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According to reports, when the area was being cleared for building this hotel, the body of a woman was found. She had committed suicide by shooting herself in the head. Her ghost is said to remain at the hotel and may manifest as a shadowy form. She also turns the lights on and off and causes cool breezes in the hallways.

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Geographic Information

24741 Country Club Blvd
North Olmsted, OH 44070
United States

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41.415591, -81.89593300000001
Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
North Olmsted, OH (1.4 mi.)
Fairview Park, OH (2.4 mi.)
Olmsted Falls, OH (2.9 mi.)
Westlake, OH (3.0 mi.)
Berea, OH (4.0 mi.)
Brook Park, OH (4.9 mi.)
Bay Village, OH (5.0 mi.)
Rocky River, OH (5.1 mi.)
Middleburg Heights, OH (5.7 mi.)
North Ridgeville, OH (6.6 mi.)


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  1. My wife and myself are from Toledo Ohio and booked a room here for the weekend to go see a comedy show. On our first night here I ran across the street to wal-mart while my wife stayed in the room, She was in the bathroom and said she heard someone say Hi, so she opened the door and said Hi baby but I was not back yet and nobody was in the room, The next day at a little after 5pm on 6-14-14 I was half asleep on the bed while my wife was in the shower, I had a hand brush across the top of my head, hard enough to wake me up, I turned and said hi baby, but she was still in the shower and nobody else was in the room. This was an awesome addition to my vacation.

  2. I worked for this hotel from 2006-2011, mostly 3rd shift, and 2nd shift. We always worked by ourselves at these times, and on 3rd shift there usually wasn’t much to do. On several occasions while checking guests in, the guest and I could hear somone pounding on the lobby windows, there was never anyone there, and outside the window was a large flower bed. If that wasn’t creepy enough, on my 3rd shift nights things got very scary, to the point where I would stay in the fitness center and watch tv because I didn’t want to think about any ghosts. Most nights at 3am the hands on the office clock would just spin out of control until I took the batteries out. I would have guests complaining about noise coming from vacant rooms all throughout the middle of the night. I would have to say that the thing that scared me the most was when I got off the elevator at the first floor and seen a women sitting on the floor, at the end of the hallway. I was walking toward her thinking it was a guest locked out of their room, but as I got about 30 feet from her she stood up and walked through a locked employee only door. This was when I looked for a new job

  3. I never stayed there but I do know the basis for the haunting is true. It happened in the late 1990’s or early 2000. I can’t remember the exact year but I do know it was around that time frame because I only worked at the Wal-Mart accross the street until I got pregnant with my son in 2001. The guys who I worked in the garden center with were all talking about and freaked out by the fact that a dead body was taken from the construction site. A few weeks later, a door greeter we worked with showed us a snippet from a news article that talked about a suicide of a woman in the wooded construction site. According to the article, they ruled it a suicide because of the gun found near her body. When I heard the hotel was haunted years later, it made sense because I thought, what if she didn’t commit suicide? What if she was murdered? I’d be angry and want to haunt too if my death was ruled a suicide and it wasn’t the case. The article our door greeter showed us didn’t have a name for the woman and I’ve always been curious about her. If she didn’t commit suicide, I hope her ghost can find a way to make that known.

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