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The bar is said to be haunted by prank-playing spirits. Workers say the lights flicker, the blenders start up by themselves even when unplugged, and plates fall off their racks.

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Geographic Information

3320 Armar Dr
Marion, IA 52302
United States

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42.026902, -91.61630400000001
Linn County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Marion, IA (1.1 mi.)
Cedar Rapids, IA (1.9 mi.)
Hiawatha, IA (3.4 mi.)
Robins, IA (4.0 mi.)
Bertram, IA (6.8 mi.)
Alburnett, IA (8.4 mi.)
Springville, IA (9.2 mi.)
Palo, IA (9.6 mi.)
Ely, IA (10.7 mi.)
Fairfax, IA (11.3 mi.)


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  1. It is hunted but shes a nice ghost. Once there was an amusement park and a little girl fell off the Ferrist wheel. Shes only comes out at night.

  2. I worked there 7 years as a food server and experienced some unusual things. One time, when I was waiting for the bartender to take my customers credit card to run it thru the credit card machine behind the bar, the credit card machine, which was actually kind of heavy, suddenly flew very quickly off the bar about 5 feet onto floor AND NO ONE WAS STANDING NEAR IT. The bar had a padded ‘ledge’ so the credit card machine was literally air born over the bar/ledge before landing on the floor 5 feet away from the bar. I was only person closest to it but still several feet away. The bartender was across the bar but had turned towards me at the exact moment it happened and witnesses it also. Neither of us could speak as we stared at each other in complete shock not wanting to believe what we had just seen. I was literally shaking afterwards. I also witnessed dishes literally fly off shelves as did numerous other employees. NOT FALL OFF DOWNWARD BUT ACTUALLY FLY OUTWARD AWAY FROM THE SHELF AND LAND 4-5 FEET AWAY EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS A ‘LIP’ ON THE EDGE OF THE SHELVES! We were not clumsy-ass workers!! Numerous employees witnessed this on a regular basis and just about everyone experienced some kind of strange, unexplainable or shocking thing that happened while working. It was explained to all new employees so they would expect it. The manager refused to talk about the things she had seen while working because she was so spooked, esp late at night after closing when most of the mischief happened.
    Another incident happened when my supervisor found a full, steaming mug of coffee waiting for her in the office late one night after everyone had gone home and everything had been turned off, put away and cleaned hours before. She had decided to do one ‘last sweep’ thru the restaurant before leaving and lo-and-behold, there it was in the office when she went back to grab her purse/coat before leaving. SHE WAS THE ONLY PERSON THERE, THE RESTAURANT WAS COMPLETELY LOCKED UP AND THE COFFEE MACHINE HAD BEEN CLEANED AND TURNED OFF HOURS BEFORE WHEN THE EMPLOYEES HAD LEFT. She quickly got the heck out of there.

  3. Rick Sindelar  |  

    I work as a contractor and run into odd things all the time. But nothing like at this location. On numerous occasions “things” will brake and by the time I get there to run diagnosis it’s working again.
    By far the oddest experience of my life was in the attic at this restaurant in 2014 my flashlight quit plunging me into darkness, but the odd feeling of not being alone and all would be OK was almost ufforic. After finding my way out my flashlight worked fine.
    This is a true story I can’t explain.

  4. I once saw what appeared to be a small boy standing right in front of me while I was having a meal.By the way he was dressed,looked like a gypsy.

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