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Former monks are seen in groups or heard chanting. In the cellar, a dark and violent entity has shoved people around. Other apparitions of a young girl and a woman in grey have also been seen.

(Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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Geographic Information

Brinkburn Priory
Longframlington, Morpeth,
Northumberland NE65 8AR, United Kingdom

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55.278778782427494, -1.818435788154602
Nearest Towns:
Longframlington, UK (1.4 mi.)
Wingates, UK (2.3 mi.)
Linden, UK (2.8 mi.)
Swarland, UK (3.7 mi.)
Longhorsley, UK (3.7 mi.)
Rothbury, UK (4.1 mi.)
Netherwitton, UK (4.3 mi.)
Felton, UK (4.7 mi.)
West Thirston, UK (4.7 mi.)
Newton On The Moor, UK (5.0 mi.)


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  1. claire bevington  |  

    I visited brink burn last week, felt nothing in the beautiful priory itself but found the manor house especially the cellar to be quite eerie. There were two rooms particularly that i felt quite uncomfortable in, and had quite an uneasy atmosphere and were very poorly lit. Also, in one of the much newer Victorian rooms it felt like an entertainment room and i had the sensation of dancing Around me, that room was well lit, had a small brick fireplace and traces of wallpaper. I guess you can say they were both gut feelings I had.

  2. I visited Brinkburn last summer and after visiting the buildings had a stroll in the grounds, there is a tunnel blocked by a gate and as i peered in I heard and felt something loom up behind me, I spun round but nothing was there.

  3. Visited several times always felt uneasy in the cellar, however on one visit I was about to leave the house only for the front door to bang shut in my face before I could leave. Spooky can remember it like yesterday.

  4. My family visited and as I walked further into the house I felt sicker and sicker. I absolutely love looking round old houses but I felt so unwelcome I couldn’t wait to get out! My husband went down the cellar and I waited at the top of the stairs. I felt so unsafe and called out for my husband so I could leave. My dog started crying and got into the basket under the pram, he’s never done that before or since. I’ve never appreciated fresh air so much in my whole life when I got out. I didn’t get to see any of it, shame as it’s a beautiful house. I would love to know more about the Manor House.

  5. Visited Brinkburn Priory today. I enjoyed walking around the church, but inside the Manor house I felt completely different. There was a large room to the far left of the house with floor to ceiling windows that I felt ok in, but as I walked further to the right side of the house I got increasingly panicky & felt like I wanted to leave. It felt like there was a presence there, although I didn’t see anything. My husband suggested we go down to the cellar, but I was very reluctant. Went down in the end, walked to the far room (a kitchen?) & felt very uneasy. Walked back, passed some dark rooms & got horrible sensation of being watched by something not at all friendly, to the point I said a quick prayer. My husband wanted to stay longer but I had to get out, went up the stairs & out the fire exit but found there was no way out from the back round to the front, so had to go back inside & out the front door! Won’t be going again. I was surprised as I’m not the sort to get spooked, but there was just something very unwelcoming in that house, especially in the cellar.

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