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Many accidents have occurred on this stretch of road. The ghosts here are said to include a police officer, a man who died near Carbon Canyon Creek, a woman who stares at the water (who can be found near Brea), and other bloody and decaying figures.

(Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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Geographic Information

Carbon Canyon Road
Brea, CA
United States

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33.9426813, -117.78596920000001
Orange County, California
Nearest Towns:
Chino Hills, CA (3.9 mi.)
Yorba Linda, CA (4.0 mi.)
Los Serranos, CA (4.9 mi.)
Diamond Bar, CA (6.1 mi.)
Brea, CA (6.8 mi.)
Placentia, CA (6.9 mi.)
Walnut, CA (7.0 mi.)
Rowland Heights, CA (7.2 mi.)
Chino, CA (7.3 mi.)
Pomona, CA (8.0 mi.)


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  1. When I first moved to chino hills from East LA last year. I fell in love with this area I used to drive up and down carbon canyon rd. during the day just to see all the cows and horses. One rainy night around 1 or 2am i got in an argument with my gf. i decided to go for a ride down carbon canyon just to get away for a bit. In the beginning it was a nice comfortable ride. No cars at all so I was driving about 25 mph. Smoking a cig. my radio didn’t work at the time so all i can hear was the rain. Once i passed the small neighborhood of sleepy hollow things started to get weird. I mean really weird. First I saw a deer besides the road. I got so excited i slowed down to check it out. I noticed the deer was not startled by me i thought it was cool. The deer wasn’t even looking at me. The deer was looking straight ahead down the road staring at total darkness. Suddenly the deer just takes off up the canyon. I didn’t think much of it. I drove about 20 ft. and I saw Roses and a cross on the side of the road. First thing that came to mind was Car Crash. I continued driving around 20 mph until my car started to dramatically increase speed up to 35mph then 40mph almost hitting 50mph I noticed a curve coming up and i felt like if i was loosing control of the car. I was holding down my breaks but it felt really hard like if my breaks were not working. The car started to slowly move side to side. I started praying in my head saying over and over “please god don’t let me crash” the car started to brake and i slowed all the way down to 15mph. After that i new it was time to go home. but in my head i was saying maybe i was just going down hill and the car started to increase speed. still i wanted to go back home. I kept going straight looking for a perfect spot to make a U-turn to go back home. I ended up making it to the first cross light at Olinda Village, I made a quick U-turn to go back home. It was raining hard and i could barely see. I felt nervous driving back cause i felt the same thing was going to happen driving down the same road. I sparked another cig. and that’s when I saw the roses. The cross was gone. I didn’t think much of it i figured the wind knocked it down. about 20-30 ft. i saw a man with no umbrella not even a rain jacket on just walking in pitch black. Headed towards Sleepy Hollow. i figured him for a farmer. but still when i drove right passed him chills went shivering down my whole body, especially because i couldn’t see his face. He was walking looking down on the ground the whole time. I drove faster. cause i was very uncomfortable. Once i passed Sleep Hollow I felt like i was almost home so a sense of relief came over me. Until i saw the same fucking guy wearing the same clothes walking on the side of the road with his head down and hands in his pocket. I was shocked to the bone. I drove even faster to pass him. when i passed him i looked at my rear view to try to see his face but all a seen was pitch black. I wanted to get home faster then ever. On the way home i kept feeling like if someone was sitting in the backseat of my car. I kept turning back but saw nothing. I didn’t feel better until i hit chino hills parkway. that’s when i saw cars and i felt like i was safe. I went home my gf was still mad so i didn’t tell her anything. I forgot about it and went on with my life. Until today i came across this website and i found out this rd is a hot spot for supernatural. It freaked me out and brought back this freaky memory. I never told anyone so who ever reads this will be the first to know my story. Don’t get me wrong this road is absolutely beautiful during the day. but at night i do not recommend driving this road alone. Its creepy. Especially in the rain. Thanks for hearing my story and i hope you heed my warning about this rd. God Bless.

    • Yes, I totally believe u! Use to live in chino n chino hills. And I drive home from brea to chino hills on a Sunday right b4 it started to get dark. With my son in the back seat n bam I was alone on the highway b4 sleepy hollow n I saw a huge ufo very low to the ground very close to me n my son it was so quick n he saw it, he don’t Rember anymore he older know but I did it scared me n it was they fit like 1 min n then bam gone

  2. I saw the same thing!! a man walking around at about 1 am on a cold day. Normally you would think somebody walking around that late would have some sort of light or deflectors. Not even a jacket! I was driving back home alone from Chino Hills and just ignored it, but i was so weirded out that i never drive through the canyon at night anymore! haha

  3. I have twice seen a lady in a whitish grey waistcoat and dress (Victorian?). The first time was about 8 years ago, by the private road on the south end of Sleepy Hollow. It was around 3am, and the lady was at the side of the road, and as I approached, I thought about stopping to see if she was alright. As I came along side her, I saw her face, and the deep eyeless sockets, and changed my mind… except I felt that she was then in my backseat. There was an intense sensation of cold coming from the back of my car, and I couldn’t force myself to look back there. The moment I hit La Vita, the cold sensation was gone, and I felt free of whatever had gripped me. I had not seen anything unusual since then… till March 25th of this year, when I saw the same lady again. This time moving alongside the road north of Sleepy Hollow. This time time I did not look at her, I focused on the road in front me, and I did not feel the cold sensation. Whatever you do, if you see her, don’t try to look at her, or you to may pick up a frightening hitchhiker.

  4. Once my boyfriend and I were coming back from Disneyland (around 10ish pm) and couldn’t get on the freeway and maps led us to Carbon Canyon Road. We had never been in the area before and I’m a little sensitive to paranormal things, the moment we turned onto the road I got REALLY uneasy. I was super scared and I didn’t know why. My boyfriend assumed it was because of how much the road curves and the odd 30 mph to 15 mph signs, but I was just freaking out and kept my eyes closed until we got off the road 8 miles later. I kept saying there was something very off about the road but I didn’t know what, I came across this website while looking it up and I now know why I was so freaked out, I felt the presence of the ghosts there and it was VERY overwhelming. I wanna go back during the day to see if I still feel uneasy haha, I’m happy I didn’t see anything but I did feel the presence of a woman in our back seat so that’s mostly why I kept my eyes shut haha

  5. All bullshit
    Was living in a house next to fire station in carbon canyon
    Basically drive my miata on the 142 every midnight never seen anything weird

    • Just because you didn’t experience anything doesn’t mean it’s “bullshit.” I’ve lived around the area for 20+ years and have seen/heard a fair share of paranormal experiences.

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