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Among the legends connected with this cemetery are a floating apparition, hot spots and haunted monuments. One is called the Death Bed and rumor has it that anyone who lies on it will move their death closer. Another haunted monument, Angel Eyes, is believed to be home to a spirit that roams the cemetery.

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Bayview Cemetery
Bellingham, WA
United States

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48.7484713, -122.4419188
Whatcom County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Geneva, WA (1.8 mi.)
Bellingham, WA (2.2 mi.)
Sudden Valley, WA (4.7 mi.)
Marietta-Alderwood, WA (5.8 mi.)
Marietta, WA (6.8 mi.)
Ferndale, WA (9.6 mi.)
Alger, WA (10.0 mi.)
Acme, WA (11.0 mi.)
Deming, WA (11.6 mi.)
Everson, WA (12.7 mi.)

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  1. came here in the night with friends and a dog, were walking to the part of the cemetery where angel tears and the death bed are and the dog didn’t want to go any further when we reached the edge of the trees. decided to trust the dog’s instincts, but we all got serious chills.

  2. Mariela Ramirez  |  

    My daughter my brother and /sisterinlaw & i went to look around and near the death bed & the angel monument my daughter started saying she felt as if her blood was going down i desided to not stay there for long. I felt shorness of breath and a huge huge headache.

  3. a buddy and me went to investigate the cemetery not to long ago. we were there for an hour or so. after about an hour we went to the edge of the cemetery and we both got upset stomachs at the same time. I felt pressure in my head as well and felt like someone was squeezing my head as if someone was trying to pop my head like a grape. we soon caught an EVP where something said go, as in like they were wanting us to leave. will definitely be checking out the death bed and the angel monuments once we go back.

  4. One occasion, on a fall evening a few years back, I had attempted to investigate the “Angel Eyes” legend by myself. I ended up walking along the outer edge of the cemetery that faces the mausoleum/Moles buildings and entered into the cemetery about midway of the slanting hill on one of the walkways (Basically I was a straight walk to where the Angel Eyes statue is geographically.) However, I had issues locating it in the dark and was also fumbling with my phone trying to be all Robert Stack-like and film my adventure and I couldn’t find the statue, despite having visited that cemetery on many occasions. I was retracing my steps and at one point I was looking downhill at the gated street entrance on Woburn from in the cemetery. Right by where the gate posts were, I saw floating orbs of glowing orange and blue in the distance and they looked as if they were coming closer. I was hearing something similar to white noise or strange humming as they were approaching. Suddenly, not far from me over to the left I heard what either sounded like static or rustling of leaves and I booked it out of there immediately. The only logical conclusion I came to when I got home was that maybe there were glass ornaments or bulbs for decorations left at a grave or by the entrance, but upon returning in the day time, I’ve yet to see anything that could emulate what I saw.

  5. Ok so I never knew that this place was haunted. I use to have a friend who lived near by and on several occasions I found myself walking down the street at midnight thru 3/4a.m. and the overwhelming feeling of not only being watched but being closely followed is absolutely immense when within radius of that place. I can hear and feel footsteps right behind me the entire time and not a car nor soul would be insight. The only thing I find deeply disturbing is the amount of people who describe the same nauseous feeling that I can only associate with the unique type of fear that is only brought on by the paranormal. Once you have experienced it personally it becomes unmistakable. When I started reading this article the shivers began to roll down my spine once more. If I had known of this before I can cough it up to subconscious paranoia and placebo effect but experiencing similar symptoms to the ones described here by others without previous knowledge is something truly terrifying. Part of me wants to go and investigate once more but another part of me feels like the warnings are there for a reason and that they should not be ignored or taken lightly.

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