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The house was said to be haunted by more than 200 demons. Witnesses have reported levitating children, swarms of flies that mysteriously appear in winter, footprints, and apparitions. The demons were believed to have possessed the three children of the family who lived there, and case workers, priests and police called to the scene all testify that the story is the truth. However, reports say that the family doctor visited and determined that the children were mentally unsound and simply putting on a performance, and that their mother Latoya Ammons had put up many religious shrines inside the home. The children were taken to child services. Reports say Zak Bargans of TV’s Ghost Adventures has recently purchased the house.

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Geographic Information

Near 3868 Carolina St
Gary, IN
United States

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41.54830810868025, -87.32823556997528
Lake County, Indiana
Nearest Towns:
New Chicago, IN (2.9 mi.)
Gary, IN (3.3 mi.)
Hobart, IN (3.9 mi.)
Merrillville, IN (4.5 mi.)
Lake Station, IN (5.0 mi.)
Griffith, IN (5.1 mi.)
Highland, IN (6.4 mi.)
Portage, IN (8.1 mi.)
Wheeler, IN (8.1 mi.)
Schererville, IN (8.1 mi.)


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  1. i remember in 1994, at St Marks church in Gary in. off of ridge road… i attended a bilingual church service with my girlfriend and her family that afternoon… soon into the service i noticed the priest acting strangelly, while he preaching the gospel, he kept shaking and jerking and takin his robe off and putting it back on… all of us there that day were puzzled…and id say about 10 minutes went by of this behavior, then he walks over to a woman that was sitting up front, in a wheelchair, and he cocks back his hand and slaps her very hard!!! im almost positive that he broke her jar… we all were in shock!! i was 16 yrs old, and rubbed my eyes in disbelief!!! because of what just ocurred…many people, including myself, ran up to her to help her, someone called the paramedics… and as alot of commotion was going on… i was standing upfront just watching the priests behavior… still acting strange, still jerking and shaking as he was in the beginning… the priest kept walkin back and forth, …. and before the paramedics could arrive, i remember my girlfriends older brother and some men holdin the priest down, and actually tieing his hands behind his back, to keep him from harming anyone else, or himself… i was in shock, still confused at all that happened …. as the paramedics finally arrived , the priest began speakin and yelllin in strange voices…. i got scared instantly…. because i had an better idea what might be happening, like he was possessed! so he started yellin “unlock us from the chains of helllllllll, help us!!!!! ” he kept repeating that… and by then, everyone that was still at the church was puzzled, shocked and scared…. while the priest still was pinned down to the floor, by the 5 men including the paramedics… he looked up with an evil face, jumped up out of their grip… and started running wildly like an animal chasing people!!!! i took off runnning westbound on ridge road, i was so scared, i ran so fast, i couldnt believe all that i witnessed…. my girlfriends family caught up to me down the road in their truck, we were so quiet on the way home…. but when we got to her house…. so many hours went by so fast because we couldnt stop talking about what we all saw… it was the most scariest thing ive ever saw in my life…. ive seen scarey movies, but they were movies, even if they were based on true stories…. i could honestly say that i witnessed something so scarey at a church, by a priest…. needless to say, i never ever stepped foot back into that church, it was my first time going there that afternoon, never would i ever have thought id see something like that…….

    • Stay with God ,live by the 10 commandments, fear no evil, God created all things and all we have to do is have faith trust believe in God ,he hears our prayers he permits all of that to happen hoping you turn to God , the priest was weak for he was in mortal sin , so God allowed him to be attacked , hopefully that priest is closer to God now than ever before , as we all should be , what was witnessed was a miracle and many in the world since the beginning of time would have wanted to witness this , and we’re not to give credit to evil for it grows from attention but ignore negative in all forms and sizes and turn to God in prayer he will save you and anyone in that situation , don’t give up on the church take back what is given to us by God by not running from evil but by turning to God and praying and he will fight the battle and win for you through your prayers to him Jesus has already won the war, and Jesus Christ will help us win the battles as well all we have to do is say Jesus I trust in you, evil can’t stand the name of Jesus but be brave and don’t be in sin , because when we are we seem to fear death , stay with God and death is incapable of spreading fear because to be with God on Earth means to have life everlasting for the soul and therefore death can’t harm us for it knows we are with the grace of God

    • wow that story was incredible about the church it sounded so fake but I believe it’s true beca\use I’ve seen a lot of creepy stuff happen in my fourteen years

  2. My old ems partner was called to this house with Gary P.D. He confirmed the story of the possessed kids climbing up the walls in a humanly impossible manner. He also told me when they arrived at Northlake ER they levitated off the hospital bed.

    • yup Zak bought it and had it leveled to the ground. You can see the original staircase from the house in his Haunted Museum Now .

  3. The devil’s greatest trick is making us believe he doesn’t exist , the doctor was right and wrong. Right for not feeding into the evil but wrong by not believing, and if he didn’t know better it’s not his fault , if the doctor had more faith in God he would have given the credit to God and turned everyone to God and given the family the credibility they deserved , I believe the mom and the kids it’s happened to me and doctors said the same thing ,it’s a way for them to drum up buisness in the medical field with pills and medication , the devil needs to be exposed and when he is the light of God needs to be called upon to cast the demons back to the fiery pits of hell by the blood power name and authority of Jesus Christ our merciful saviour , Amen

  4. I have been there before with my best friend……The experience was real….It’s really hard to forget that day and moment of what happened to me…..All I remember was her telling me “It’ll be okay. You’re gonna be okay now” ….. Haunts me to this day….

  5. Had a 2008 Ford Ranger and visited the place right after it was torn down. I remember standing on the sidewalk on the edge of the property and it felt extremely weird, like I was being watched. Felt like something was trying to attach itself to me also and that’s when I got scared, ran back go the Ranger, which mind you had never had issues until the next part. I went to try and start it and get the heck out of there and it wouldn’t even crank. I was able to get it into neutral and push it up about 50 feet before trying again to get it started and get the out of there. They may have taken the building down, but the demons are still there and I won’t go back.

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