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Visitors at Burlington Public Cemetery have described a feeling of being watched or followed–or even chased–by something unseen.

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Geographic Information

Browns Lake Dr
Burlington, WI
United States

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42.68423492464441, -88.25241673010169
Racine County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Browns Lake, WI (1.2 mi.)
Burlington, WI (1.3 mi.)
Rochester, WI (4.2 mi.)
Bohners Lake, WI (4.5 mi.)
Waterford, WI (5.8 mi.)
Eagle Lake, WI (6.5 mi.)
Springfield, WI (8.6 mi.)
Powers Lake, WI (9.3 mi.)
Union Grove, WI (10.2 mi.)
Tichigan, WI (10.4 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. I actually live next to this cemetery and have recently caught an evp at this cemetery. I do plan on going back to see how many more evps i can get at this location. My evp was at 6 pm and still daylight out also.

    • Same I have caught and evp at the Burlington Cemetery. I now go there everyday to see more evps i can get I caught my evp at 3 am.

  2. Back between the years 2000- 2003 I lived on foxtree circle. I used to cut through the cemetery to go to my friends house. I remember walking through one night while i was walking i heard footsteps behind me i turned and looked and there was no one there. As i was walking a began to feel like i was being watched. When i got near my friends backyard near the fence i heard a whisper and felt something move near me. At the same time I saw a shadow like apparition of a person and it had charged right at me. I jumped my friends low fence and ran to her back door and started banging until she let me in. After that her mom gave me a ride home. The only time i have ever gone back to that cemetery is to visit my aunt mary jo’s grave.

  3. This cemetery….wow. Burlington cemetery itself has no paranormal activity itself…..but through a field in the back is a old cemetery. Where to begin. Here is the outcome of one night in the old cemetery. Arrived at 7 and drove through the field to the back. Set up cameras and tape recorders. It was after 9 when things started to get strange…and violent. Had a group of 4 and we were taking photos of the area as a way to provide a map. The photos itself when gone through showed many things that we couldn’t debunk. A phantom hand touching a group members shoulder the same time she said something was touching her. Apparitions were photographed all over. The sounds of whispers were heard clearly. My head was slammed down into a pointed headstone breaking my nose and the sound of a laugh was loud and clear. EVP had many voices we couldn’t explain and our EMF meters kept going crazy. Large spikes then nothing. The old cemetery is definitely not a safe place. The spirits that inhabit the area are unfriendly. At the end of the investigation we were covered in ticks and spiders. Be cautious when going here.

  4. Me and my fiancĂ© went here this evening and nothing. Now that’s not to say it doesn’t happen to others just didn’t happen for us. There is this creepy building in the front portion of the cemetery that was scarier than than the old grave yard. Have fun with it is all I can tell you.

  5. I have several friends buried in the Burlington Cemetery but I haven’t been there in many years. About 40 years ago, my ex and I walked back to the old cemetery, which I believe, contains the remains of some of the earliest Burlington pioneers. We walked through undisturbed, but there was a sad feeling about the place, it was so neglected. I noticed also, how many stones seemed to be for young women, and their babies…. so many women lost their lives trying to bear children in those days. Even in these modern days, oregnancy and birth can be dangerous, and I speak from personal experience. If I had lived back in those times, I would have been one of the ladies under a stone with “Beloved Wife Of” carved over my head. Blessed Be, all who lie there.

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