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Bugsy Siegel used to stay here back when the building was still relatively new. Along with him were many prostitutes, gamblers, and other people with crime connections. It’s said that some of those people still remain and can be found upstairs or in the tunnel connecting it to the Tudor House across the street. People report the smell of perfume which belonged to a prostitute who committed suicide, find footprints that belonged to a child who was ran over by horses, and even find strange notes left behind. The house once operated as an inn, but has since closed.

(Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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815 Arrowhead Villas Rd
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352
United States

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34.2385082, -117.18633970000002
San Bernardino County, California
Nearest Towns:
Lake Arrowhead, CA (0.7 mi.)
Running Springs, CA (4.9 mi.)
Crestline, CA (5.7 mi.)
Highland, CA (7.7 mi.)
Muscoy, CA (10.7 mi.)
San Bernardino, CA (10.8 mi.)
Mentone, CA (12.0 mi.)
Redlands, CA (12.6 mi.)
Colton, CA (13.5 mi.)
Loma Linda, CA (13.8 mi.)


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  1. Stayed there when it was operated as a sober living house…let me tell you….I heard and in fact saw some weird stuff…I have many pics of the house. But I’d love to see it again one day

    • My best friend lived across the street from the Tudor house back in the late 70’s. I used to go over there and we would be able to go through the Tudor house freely because it was not closed up for whatever reason. But we played all over there and around bracken fern Manor and we heard weird things too. Smelled strong perfume, plus heard music and doors slamming. I’ll always remember that area as being rather creepy.

  2. I worked at the manor as a teen ager doing yard work for one owner. the prostitutes name was Violet. and she hung herself. The owner was very cool and let us doing a investigation one night. I have EVP from the wine cellar and also in the main hallway on the second floor. physical contact while in the back area of the kitchen on the 1st floor.

  3. My dad played at the Tudor House and my friends and I drove up to stay at the Manor. I mostly wanted to go because it was on Ghost Adventures and it looked really beautiful. We stayed in the Dahlia room.

    My friend was in the bathroom and she called me over. We heard loud footsteps clearly from the room attached to the bathroom and I assumed it was my Uncle playing tricks on us but no one was home. There was no way someone could have been in there because both of the doors leading there were locked.

    As we were packing up to leave around 10:00 (we were too spooked out to stay) I got a strange feeling but assumed it was just my nerves. When I looked back, I saw all the the lights on the second floor flicker on and off. The only one in the Manor was my Aunt and she was in the bathroom and didn’t see anything.

    The owners are very friendly and the rooms are beautiful. I recommend staying there if you aren’t too scared.

  4. Back in 2016 we stayed at the manor during their grand re-opening. I wanted Violet’s room since I’d read it was the most active. It was Halloween and after the party downstairs we went up to crash. Have no idea what time it was but I woke up with the bottom of my bed freezing cold! The room was warm but the lower half of my bed was glacial! It was so cold it made my bones ache! I was half asleep so just drew my legs up to my chest and huddled there until eventually the bottom of the bed warmed up again. When we got up in the morning and went downstairs, we told the night manager what had happened… he said that Violet had sat on the end of the bed! Psychics have said they see her sitting there crying. I wish I had been more awake to maybe have seen something but that cold is something I hope never to feel again!

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