby bridge

  2. the copy above as the lead in is pretty much worthless in it’s logic ‘becasue it’s called that it must be haunted.” Rubbish.-. if some of the people who’ve been there like doobie or camaran could enlarge on their experiences it would help everyone a lot.

    • I lived there as a kid (im 33 now) my whole family lived there…my great grandfather (Calbert Patterson) was going hunting one day way back when and he came across a car parked on the side of the road (opposite side of the road of bedford cemetery) and there was a shot gun propped up beside the car he didn’t think much of this bc everyone would hunt there…so he started walking into the woods and about 10 yards in he came across a woman up against the tree that had been shot…the cops ruled it as a suicide but still to this day you can go to that spot and hear a woman yelling and walking through the woods

  3. If there was a book like that, a news crew would already have been out there. There is no such book and even the people that “live there” have no idea where this so called church is.

  4. I was riding thru one night with a friend. We stopped at the top where we could see in both directions .i went behind the the because my bladder was about to bust. I had just closed the car door when the loudest growl, roar sound was right beside me. There was nothing there. Full moon. Good visibility. I got off that mountain in less than five mi.utes. yes something is there .

    • I cannot vouch for any of the mentioned places on Cemetary Mt. but I had my own encounter there Halloween night 1998 at Bedford Cemetary. I live basically at the bottom of Cemetary Mt. and have all my life. I’ve grown up hearing different stories and encounters from numerous people about the Mt. being haunted. I was at Bedford Cemetary that night sitting in the woods just off the side of Cemetary Mt. road awaiting my church youth group hay ride to ride by. I was suppossed to jump out and scare them. I was sitting there for about 20 minutes when I started hearing what sounded like wind chimes moving all around in the bottom in front of me then heard a very loud, shreel, short scream about 50 yards in front of me. It got really quiet after that and then something screamed a very loud, long scream right in my left ear. So close I could literally feel the breath hitting the side of my face. It was so loud it made my left ear ring! I immediately stood up but could not move at all. I was frozen with fear! Then it seemed moved out in the bottom in front of me and it was like it just turned into the wind chimes. The chimes started moving all around the bottom again then started moving towards me. The next thing that happened was the scariest thing that has ever happend to me in my whole life. I was hit by the same scream again directly in my face. Needless to say I wasn’t frozen anymore. I ran out of the woods to my truck and drove home. I passed the church youth group on the way down the mountain and told them not to go up there. I missed everything that niht including my birthday party because I would not come out again. Like I said before I can’t vouch for the other locations on Cemetary Mt but on this particular night something did not appreciate me being at Bedford Cemetary. I am an avid hunter and have hunted all over Cemetary Mt. my whole life and still do. But I have never had an experience like this before or after this night.

    • I was up there last night with a couple jeeps and my excursion… I went behind my truck to use “the restroom” when I heard the SAME THING! I asked my buddy “what the hell was that?” He said ,what?! I said, you didn’t hear that?! He said no… I blew it off like it was in my head until I saw this! That’s crazy

    • I had the same experience but it was at Guthrie Chapel, which is very near where you also heard the roar. What I heard sounded like a lion or a larger animal than what could possibly be in the area. I didn’t stick around!!

  5. i know some people won’t see this because this page is kinda old, but I live a half a mile away from cemetery mountain and I’ve experienced seeing some ghostly figures. And I go up there like every single day. I am really interested about the church that has the book and that will get heavy and heavier so u can’t take it out of the church. And it’s supposedly the devils bible. Please if any one has been there please tell me where at because I really wanna do it.

  6. All of this is fake i lived at the bottom of the mountain for 17 years and used to jog up there everyday from clairmont springs to the end of the road going to twin churches and never experienced anything creapy

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