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The Bowers Mansion is rumored to be full of spiritual activity, perhaps due to the fact that Sandy Bowers married Eilley Cowan, who liked to read fortunes with crystal balls and hold séances. After a string of bad luck, Sandy died and Eilley lost the mansion to foreclosure. She became known as “The Famous Washoe Seeress” just to be able to make a living and perhaps resides here still. Witnesses have described cold spots, eerie mists, unexplained voices and an apparition.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    4005 Old US Highway 395
    New Washoe City, NV 89704
    United States

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    39.28447342778293, -119.84126114843093
    Washoe County, Nevada
    Nearest Towns:
    Incline Village, NV (7.4 mi.)
    Carson City, NV (9.2 mi.)
    Crystal Bay, NV (9.6 mi.)
    Virginia City, NV (10.4 mi.)
    Kings Beach, CA (10.4 mi.)
    Tahoe Vista, CA (11.6 mi.)
    Floriston, CA (12.3 mi.)
    Carnelian Bay, CA (13.5 mi.)
    Dayton, NV (13.7 mi.)
    Indian Hills, NV (14.0 mi.)

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    1. I visited this location a few months ago. I came to read the site, and picked up a few things psychically… I can’t say I know what they mean, but decided to share them.

      Standing near the front of the door of the mansion, I saw someone getting shot with an arrow. This sight came back to me a few times.

      I also felt a lot of energy at the basement door in the back of the mansion.

      At one point on the porch there was a male spirit. He hung around the right side.

      That’s just a couple, but they were the strongest.

    2. My friend and I were visiting Bowers Mansion earlier today. We were doing photo shoots because we are both very into photography. We pulled in to the parkinglot to park. My friend told me to take out my phone and video because we were laughing about how creepy it was. Soon after she told me to video she said, wait no don’t! That’s when people always die in horror movies. We both laughed and I took my phone out anyway. We kept pulling into the lot and right as I took my phone out, the radio to her car turned on by itself. We both looked at eachother, she proceeded to scream, put the car in reverse, and back out very quickly. We were gone so fast. Hahahha

    3. My daughter was on a school field trip and noticed a child in the window upstairs after the last tour had ended. It might have been the Bower’s daughter, Persia, who I think died of pneumonia.

    4. Love this place. I was there a few weeks ago and I went up to the mini cometary behind the house. Definitely felt something strong. Wind picked up like crazy and temp dropped. Was inside and thought I saw a reflection of a ghostly woman in a mirror. When I was leaving I felt something bump against my hip. Love it visit it if you can.

    5. In 2006, my 6th grade class took a field trip up there. One of my friends captured a full visible ghost apparition on her digital camera of an old farm hand leaning against his pitchfork by the gravesite, almost posing in a way for the photo. In the same area I felt an uneasy sense of peace and wanting to be alone. When we visited the bedroom of their youngest daughter that had passed away where the wife had spent much time grieving, I became overwhelmed with an unbearable weight of anxiety, sadness, and depression to the point I got instantly very dizzy and nearly passed out.

      This place is definitely not a place of malevolence but has a LOT of activity if you’re open to things.

    6. I lived in Sparks as a kid (mid 90s-2000s)and went here with my family as well as a school field trip and never experienced anything but there were always a lot of people around. In August 2016 I took my husband here (I now live a couple states away) and we went in the morning before anyone was around except for a few workers. When we went up to the cemetery I went to take pictures and my husband pointed out a sound he heard that I hadn’t noticed yet. We both heard what sounded like an adult pacing back and forth about 5-6 feet from us. Almost as if we disturbed them or something. The steps just went back and forth. There was nobody even close to us. It went on for maybe 30 seconds or so. I kept opening my eyes wider because my brain was telling me someone should be right in front of me but I couldn’t see them. Didn’t capture anything in the pictures. Now I regret not talking to the workers who were down by the mansion. I still think about it regularly years later trying to explain what it was but I can only think maybe it really is haunted.

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