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The Belding Library, this version of which was built in 1917 (the original library was destroyed in a fire), is haunted by a little girl. Her apparition has been seen in the children’s section, and many witnesses have heard her laughing.

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Geographic Information

302 E Main St
Belding, MI 48809
United States

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43.09800242026728, -85.22626966248936
Ionia County, Michigan
Nearest Towns:
Belding, MI (0.1 mi.)
Greenville, MI (5.7 mi.)
Ionia, MI (11.0 mi.)
Sheridan, MI (11.0 mi.)
Saranac, MI (11.7 mi.)
Lowell, MI (12.8 mi.)
Stanton, MI (15.3 mi.)
Muir, MI (16.0 mi.)
Lyons, MI (16.2 mi.)
Forest Hills, MI (16.4 mi.)


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  1. yes it is im from belding n everytime I went down there when I was lil I could feel something down there n its wasnt a good feeling. I so would love to investigate it.

  2. Absolutely not. My father used to take me to the Belding library every night after school when I was a little girl in the 90s. While he would stay upstairs reading his history books, I would read for HOURS completely alone in the children’s section in that basement at night and never heard or felt or saw a single eerie or unusual thing. Also it’s been completely redone now to overlook the river and has a lot of natural light. It’s the opposite of creepy.

  3. I used to frequent the library as a young child in the late 70s / early 80s. I’m not much of a believer in ghosts, but I do remember one time when I was in the children’s section and there was one other child there — I heard her voice. I was trying to figure out if it was someone I knew when I had to leave. I objected, but to no avail, and was told there was no one else there.

    So hey, maybe.

  4. I am here right now however it’s closed. I was just able to take some pictures of the outside of the building. Maybe next time I’ll be able to go in.

  5. I grew up in Belding and spent hours at the library. I loved the old building. However, I always felt like something was watching me or present in the children’s room. I remember feeling anxious and scared when I went down there. I would quickly choose my books and then race upstairs to find a place to read. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I discovered it was considered haunted.

    • Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters spent a night at the library on 10-27-17. We will be returning this year to share our finding. Watch for details on the library website.

  6. Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters is heading back to the Belding N. Memorial Library on Friday the 13th with a public reveal to follow on September 24th. Join us and check out the evidence that we present, then you decide if you believe that the Belding N. Memorial Library is indeed haunted, thanks. Wayne

    • Back to Belding Library Sept. 24th for a 6pm public paranormal evidence reveal. Come out and hear Grand Rapids Ghost Hunter’s class “A” EVP recordings. Wayne

    • Me and my class were going on a field trip to the library, the worker there was telling us the rules etc. Once we left the room to the children’s books, I heard a little girl laughing. I went to go check and saw no one, I told my friends and they didn’t really believe me. For the rest of the time while we were in the same area, I could feel someone watching me but when I would look, no one was there.

  7. there is something there i don’t know what. One time me and my friends were over and in the middle of the night we went there we thought it would funny just to stand around out there when we first went there we tried to unlock it like open it but i was locked but then an old woman walked by us a couple seconds later and said walk in there we umm we can’t its locked then she told all of us to put our hands on the door and say a word i cant spell it the computer wont let me write it and i unlocked the door me and my friends tried to say thank you to her but she interputed me and grabed my hands and said I will see you soon child and then the wind blew really hard and my hair got in my face and when the wind stop and i got my hair out of my face she was gone and my friends were already in the libary when it happend. after that thing happend I ran inside and found my friends then a hour later we found the light swicthed and we turned it on and we had fun but than lights went out and we heard a woman scream in pain. so me and my friends ran as fast as we could out of there. we were so close to the door but than a woman in a white dress stopped us with her hands the were freezing cold and got really close to my face and statred at and it felt like forever that we loocked each other in the eyes were. and here eyes were white not even a puple and than she grabed my hand out and took her two fingers and but them my my arm pit and put two buaety marks on my arms that look like vampire makes and she wispers to me ive missed you than she let go of me and foalted down and thougth the floor and the lights came back on and we ran home and fast as we could and me and my firends try not to go by there ever again right now im in cross country and when i run pass it when im in practice or by the brideg and i look at the library when i see the mirros its like i see her then she dissapers i dont know if i have acounctuo with the library or something but some one needs to figaure this out I feel like im going crazy.

  8. Wayne Thomas from Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters here to share. We have done two Investigations at the library. In case you weren’t at the public evidence reveal, we recorded a variety of ghost voices. Some of the usual, “Get Out”, “Help”, and a class A loud whistle, that we heard with our ears and recorded. We recorded three distinct voices, one older male, one older woman, and one child, perhaps a family. Haunted? Yes! Thanks if you were at the reveal, thanks to Kelly for making it happen, and thanks to Alvah H Belding for building a castle next to the river. The library was built with brick, slate, marble, and limestone, all the materials that hold psychic imprints, next to a river that creates a constant supply of energy, to help ghosts manifest themselves. It’s a perfect storm for the paranormal. Please tell the library that you would like Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters back for another paranormal presentation and I will see you there. Thanks, Wayne Thomas

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