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Site of the Revolutionary War’s Battle of Brandywine, this area is said to be rich with wartime ghosts. Soldiers, and even horses, haunt the area, and you may even hear sounds of battle echoing from long ago.

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Geographic Information

39.872, -75.59006
United States

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39.87287281448941, -75.59681916671752
Chester County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
West Chester, PA (6.1 mi.)
Kennett Square, PA (6.3 mi.)
Greenville, DE (6.5 mi.)
Chester Heights, PA (6.5 mi.)
Arden, DE (7.3 mi.)
Ardencroft, DE (7.3 mi.)
Ardentown, DE (7.5 mi.)
Hockessin, DE (7.9 mi.)
Bellefonte, DE (8.7 mi.)
Boothwyn, PA (8.7 mi.)


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  1. I used to live in the Brandywine area, when I was little, two of my brothers and I saw a few soldier ghosts in our lawn in thee wee hours of he morninf. One soldier was on a horse.

  2. A well to do suburb of Philadelphia today in 1777 it was a strip of pleasant farming land caught in the path of invasion. after Washington’s victory at Trenton the British pulled back to New York and launched an amphibious invasion south of Philadelpia, by passing all of Washington’s plans to fight in New Jersey,.

    Washingtons new defensive line was along the Brandywine River but a failure of his scouts to identify all the proper crossings resulted in one crossing being left wide open. The British doing a better job of reconaissance, many american cavalry men stopped in taverns. Found the opening and while part of the army made a demonstration on the banks opposite the americans the bulk of the heavy infantry crossed the river and for all intents and purposes just ‘appeared’ in the heart of the American line rolling it up.

    It was the single worst suffered by the Americans in the war. not only for loss of life but the pure chaos in the ranks as supposedly secure flanks collapsed, camps were over run and supplies lost, The american position collapsed and Philadelphia fell, causing congress to run for their lives.

    Certainly battlefields have a reputation to be haunted and this one had all the ingredients needed for a ghost or two to linger on.

  3. My parents house is in East Bradford Twp, not far from this location right overlooking the Brandywine. Our family has had several encounters with what we believe to be a revolutionary soldier. Their house stands atop a hill where we believe would be an optimal vantage point to see enemy soldiers approaching. Our soldier friend likes to walk around downstairs at night, occasionally open a cabinet or door and walk the stairs. This evening a shadow was cast as if someone approached the top of the stairs. Both dogs went nuts. After screaming bloody murder and terrifying my son, we decided to take the dogs and go back to our own house for the rest of the night. A similar encounter happened recently while my brother was dogsitting. Another time years ago while my aunt was staying with us and my father hears it from time to time.

  4. The home I now live in was only built in 1961. But it is located in the Stenning Hills neighborhood of Kennett Sq. We are on the top of the hill with a perfect view of most of Kennett. I have been told ally life that some Hessian troops camped here on the way to Philadelphia and the Battle of the Brandywine. Although it’s not happened in several years there was often a “person” about 5ft10in to 6ft4in in a “long green coat and “short” (to the knee) pants walk through our family room and up the stairs towards our kitchen. My husband calls him “Harry” believing it to be his grandfather whom lived here from e about 15 years until his death. His grandfather was of slight stature so I doubt it is him. I believe it was a revolutionary era spirit. We actually miss him

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