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Ghostly lights and Civil War era soldiers seem to be haunting Bear Creek Swamp.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Bear Creek Swamp
    Prattville, AL
    United States

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    32.4312473, -86.57469960000003
    Autauga County, Alabama
    Nearest Towns:
    Autaugaville, AL (4.7 mi.)
    Prattville, AL (7.1 mi.)
    White Hall, AL (10.8 mi.)
    Lowndesboro, AL (11.0 mi.)
    Pine Level, AL (12.3 mi.)
    Millbrook, AL (12.9 mi.)
    Coosada, AL (14.9 mi.)
    Deatsville, AL (16.1 mi.)
    Benton, AL (16.6 mi.)
    Montgomery, AL (16.6 mi.)


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    1. Myself and a few friends of mine decided to investigate the stories of this place on several occasions. There are many different ones including the one about the baby of whoms mother will come after you if you tell her you have her baby. To see this for ourselves we went. We turned out the lights and got out of the car said ” bitch I got your baby” 3 times. Stood there silently awaiting the outcome. Feeling that it was a waste of time we started laughing and joking about it but was short lived because moments later out of the darkness we all saw a white light coming towards us. We hurried to get back in the car. We wanted nothing more than to leave but when I tried to crank the car it wouldn’t start. We started apologizing and praying for God to get us

      • I went last night to Bear Creek Swamp with my brother and some friends and turned the car and lights and said lady lady i have your baby and moments later my door opened, something grasped my ankles i looked down and nothing was there. Definitely worth the trip.

    2. Cool story, we would hear large splashing noises from the water and giant yellow eyes in the trees leading us to believe it was a great horned owl, one time two VERY country looking gentlemen pulled up in an old truck, they stopped, bullshitted with us for a minute and claimed they owned the property and to clean up when we were done, they drove off and we decided it best to leave, well they ended up circling around and getting behind us on the long dirt road, driven all up on our ass and flashen the high beams, then they tapered off. didn’t really go back after that this was in 98 or 99.

    3. I grew up in Prattville and heard all kinds of rumors about bear creek i use to party on that road because i thought it was a joke but that all changed one night when everyone left except for my friend and i that rode with me it was at 3:00 am we stopped at the water drain i got out and told him to ride to the end and turn around then go to the other end and come back to get me i stood there with no light in the dark i saw him drive to then end then turn around and rode by wile i was waiting on my friend to come back i heard loud screaming that sounded like a woman i heard a lot of movement close by i turned and looked towards the road i saw red eyes stairing at me they started to get closer towards me then it disapeared as my friend pulled back up

      • At one point in the road my friends and I saw and old man looking at us from behind the trees. Freaked us the hell out because where he was made no sense and it was a very wet and marshy spot due to some recent rain.

    4. I have been in this a few times. One time my car got stuck on the side when we where helping a fellow passerby after he left we discovered our car was stuck. Well as the men were getting the car off the side of the road, I kept on hearing weird things (it was dark now) and seeing thing. I told my friends and they started telling me yes that’s why we are trying to hurry and leave. I had no idea about the legends.

    5. I be in brar creek swap me anf my oldlady went bout 2 in moring we have caught woman with old dress flow uo aitr by my door in our trail blazer it blew my mind when i saw her plus it was freeze outside and start feel very warm start cuming in our truck while we roll in down pass the pond start feel bery warm cumin our truck while we rollin down then we saw wiman flow up air her feet was half way bu half way of window door for bout 5 sec then she gone she was alook at us evil lord cant say how it work all we say bitch i got ur baby 3 time then she follow behind our truck when i slow down bare roll8n bout 5 mile per hour that when she start pass to our dooe side of window o passer side blew my mind this shit ant no jokein dont play fool they can make u so scare to death haaa go play with them they damn ghost dont like play as fool lol no shit it powerful shit i ever see in my life

    6. my husband and i went out there january 9 2021 at approximately 1 am and what we saw was amazing we seen the phantom car lights the woman her baby im a paranormal investgator and seeing things like this is awesome and as we were leaving that night my husbands foot started burning he said it felt like someone stabbed his foot and once we were out of there his foot quit burning and last night january15 2021 we went back and this time we seen a red light in the road all the years ive been going out there ive never seen a red light it was really weird and i was walking on the dirt road and it felt like something was holding me back the one thing to always remember never show fear when dealing with stuff like this because with bad spirits or ghost they feed off of fear and things can easily attach itself to you if you are not careful.

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