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The old one-room schoolhouse for Native American children was built in the early 1900s. Legend has it that if you write your name on the blackboard and leave, when you come back later, the board will have been wiped clean by unseen hands.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    CR 4070
    NW of Pawkuska, OK
    United States

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    36.696744228135216, -96.36807203271019
    Osage County, Oklahoma
    Nearest Towns:
    Pawhuska, OK (2.6 mi.)
    Wynona, OK (10.6 mi.)
    Barnsdall, OK (14.8 mi.)
    Foraker, OK (16.3 mi.)
    Shidler, OK (17.3 mi.)
    Hominy, OK (19.6 mi.)
    Burbank, OK (20.2 mi.)
    Webb City, OK (20.3 mi.)
    Fairfax, OK (20.5 mi.)
    Bartlesville, OK (21.7 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. We investigated the Bird Creek School in July of 2015. Inside my cousin had started an EVP before my brother and I were ready. Upon reviewing the EVP you can hear us three whispering and discussing where we should sit and look while we conduct the EVP. Then the distinct sound of wood scraping on wood (I believe a wooden chair scraping the wooden floor) is clearly made twice. Upon the 2nd wooden scrape a distinct female voice (all of us are male) louder than our whispers says, “I’m sitting here.” During the 2nd EVP recording I was asking questions again and my cousin interrupts me with,”Did you see that!” There was plenty of moonlight shining through various holes in the roof and he claimed to have seen a shadow person cross in front of some of the moonlight patches. Upon reviewing this EVP there is the distinct sound of 4-5 footsteps followed by my cousin exclaiming, “Did you see that!” I believe this evidence suggests that the Bird Creek School is in fact haunted. Two of our four EVP attempts had some form of interaction whether it be intelligent like the first one or residual like the second.

      • @ 1:06 into the video you see someone in the doorway of the school. Not sure what to make of it since you can’t rule out the fact someone else was there.

        • You are absolutely correct, James. If you slow the video down to .25 speed you can see it step out into that open space of the doorway, look straight at the location of the camera filming, look for quite some time (again at .25 speed), and then turn its head to the right (looking down the hall). it moves slightly to the right and then you do not see it emerge into the open space to the right of the large central column.

      • In May of 2017 I returned to BCS with my girlfriend to conduct another investigation. During an EVP session while I was asking questions she whispers to me, “Can I turn on the light?” Because she thought she saw something. I ignore her and ask, “What is your name?” Before I finish my sentence a distinct 3rd voice of an older woman says, “Turn off the light.” Which is followed by a brief pause and then says, “Bertha.” We believe that we captured an intelligent response to both of our questions.

    2. Look at your video when you have it twards the door of the school. The crack on the left you clearly see an entity…or your camera guy not sure which but it seems to just disappear.

    3. Tonight a friend and I traveled from Skiatook up to Pawhuska just looking for some adventure. We arrived at Bird Creek School around 6:30 PM. we felt at peace, very comfortable, and we definitely did not feel a presence among us. We took pictures and very few videos. I actually only took one 2 minute 14 second long video. Nothing is seen or heard through the whole video until about 1 minute in. At the point we were on the stage. We had been complaining the whole video about how cold we were and how it felt so much colder in the school than outside. After complaining non stop. A friendly male voice reply’s “alright I’ll go check”. As if he were going to check out a thermostat to see why it was so cold in there. We did not hear the response with our own ears. But if you would like to hear this yourself. You can follow my Instagram page @mollykatehenderson we are still in complete shock. All I know is there was a friendly male spirit there that didn’t want us cold. We were there 25-30 minutes without knowing we caught this. We caught a few pictures of orbs as well and that’s it. Definitely worth the visit. I’ve never had such clear evidence in my life.

    4. I was wondering if anyone knew who owns the property. My team would like to do a thorough investigation, but there are no trespassing signs posted. I would like to have respect and not just go in, even though it’s right on the road.

    5. Last Saturday, I did a scouting investigation of Bird Creek School. We were there for a little over an hour, and caught 5 evps! I have forwarded the info to my paranormal group to set up a more formal and in depth investigation. We will be presenting the evidence to the land owners tomorrow.

    6. Me and my friend just visitied here last night. Upon first glance nothing too special. It wasn’t till we left however, we heard footsteps. We shined our flashlights towards the steps. Saw nothing. Heard nothing. We resumed leaving and heard the footsteps again. More eratically. Pretty spooky

    7. Historical Huntress  |  

      You “investigators” really should do your history before just going in. This school never burned. Its just an old boring school that drunk teens made stories up about years ago. This is per the property owner, the previous owners as well as records on file . But… the land the school is on.. is whats haunted. Its on a battle ground between two indian tribes who fought over the creek itself. LOL… you can always tell the couch “i watch Ghost Adventures” investigators from the true ones…. Research kids, research

    8. This location is pretty hard to find but my folks live down the road and it’s becoming a dumping site for dead animals. Found the skull and other bones in the backyard area that’s totally overgrown and also found a bag with a possum that had clearly been shot and dumped recently then all of the wasp nests are currently ACTIVE!! When these plants grow they have thousands of razor sharp thorns that can barely be seen that would easily slice your hands open or cut your face/legs up to shreds. Just be careful & be respectful. And NO I did not write that message or any messages anywhere inside as I didn’t visit this location until 5/12/20.

    9. I’ve been to this school and I’ve caught shadow people and a demon boy..heard chains dragging saw a huge wolf sized paw print appear after we entered the building and it wasn’t there when we walked in and it was wet.

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