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The building dates back to 1773. It was once Black Horse Inn, but is now a restaurant called Stemie’s Place. It’s said that in the old inn days (in 1927, to be exact), a mobster was shot in the hall near the restrooms. After a dramatic fall down the stairs, he hit his head and died at the bottom. His ghost is rumored to haunt the establishment.

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Geographic Information

831 S. Delaware Dr.
Easton, PA 18042
United States

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40.663977, -75.19105939999997
Northampton County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Alpha, NJ (1.8 mi.)
Raubsville, PA (2.0 mi.)
Phillipsburg, NJ (2.1 mi.)
Easton, PA (2.3 mi.)
Glendon, PA (2.4 mi.)
West Easton, PA (2.6 mi.)
Wilson, PA (3.0 mi.)
Old Orchard, PA (3.7 mi.)
Finesville, NJ (4.0 mi.)
Palmer Heights, PA (4.1 mi.)


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  1. I’ve stopped by here quite a few times over the years and the place definitely has something going on. I’ve gotten some weird vibes using the restroom, and had a feeling someone was staring at me at the bar, even though it was me and the barmaid alone. She also told me a few stories of strange happenings there, although that could just be part of the shtick now for the employees of this place.

    • I lived two doors down from this establishment when it was The Black Horse Inn, and was pretty good friends with the owners, I spent a lot of time there and although I never saw anything personally, They spoke of noises coming from the basement constantly, and had dogs that wouldnt even go near the basement door, and they would NEVER go down to the basement

    • Took my e year old daughter here years ago. Took her to the bathroom and she turned white and started to shake. She refused to go in the stall.

  2. Go here often. Love this place, inside has been remodeled. I have had the feeling of being watched and was with some friends when something was said I couldn’t make out. Asked them and they said they didn’t say anything. Will be going over there Valentines Day.

  3. As we toasted to Johnny the Wop, my phone pulled out of my right back pocket and on to the chair…funny thing was, I felt it happening…immediately afterwards I felt a chill that only affected my right side. Great place to stop in…

  4. At 576 North Delaware Dr, Easton PA, I used to hear my alarm clock fall off of my dresser. This house is still a possible place to live in. I also used to hear people walking through the halls and talking about things I could not hear/understand. Back to the clock, I would always look at it to place it back, but it was always perfectly perched on the middle of the dresser. Not to mentioned that it always happened at midnight. This is an overall scary destination that I lived in for about 2 or 4 years.

    • If you lived in this house anywhere between 2003 and 2015, it isn’t because the house was haunted. I am glad to hear that you are okay from the experience. It is from the negativity that surrounds the owner (former owner now), there is such a powerful negative force that follows this person around and they project it on to other people and places. I was in this house and never experienced anything. However, the former owner, staying at another house that is worlds away from what Easton is made objects fly at him, there was knocking on the walls, and I also had an alarm clock incident complete with footsteps and shadow person. The owner made a lot of mistakes in the house you speak of. Hopefully now it will be at peace, as is the other which the owner will never step foot in again of his own choosing.

  5. Was in there this evening fiancé sat in on drums for a band. As I was sitting at the bar with a couple of friends in felt what I thought was a finger rub from the nape of my neck down my back… my friend wax two seats away with no one on either side of me… then as I used the ladies room the lights went our and then came back on a few seconds before going out agan. All the while he rest of the bar had lights working.. needless to say my ass never ran so fast in my life… this place is legit.

  6. Patrick Donahue  |  

    I worked there as a diswasher when it was still The Black Horse Inn as a junior at Wilson High School. At the time, I had no idea the place had a ghost. The very first time I went downstairs to take out the trash, I could feel a presence that was dark, eerie & heavy. It scared the living shit out of me. I high tailed it upstairs back to the Kitchen. When I got there, I told the Chef at the time, Brenda, that I felt like someone was watching me. That is when she told me the story of Johnny the Wop. The remainder of the time I worked ther, I was a bit more at ease, knowing the story, but still uneasy nine the less & most times venturing to the basement, I never felt alone. On a side note, it has been long rumored that an extremely large amount of cash is buried/hidden on the property. Many people have to ride to figure out where it might be but to no avail.

  7. Alright I live in Palmer township and in my house there’s a demon that I’ve spotted wit my own eye not jus me my sister too. I felt like we were being watched now when I looked at my neighbors window since we live in a towns home I saw a black figure and it was watching me my sis and my girlfriend I looked at my neighbors window the curtains were open so there’s no way I was seeing and right when I turned my head at my neighbors window I saw a black figure and it was as if it was watching us because right when I was looking at the window I saw it start moving away out of site very slowly there’s more stories I can share I even took a picture of a ghost I caught in my room.

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