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At this historic 1886 hotel, a ghostly woman is said to walk at 2:15 a.m. on every quarter of the moon. Rumor has it that she was murdered by her husband, and she is looking for him. Local legend has it that on the anniversary of her death, the ghostly scene replays, but only she is present. Her killer is invisible.

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505 Main St
Ouray, CO 81427
United States

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38.02194299620842, -107.67116010189056
Ouray County, Colorado
Nearest Towns:
Ouray, CO (0.1 mi.)
Portland, CO (4.4 mi.)
Telluride, CO (9.6 mi.)
Ridgway, CO (10.3 mi.)
Mountain Village, CO (11.9 mi.)
Loghill Village, CO (13.3 mi.)
Ophir, CO (14.4 mi.)
Silverton, CO (14.5 mi.)
Sawpit, CO (18.1 mi.)
Lake City, CO (19.4 mi.)

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  1. Yes. We totally did have experience. And pictures to prove it. We had like blue and white flying orbs in our room. Some were big and some were smaller. They were super fast.

  2. She was a maid. I grew up in Ouray. She was killed by a jaded ex-lover. They threw him in jail and then the towns people burned the jailhouse down to avenge her death. He was a local pastry chef. I saw her in the third story window when I was 8. She was lovely and it was midday. At that time the hotel was boarded up and run down. It had pink paint peeling from the brick walls. As school children we were allowed to tour it before the remodel. It was like being in the titanic but above water and covered in dust, lol. In the room on the second story, right below the window on the third story that she had appeared in years earlier, there was a nasty stain on the ceiling. Copper colored. It was a corner room, very easy to identify what room she was in because of that. The tour guide made a joke about that being from ketchup, that Teddy Roosevelt loved ketchup and couldn’t get the ketchup out of the old fashioned bottle and that he banged on the bottle and ketchup stained the ceiling (a 12 ft ceiling…) The room was a suite called the Teddy Roosevelt suite because he frequented that hotel and of course had the suite. The maids quarters were 3rd floor. The guide then joked about how some say a maid was murdered upstairs but that’s just rumor… Right… The hotel will tell you her story. The room she was shot in is done up in her honor. I spent a lot of time looking for her story. I saw her clear as day.

  3. We recently stayed in room 305 at the Beaumont. I woke up about 2:00 a.m. because I heard a woman laughing. It was a rather mocking type of laugh and appeared to be coming from the space opposite the foot of the bed. I thought perhaps someone in another unit was laughing. I couldn’t go back to sleep and at about 2:30 my husband got up to go to the bathroom. He didn’t turn on his bedside lamp, using a flashlight instead. As he walked back to the bed, a black form suddenly flew from the bed toward the wall opposite the foot of the bed. When we checked out, I asked if the hotel was haunted and then recounted our experience. That’s when I was told that a male pastry chef had murdered a chambermaid named Eller in room 305. We like the Beaumont, but I won’t stay in room 305 again!

  4. Firstly, I dont know which Telluride hotel was what I write about.

    More than 20 years ago when I worked in the Peaks and I talked about it to an old lady, a friend of our family who was so close to me I called Grandma

    When Grandma learnt I was in Telluride she recalled a time when she visited one of his gransons in Telluride who was the manager of an old hotel that time.

    When Grandma was in Telluride she stayed in one of the rooms of that hotel. She said, one morning/evening – I dont remember for the exact details – she entered the room, there was a lady in there. She was at the bed, adjusting the pillows.

    When she realised Grandma entered, she stopped working, walked trough the room and left without saying a word.

    She worn blue, long, old stile clothes, there may had been some white in it, I dont remember, and there was something on her head what covered her hair and tied with two ribbon like something. Sorry, I dont know how you name that In English, there may be a better world even for the “ribbon”. I am sure, evrybody understands it.

    When Grandma met his grandson agan, she mentioned – as she said – the maid and told him it is how stylish it is she worn an old cloths in an old hotel.

    When his grandson asked her how the maid looked like he said they dont have an employee who looks like that and their maids dont wear a uniform she described.

    As I mentioned above, I dont remember for the derails. I dont know. If it was her grandson who mentioned that she most had been the ghost other people can see sometimes or it was Grandma who make the conclusion, but the result is the same.

    I would like to add, I am very sceptical about ghosts or when somebody talks “stories” like above. But! I knew my Grandma very well, she was a smart woman, knew a lot about evrithing in the world, she was sharp, I doubt it was only the game of her fantasy. I trust here much more than my skepticism.

    One more thing. Though we dont know which was the hotel where that happened, thinking over the details written by other people: “maid”, and the blue color somebody mentioned above, it may have happened even in this hotel.

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